Thursday, May 12, 2016

Daily Planning

So much of getting out of the rut of bad habits is learning to overcome your obstacles. I have a lot on my schedule today so the first thing I do is pull out my weekly plan and my menu planner.

When you are new at doing this, it's best to just start with one day at a time.

In fact, if you home is an absolute disaster... get up, get ready, plan out your menu using the menu planner... then take this weekly planner and try to find at least 1-2 hours to work on cleaning.

Set that time to do nothing but clean, turn off all distractions and start. Just start. Set that time to work as if it was your job that you had to have done for a boss in 2 hours and do it. Have  garbage can. Have a basket for give aways. Have cleaning bottles, paper towels, gloves a vacuum and ready, set go..! Get as much as you can done each day until your home is in order. Set aside at least 1 hour each evening or am for dishes and you are on your way.

Dishes must be done each day period. They need to become something you are used to doing. Do whatever it takes to make it a pleasant job. The more often you do it, the easier it truly gets. There is an initial sense of overwhelm if you aren't used to doing them as it is a new job that must be done daily. If it's something you've never done before, it will 'seem' overwhelming but I emphasize 'seem.' Once the habit is established, it gets easier and easier and becomes one of those tasks you literally do without thinking as you watch a favorite show or talk to a loved one. And once the habit is established of keeping your home neat, it is such a 'relief' you won't feel like you've taken a thing on, but rather that you've given yourself such a stress relief. Don't think of the dishes as you're doing them. Think of a shining clean sink when you are done.

I have found that 1. Doing them immediately after dirtying is always the preferred option. Fill your sink with hot soapy water and as dishes dirty rinse them off and dunk them in. Once the sink is full, let everything soak 10 minutes. Then, empty it by either loading them into a dishwasher or completing the wash and drying/putting them away. Then, fill the sink with fresh hot soapy water, load and repeat. I have a way I fill it that is easiest for me. I put all silverware on the left, then plates to the top right of silverware and any bowls on top of plates, then cups towards me below the plates and silverware I keep the other side of the sink clear to rinse off dishes as I load them into the dishwasher.  Let dishes soak in hot water for 10-15 minutes each load for best results. With steel wool and soaking, you should easily be able to clean each dish. I like to use steel wool as I truly dislike re-using a dirty scratchy pad but if you like to use them, wash them nightly. In fact, use a fresh scratchy each meal. then wash or discard for sanitation. If it is gross to you, wear gloves. There are lovely gloves. They don't last long. But they work beautifully. Once water gets in, it's time for a new pair. They do make the older jobs more pleasant but if you wash dishes right after dirtying them, nothing is difficult to wash other than the fridge storage containers. And similarly, if you use your food within 2-3 days, they aren't bad either. Never let food in a dish get to a point where it can spoil and dishes will never be dreadful.

While dishes are soaking, wipe counters, prep meals, review contents in refrigerator... I like to take an inventory as I'm cleaning up each meal of what's in the refrigerator that I must use to prevent spoilage and wasted food. Today as I opened my refrigerator.. I noticed that I have strawberries that must be used to avoid tossing. I will plan them in my menu tomorrow. I have a leftover pie that we need to eat in the next day or two. We ate it for lunch. Check expiration dates. Check leftovers. As you are doing your dishes and put food into the fridge as leftovers, write it at the top of your menu planner immediately as food that needs to be used this week. next it in parentheses write the date you cooked it.. ie... leftover chicken(made sunday). It is far easier to tidy your fridge each day than it I to let it get back and have to do a huge overhaul.

 I like to rotate my proteins as all meats have certain vitamins that are necessary so they are all good to get in. We had beef the day before yesterday and chicken last night so tonight, I just want to have tuna. Having fatty fish and liver at least once each week is truly ideal. Liver, in particular, has nutrients that are just so vital to our bodies. And there are some that are literally only in fatty fish or nuts. We had a vegetable/tomato based soup for lunch and I had half of a turkey sandwich loaded with lettuce. Then we had a small slice of our chocolate chip pie and ice cream. I checked off my food groups and tonight to complete our 12, I decided on tuna casserole, mashed potatoes a salad with nuts and slices of hard boiled eggs on top and a fruit dessert. We have leftover rhubarb cobbler so tonight, I will have that. Perhaps green beans on the side.

Then it's time to pull out my day planner and plan tomorrow. With my habit log...

 I'm always working on at least one habit. Put the log where you will see it EVERY DAY. on  your bathroom closet, on your refrigerator, in your car.. somewhere that it will remind you to 1) do your habit and 2)look at your menu and weekly planner each day. Work on one habit at a time for optimal results. Once I've successfully established a new habit as routine (21 days without a break) I feel so good about taking on something good for me. I have posture as the focus this month for everyone and walking with a book on your head for 10 minutes each day and then filling out the log and focusing on it the rest of the day.. and that truly is such a great habit to work on. Posture affects your health. Every time you think of it, straighten up as if you have that book on your head, pull your stomach in. Square your shoulders and hold. Your stomach will tighten learning to hold this pose and your health will improve. So will your gracefulness and your backaches. Walk gracefully. Walk around the house with the book on your head. Sit down and rise a few times as gracefully as you can. Sit for a few minutes holding the pose. Walk in high heels as well as flats. Go down steps etc.. Get a feel for how your back should be resting. There was a day after practicing this where I was sitting in my car not thinking at all and I realized I was sitting up straight.. naturally! Without thought! The practice will sink in and you will just be there one day. As your muscles strengthen your posture will set. You may want to think of other habits you want to improve on to take on next... taking better care of your teeth, exercising each day, dishes daily etc... but for now, start with posture. You will begin to feel like a lady in no time.

When looking at the weekly planner, I like to set aside time in the morning to gather my thoughts. We all wake with a desire for some leisure. Plan it in. Time to think reflect, plan relax. Schedule it. Then plan in time in the am for grooming, tidying your bed, doing a quick pickup of each room so it's ready for company, a light amount of exercise to wake up, and reviewing birthdays and appointments. Then think on what you would like to get done in the weekly chores list that day. When is there free time after setting aside time for the am? Reserve some time for evening bath, planning for the next day, laying out an outfit, and tidying anything that needs to be tidied before bed. If you leave things to do in the am... make sure you have the time in the schedule to do them first thing. Make it your goal to have a home ready for company by mid am each day.

Get a feel for these planners. Get a feel for planning each days meals and hours out. Practice your habit each day in fact, set a time each day that is reserved for work on your habit. Do it each day at 8am or 10 am etc. Then you will never forget. Get used to using the menu planner and checking off all 12 food groups each day. Try to get each one in at least once. It will balance your diet and you will find that even if you are eating out, you are choosing healthier more rounded out options.

We can do this love,

I believe in you,

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  1. I love the menu planner and the goal sheet! Thank you, they are so helpful. I really look forward to your posts. You have helped me more than you will ever know. :) You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you! <3 I hope that you will be able to get back to being at home soon; you are so sweet and you deserve to be doing what you love.


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