Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Sex Was Created To Be

I'm going to talk about a topic that many are afraid to discuss, but in this day and age it is essential. If women today don't realize what sex is supposed to be, they can be deceived and fall into all forms of bondage and pain. Sex is an amazing and beautiful act. It can give you a sense of peace and wellbeing un-compared. It was created to give the love between a man and a woman an amazing bond. However, if you don't understand what it was created TO be, it can also be the most horrible, painful, degrading feeling you will ever know.  It is essential, for your well being, that you do NOT engage in sex or give yourself to any man who devalues you or treats you as a number. Sex was created to honor a woman. And, it is so hard to explain, but I will do my best. It is not beautiful to be one of many. You will always feel hurt. It was not God's intention that a man be satisfied, while you wait your turn. If your man is with other women at all, or even threatening to love others, and putting you in a position of rejection, making you feel unloved, or like you must continually change or do acts to earn it, he has broken the vows! You have been devalued and will lose your desirability if you comply. Do not let him stop treating you as a princess that he is lucky to love! You do not have to endure this dear! Sex was not created for men to find their satisfaction, while you feel used. It was created for you to experience YOUR greatest joy and to feel honored and cherished. There is no way you will feel this if you continue to let men touch you who don't love you. If you allow men to treat you like the flavor of the day that they lost taste for the next, or just one of many flavors available, you will never find joy. Inside of you is a desire in sex to feel like that man loved you and only you. Like he is finding your body to be the most amazing and delightful body on earth. Thats because that's how it is SUPPOSED to feel. You are supposed to be the most amazing body to your man. He us supposed to desire you and ONLY you and delight in you with intoxication always. Thus, if tomorrow, he is looking at another, all of the joy that you were designed to receive will  dissipate, and you will feel a horrible pain of not being enough. Do NOT have sex unless you are positive that the man is committed to you and only you and will NEVER reject you the next day for another. You can only be sure of this if he marries you and believes deeply in the marriage vows and fidelity. If he doesn't, he doesn't love you and you will get hurt. If you have sex with  a man who has not married you and pledged you to be the one, that WILL be your experience. If you stay married to a man who refuses to change and devalues you or looks at other women habitually, that WILL be your experience If you stay with a man who is not romantically loving you, which means he IS meeting those needs elsewhere whether you've discovered where or not, that WILL be your experience. You will feel ugly, undesirable, lonely, hurt, abandoned. Marriage was not designed to put women in such a horrible place. It was designed to protect you from that. The illusion of our culture that says marriage is bad and free sex is good is wrong! It allows men to abuse and mistreat and devalue women and if you want that, then by all means continue. But you WILL be degraded. When you were intended to be honored! Cherished! Desired! Longed for! You were created for a man to be intoxicated by, so much that he chooses to live his life to love and cherish and honor you and ONLY you, from that day forward! And if that's not the case, don't  have sex!  You will be mistreated and you are worth more than that. As much as men try to make you think otherwise. As tough as they may act. They have an intense deep longing to love a woman. One that consumes them. They try to hide this by acting like its just a game. They fear being with one woman who has so much power over them so they immediately seek other women once with you to keep from feeling weak or beneath you. If they truly let their desire for you grow, they fear being weakened. So they have turned it into a game. A game that you must be aware of to protect yourself. It is proven that those who love as love was created have the most erotic, exciting amazing sex lives. But there can't be wandering eyes, there can't be the tolerance of such things. If a man is looking elsewhere, Do NOT love him. If it continues, leave. Love will be amazing when and ONLY when,  he is deeply in love with and intoxicated by you and un attracted to others. If he doesn't feel an intense desire to love you and only you that he can commit to, DO NOT go there. Do NOT let men show disinterest to you or mistreat you. If you are aware that he loving another,you don't   have to let him hold you. If he is looking down on you or making you feel ugly, don't kiss him! Don't tolerate that. Kiss him when and only when he makes you feel cherished and truly loved. When and ONLY when his eyes are ONLY for you and delightfully so. If you want to see if he changes you will have to do so without letting him mistreat you. Walk out of any room where you are being devalued. If he is being dangerous go where you are safe. Do not stay where you are being abused or put down in any way. You are not commanded to accept that snd doing so is allowing your husband to sin. Don't!  He vowed to love and honor you and that love meant sexually desire and feel intoxication to you.  Do not let him break that vow. He will mistreat you and no longer value you. When a man shows disinterest, do NOT try to earn it. You will look less valuable and appear as a dog begging for affection. He will treat you like a dog. Instead, when a man shows disinterest, realize that he is not loving you as he vowed to. You deserve more. Refuse to accept this. Walk away. If a man even LOOKS at another, walk away. That is incredible disrespect and he is breaking his vow to cherish and love only you. walk away. NEVER EVER sit and take that. He has chosen to love another. Let him. He can have you when he treats you with the honor he was created to. It is not a natural part of nature for men to look at many nor is it something you have to put up with. Once he has, he has already lost interest. Nothing will follow that in any way resembles love. If you let this happen, he will not find you attractive at all. Leave until he stops. He has shown his lack of commitment and integrity and you will not be loved. Our culture has begun to degrade women and made them believe that have to endure this and its not true love. Its abuse. Abuse only stops if you stop it. It never ends if you take it. A man must know he can't do this to you. Those who most preach against men letting their eyes wander are MEN! Men fall much more deeply in love with women who put a higher price tag on their love. Starting today, know you have value. Demand that your man treat you like a lady. Do not accept him unless he is willing to deeply love you and only you with his eyes. Then and only then, love him with everything in you and you will see the beauty of love as God created it.  Women will once again have the amazing allure of the 50's. Men will once again climb mountains to have their hand. When women realize they have value and God has protected them from abuse.