Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Every Moment Has A Purpose

I feel called to write again. I will get back to those who have written, and I sincerely apologise for my absence. Life has a way of calling some of us away for a season. It can take time for us to be moulded into the character we truly need to have, and I have been through much needed moulding. I have learned so much in my trials. I can't begin to explain how lovely trials truly are if you can look deeply into what they are bringing about as a result. There is always a change. It may be a change you didn't know you needed within yourself. It may be a change in your focus or your goals. It may be God calling you to see Him.

The way most of us see God is not how He truly is. I have met Him, and He is lovely. When I went through my most recent trials, I met a God that is not harsh, or vindictive, not fierce or frightening. I met someone so lovely, so frighteningly beautiful, yet so tender, so gentle, so kind. In the midst of the most painful trial, he was not looking down on me with sadistic eyes, rather, he was the pillow of comfort holding me through it. In fact, He was not merely watching. When I fell, it was He who lifted me up and carried me where I could not tread on my own. He bore my trial in my place. He held me when I gave up. He loved me when I couldn't love myself. He is the beauty of a wave on the shoreline. The peace of a tranquil sunset. He is the love that you feel when you look at a dear one. He is the music that makes your heart sing. He is the joy of the morning, the stillness in the snowfall. He is the warmth of a fire and the softness of a pillow. Of everything that is beautiful, that is loving, that is moving, it is all Him. He is behind every symphony, every love scene, every touching moment. He is that feeling that lifts your soul and makes your heart sing. He IS love. He is the adorable animal that you love. He created all.

And, when life is confusing, when life is painful, when we feel forgotten, know that we are not. He is there. He is there every moment. And if you truly look, you will see. It is he that sends the comfort, He that shows you the way, He that guides you, He that sends relief. He is the one that brings the sunshine after the storm. He is the call you've been waiting for, the check you never thought would arrive, the love you finally received from a loved one, that day that you finally found the peace you'd been craving.

He is the reason you didn't marry the wrong one. And, He is the one who leads you to the right one. In the end, we all say, 'Thank heavens!' He is why. Learn to grow in life. Learn to see what you are being moulded into. What are you learning? It can be painful. I am watching a loved one go through so much trial right now, it's heart-wrenching. I see him touched one moment and rebelling the next. I see the pain as he's struggling. But, it's moulding him. It's removing the destructive side of him and enhancing the love. Will he make it? I don't know. But, I know God is touching Him. I know God is speaking to Him. The response is up to Him.

Everything beautiful in life is God. Everything good, everything loving, everything pure. He made the flavors you savour. He made the music that warms your soul. He is the love you ache for. He is never evil, never destructive, never out to hurt you. He is in essence everything that is good. Please know that in life, things may not go as you expect. But, know that He is there. If you look, you will see Him. And in the end, death is not the pain we fear. It is merely a passage, a moving on. And in the end, we are with Him. We are being continually shaped into what is perfect, into what will create harmony and allow the beauty of eternity. I do not believe He would give me so many chances, and not do the same for all of you. If your heart has any desire to know Him, if you truly desire to love Him, He will find you. He will not give up on you. Do not fear judgement. It is like the loving scolding of a parent, and it is so lovely. It is when I was judged that I met His love.

Every moment in life is a chance to learn, a chance to remove what hurts and enhance what heals. Every moment we can learn to create beauty or pain. We can build or destroy.We can hurt or comfort. I have so much to grow from, so much to change in my own life. But, i do want to blog again for you. Be patient with me as I grow. I will be restoring the course. I will restore the lessons. I will be bringing you the blog you love, this time with His direction. Bear with me, and we shall learn together. I will put myself back out there, come what may. I will let you glimpse what I learn as I learn it. I will share my life with you. He has gone through my health issues with me. He has stepped in to provide His love. I do believe that this time, I will be well enough. Please know how much I love and believe in you. Please know how dear you are to me. Please know that you are beautiful, that you can do it, that you have done something beautiful and you will become beautiful. I see so much potential in you. If you could see the beauty you are, the loveliness you hold. You are darling. You are dear. You are lovely and you are loved.

Much love,


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