Monday, October 2, 2017

Changing Your Perceptions

I have been so blessed in my life to have lived in many shoes. I have been cherished.  I have been abused. I have known notoriety I have known poverty. I have had many friends and I have been lonely. I've been praised for my successes and looked down on for my failures. It may be surprising to hear that my most treasured memories often were from times when I was looked down on the most. I believe the time I was of the highest quality, the most ambitious, the hardest working, the greatest character was a time no one saw it. I believe we look at others and rate them inaccurately. We put so much emphasis on appearance and in doing so, we miss so much of the beauty of life. Perhaps a person may be pleasant to look at, but that is rarely an indication of a good person. Often it indicates vanity and self-obsession. A person with money is often greedy, abusive or selfish and heartless to others. Often however, the kindest most beautiful soul is the one you may look down on. Likewise, people can do the opposite. They can assume that everyone who looks good is conceited, or every rich person is evil. I have been treated horribly for looking good. I have seen successful, kind, bright people horribly gossiped about for being successful. It is just as equal and cruel of a judgement. Learn to look beyond. Don't rate someone on what you see outright. Often the most evil will make sure to look like the kindest. The manipulator will be the first to compliment you, befriend you or help you. Look at deeds. Does this person gossip? Do they care about others? Do they love? Do they feel or act superior? The person on the street is not lazy. I only pray you never have to learn to survive in such a life. It can be compared to being stranded in the wilderness. Life becomes about finding warmth, bundling in blankets, trying to find a safe place to stay, praying you don't freeze overnight, trying to find a place you are allowed to "be" although insulted and complained about when you are. These people are not lazy. I believe the poor are merely the ones that society hasn't accepted. They are often the ill, unhealthy, unintelligent, confused but kindest people you will ever meet. The most giving, the least judgmental. They accept everyone and look down on no one. They are often simply unable to care for themselves. Something in their life made them unable to. It may be a temporary illness, or it may be a child in an adult body that just needs help. Be kind to the poor. Don't call them names. Don't rush to save a dog while stepping over the poor soul in the street. Poverty is not a crime. A dog is far more able to survive the elements than a human. A clean body is merely one that had soap and a rather silly thing to feel superior for. We are all the same. We are all human. Don't judge. Don't look down on those richer, don't look down on those poorer. Don't look down on those prettier. Don't look down on those uglier. Lose the attitude of being better. You're not. Lose the jealousy that makes you tear down one you fear is better. Quit looking at appearance and learn to love.  It is a waste of a life to pursue superiority when all along you could have known love. It's just such an odd thing we do. Looks are only looks. It is the soul that we must see. Train your eyes to not look badly at others. Work to not feel "better than" anyone especially for anything visual. Learn to love and care about others. Learn to stop saying things about others that are unkind especially in your thoughts. See the best in others. Learn to care. Learn to love.

Much love,

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