Sunday, January 15, 2017

To Truly Love

I've been receiving so many messages from women in regards to being a 'lady.' It is such a desire amongst us, for obvious reasons. What could be more lovely? Truly? Do not be afraid to be a woman. Being a lady and dressing lovely, does not mean you desire to become a slave to men. In fact, I would earnestly argue the opposite. I do believe that the less a woman wears, the more she is proving herself a slave to men and at the same time, telling them she has no value. When you have the courage to dress lovely, hold yourself high, walk with civility and expect genteel treatment, men will respond in kind. I do believe this. I do not believe all men are awful at all. I believe our 'culture' has created a harsh interaction between the two sexes that has become far too unkind. I was watching a lovely movie today and I do encourage you to watch it if it's still available to watch. The Spirit of Christmas 20016.

It is such a lovely view of how a man used to see a lady. I do believe that we can return to this. The way men used to see women was so lovely. Another favorite is Kate and Leopold, which I couldn't locate free on You Tube but is free on Netflix if you have the ability to access it.

Just as a lady creates a gentleman, I do believe a gentleman creates a lady, as is evident in both. There is nothing, truly nothing, more beautiful than 'genteel' manners and proper etiquette. There is a kindness and a consideration that is truly lacking in today's society. An ability to see the beauty in others, that I do believe we would benefit from relearning.

I want you to begin to see the potential in men. Note how amazing a man can be that truly loves a woman. When a man is a gentleman, and you are a lady, that is when true love can begin. Inspire him with your ladylike mannerisms, praise him for the ways that he shows a genteel spirit towards you.
Believe in him. Don't be afraid to love. You would miss out on one of the greatest things you will ever know. Refuse to give up on love. Rather, believe in it, and nurture it. Be everything lovely as a woman that you can be. Celebrate everything he is and watch the beauty that love was truly meant to be, unfold. With the right man, it is safe to love. With the right man, it is safe to truly 'be' a lady. Being a lady will not earn you disrespect or slavery, in fact quite to the contrary, it may find you the truest of love and happiness. It is not sensuality, but rather the loveliness of a lady ,that in a man, will inspire never ending love, and a gentleman that will melt your heart as well. Every journey begins with a single step. Be the first to become what is lovely and beautiful, and love will find a way to harmonize with the beauty your create. With your small step, a gentleman can be born. Don't give up on men. Believe in them.  It is not necessary for you to chase him. Inspire him, to seek you. Being feminine is nothing to be ashamed of. Truly, there is nothing more lovely.

Love is delicate, like fine china that takes the tenderest of care. But when we rediscover the beauty that can be found in each other, love will burst forth in ways you've never known.