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Modern Day Home Economics - Lesson One

Let Us Begin

I am so glad you decided to step on board and reclaim what is rightfully yours as a woman. Lessons in charm, etiquette, cooking, sewing, socializing and more. You will take a step back in time and learn what the glamorous women of old studied and learned so well.
In this course, you will learn everything that makes a woman lovely. You will learn to walk with grace, respond with elegance and leave an air of warmth in your path.

Your home will be a haven, a place of memories.
You will fall in love with your husband and once again feel sparks in his presence. Your home
will be such a close place, you will feel warmth often.
You will die knowing you made a difference in this world.
You will not wonder what it would be like to be elegant or a lovely homemaker.
You won't have any missed chances.

It will take work. The changes will go up and down. You will defeat bad habits and fall back into some for a time...but keep going and you will break free from them all.
I want you to get up each day and start. I want you to keep going and to know that I am here with you to help get you there.

It is not impossible. You are not incapable. I'll even tell you a secret.
Once you start and get past the initial difficulty, it gets easier and easier each day. In fact, it becomes a delight. You will likely cry as you see the changes. You will feel like you've been freed and released from the pain of your struggles.
That is truly where you likely are. In bondage.
Each of our struggles, each of our failures holds us in helplessness until we decide that it's important enough to break free.
At such a time, we will do what is necessary to make the changes.
Nothing worth having comes naturally.
Women of grace practice their skill. The master it.
Models spend hours learning their runway walk.

They work tirelessly on their skin and diet. These things may feel awkward at first if you are not used to working on them...but the results will be fabulous.
At first, anything is exhausting. But before you know it, it's not hard at all, in fact you'll find that leisure has increased. Tidiness brings order. Order brings harmony. Harmony brings joy. Everything we will be covering is a matter of order, of taking care of things well, of treating things delicately, including yourself, your marriage, your goals.

Nice resorts plan their décor and their menu. They master the art of creating the ideal environment.
The struggle as a housewife can come in not getting positive feedback. We are going to fix this. You are going to do things that will give you that feed back. You will be hosting parties. You will be giving gifts. You will be remembering birthdays. You will have friends around you more and more. You will have an image and grace that you feel comfortable with. One full of elegance and charm. 
Your family will grow more and more fond of you. You will be a source of peace and love to them. They will surround you with positive feedback and I will too ;)

When women initially pursued careers, I don't believe they realized what they were leaving behind. The lovely homes, the elegance, the grace, the fashion, the parties, the cooking, and everything that made a housewife. Homes don't just have amazing décor and the smells of amazing food. These skills must be taught. If you are one of the many with no training, I will show you what I've learned. Build on these skills. Don't let us lose the beauty of a lovely home. Master them. Enjoy the beauty that unfolds.

You are about to discover your grace, charm, elegance, social skills and house keeping abilities.

Everything we gave up, is so lovely. I am certain that learning the skills of old will be one of the greatest blessings of your life. We will study fashion.  We will have amazing homes that are cozy and in order. We will cover cooking techniques that will help us to prepare food that could rival any restaurant. We will pull our figures into lovely shape. 
We will help you to feel empowered and free.

To begin, what is your current situation?
I have created a road map document.
This is the most important step I our course. From the lessons I've done, this may take two years. It may take five years. But, if you plan this out well, you will see yourself coming closer and closer to your goal.
1. Take a picture of your home, yourself, your refrigerator contents, your car, your yard, and jot down a brief synopsis of your relationships, routine struggles, financial and social struggles.
I want you to write down what you will be working towards in it's place. Feel free to use this as a guide and create your own road map, perhaps cut pictures of lovely homes with rooms you would like to replicate. Cut a picture of an actress that you would love to dress like, look like. Think of someone who has amazing elegance that you would like to emulate. Perhaps you'd like to throw an amazing Christmas dinner with gourmet recipes. Perhaps you'd just like to have romance again. I heard it said that your spouse has 80% of the thing you crave and is lacking 20%. Sometimes we focus so much on that 20% that we give up and go to find someone who has that 20%. We find that the next person has 80% and I missing 20% as well. We have become a society of spending. We have grown so accustomed to buying what is new, that we don't buy with skill or use with caution. We buy and we waste. We date without even thinking if this is the man we truly love and then we toss the man and destroy him the next day. Your goal in relationships needs to also include how you will bless him. How will you treasure him and love him and make his life happier as well? Often that simple step will move mountains. People will always treasure you, once they know you care.

Fill out your road map  and set aside some time to do this well. Some of you will have homes that resemble the show 'hoarders'. Others may have your home in order and struggle with image. Some are in marriages that are destroying them from within. Understanding where you are, where your areas of struggle are etc, we can get you out of your rut and onto a course that will help you to blossom into the lovely woman you were created to be.

We will one by one pull off your chains and set you free. Before you know it, you will be blossoming with your own feminine beauty and grace.
The movie at the bottom of this post is one of my favorite shows ever. It shows what I see as the clash of the present day and the old days. It was released at the time when society was first starting to rebel against the idea of marriage and a housewife. You can see the tarnishing of values, the loss of virtue, the change in society that has landed us where we are today... but the lovely part is, that it was released in a time where in the end, marriage wins. I think it, so clearly, shows the flaw in how we have changed. Men, as well as women need, and treasure marriage. While love is easier to find, it is so much less fulfilling outside of a true bond. There is beauty in such a partnership. What we have rebelled against, is actually the best thing for us.

The actress is lovely. She is one who truly inspires me in my own journey. Start watching shows that have one of your goals as inspiration. I believe that you need daily inspiration. I adore watching the Dick Van Dyke show as motivation in housekeeping, or Leave it to Beaver for inspiration in keeping my figure and fashion. Watch a movie or find something that inspires you daily....something you'd like to imitate. I have begun to listen to things that inspire me or watch motivational shows in the morning as I get ready. It reminds me of what I want to be as I'm beginning my day and helps to set my day in the right motion.

Image result for dick van dyke show

I begin jotting down to-dos and ideas for the day immediately based on the inspiration. You will become what you take in the most. If you are in a negative atmosphere, you will feel negativity. You will become that negativity. If you are in a situation where you have absolutely nothing feminine to imitate, you won't have the ability.. but if you constantly absorb the image you desire to achieve... through inspiration, pictures, movies etc.. it will become you. You will learn through watching. You will learn through observing.

There is the story of the dog who had a limp. When she had puppies one of them began to walk with a limp as well. The puppy had no issues, it was simply natural to imitate. We all do the same as well. Think of a culture that is different than your own, but notice how all of the people in that culture imitate each other. Imitation is natural.  Your culture will create you. Your accent, mannerisms, surroundings will affect how you become. You will become like that which you are around the most. It's only natural. Before you stereotype anyone, realize that they are a product of their culture but that doesn't mean they couldn't just as easily resemble yours. While you are going to work to create a cover that you desire, never judge a book by it's cover. Be willing to embrace others as your own, love them as you would your neighbor. That will be a step towards grace.

Image result for leave it to beaver barbara

Start watching more shows that exhibit the image you would like to achieve and begin to stop watching those that don't. It takes effort to not 'go with the flow' of those around you. If your dream is to take on a new life or way of being, it will take concentrated effort in absorbing and learning from those that have the life that you crave.

Take in that which you wish to become. I highly recommend movies from the 50's and 60's. You simply won't find the same etiquette and mannerisms in anything that is more recent. Start clubs with other women who long to be housewives. Join vintage clubs online and in person. Think now of friends you may like to start a housekeeping club with or sign into my forums (just being created)

to chat with other girls in the course and offer tips and advice.
Image result for leave it to beaver barbara

Think of the image you would like to achieve.  Keep it in front of you. It will rub off on you as you do. You will learn to feel again. Women have shut off emotions in our current culture. We have hardened our hearts and closed off. We have rejected our femininity. We have lost our ability to feel. As you rediscover this lost femininity, you will naturally begin to grow. You will learn how to fall in love again...with your husband and family. Women were blessed with a gift. We have the enchanting ability to make a home, calm a stressed man, soothe a tired child, love so deeply it is never forgotten, and to be the soft gentle whisper in the wind of memories.

Image result for grace kelley

 Assignment #1
1. Watch the movie below for fun if you desire. Start to think of what is inspiration for you. Begin to set aside time each day, preferably in the morning to be influenced by a role model that fits your goals.
2. I want you to close your eyes and imagine the exact home, figure, marriage you would want if you truly believed it was possible. What would your home be like, your figure, your cooking, your romance, your appearance?
Now.. please take the time to make your dream poster. Keep this in a place where you can see it every day. It could be the first page of your notebook, a computer document, or you could even make a calendar with it. Make it something where it's convenient to look at often throughout the day.  Remind yourself what it is you hope to achieve. For a while, it may seem absolutely impossible. but if you do this, it will be come possible more and more each day. But first, you have to decide... what do you wish for?
Now please describe in each category what you will be achieving.
ex... I will be transforming my home from___________ to this.
I will be transforming my figure from _____ to this.
My meals which are now_____ will become _____.
Tell me how your surroundings are now and how they will be once you reach your goals. Then set the date... you hope to reach your goal, and together, we will get there.
Please include, cooking, décor, finances, appearance, grace, sophistication, romance, social interests and family.

Here is a link to the road map for you if you'd like to simply fill this out. Please do post it where you will see it daily.
3. I want you to think of the area in your life you need the most work on.. and spend 30 minutes on it today. Uninterrupted completely focused minutes on that struggle. If you feel dull. I want you to spend 30 minutes grooming. If your house is a disaster, I want you to spend 30 minutes cleaning thoroughly and quickly. 30 minutes and I want you to take a before and after picture. then store that picture in your notebook or file titled "my first 30 minute change". Feel free to post your results to inspire others. This thirty minutes needs to be a full thirty minutes. No distractions. Set aside the time and ONLY do this task until the thirty minutes is up.
Work swiftly as if in a hurry. Enjoy the workout, enjoy the focus, enjoy the change. Set a timer. IF you get interrupted, pause the timer and resume but the goal is truly no distractions. Don't forget the before and after pictures. You will be amazed at how much you got done.
If you are truly desiring to see a change, chat with others in this course. Post your before and after pictures in our forum:

Comment on the changes you are making in your life. Enjoy the support of others. 
I believe in you and truly hope the changes you begin to make today will be the beginning of a life you have always dreamed of.

What amazed you about your 30 minute assignment? What was hardest about your dream? What do you believe is holding you back? What can you do to overcome this obstacle?


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