Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Making A Home

When a man is looking for a wife, he  is ultimately looking for the woman who gives him a sense of peace. The one who can create a home that he feels a sense of peace and wonder in.

Women today focus so much on sultry appeal, but that is truly not what captures a man's soul.

You will capture his soul with a sense of wonder, the soft sense of a warm peaceful home, a delicate meal, a soothing tender reply, and an overall atmosphere of peace and warmth.

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That is, after all what we look for in a man as well, isn't it? For so many years, I focused on appearance. I exhausted myself trying to look desirable. But, it was when I was looking my best, that my man seemed to be losing interest. I would wonder, "What is it? I've kept myself up. I adore him. What is it?" He wanted home. A man is seeking a home he can retire in. If your home is not the home he longs for, he will always feel a sense of doubt or resentment or perhaps longing for another life.

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We often spend so much on grooming and attire, but truly, what you spend on d├ęcor will have a lasting and pleasing effect on your home and your peace.

 Much the same way, a woman as well, will long for another life if hers doesn't meet her desires for a forever resting place. Learn to know your man. Know what his favorite memories are. What did he love about them? The meal, the atmosphere? Where does he feel most peaceful? When did he seem happiest when you were dating? What does he long for in a home/family?


A man will always leave the empty flirtation to find a lasting home. You will find, as you age, that men start to look for a woman who he can imagine a home with, rather than the girl that might catch his eye. It is the woman he can see caring for him, loving him, making life with him, that will capture his soul in the end. It is when a man finds a woman he sees a home with, that he will abandon his flirtatious past. Our souls are seeking a home.


A peace, a serenity. And it is when we find that, that we find our peace. Most of us would truly rather relax next to someone we find peace with than be anywhere on earth. I can look back now and think of the men I pursued, so sure they'd desire me, and they often did, purely based on my looks. But truly, how long would that have lasted when I went to make a home with them? When I couldn't even cook a meal, tend a home, manage a household? How long to looks alone truly last? No further than the initial greeting truly. Work to enhance your skills in keeping a home lovely, keeping a lovely enchanting garden, creating sentimental holidays

and romantic evenings, creating a restful bedroom and a peaceful dinning table.  Learn to cook meals that delight the pallet and create memories.  Start to focus on more than simply brows that are on point. Learn to take his breath away with your serenity and your atmosphere. Learn to create a home that brings a sense of awe. A woman can take your breath away for a moment. A woman who creates a home that is soothing and enchanting, can take your breath away and create memories for all time.

What can you do today to make your home enchanting? Look through magazines. Visit the lobbies of your favorite hotels. Note the music, lighting, fountains. Notice the yards in locations that are peaceful to simply walk through, the atmosphere of your favorite restaurant or outdoor dining location. Take a photo and then make a point of recreating something to resemble it in your own home. What music is playing? Play it at home during meal time or at night on the patio when you turn on the lighting. Work to create enchantment. Enjoy the magic you create.
Much love,