Monday, June 8, 2015

When Life Throws You Mountains

Life can at times, take you of guard. Things you have built can crumble beneath you. Loved ones can be lost. I had quite the mountain thrown my way this year as well. When health is involved, it can be such a challenge. I do believe there is a reason for everything. I do believe every challenge prepares you. I believe every challenge strengthens you. Sometimes you don't know what is coming. But the challenge you just faced, made you strong enough to face it.
My advice? Treasure every second of beauty while it is with you.
Don't ever mourn on what could have been. Make it your goal to enjoy it now... while you still can.
Is there a loved one soon to pass that you haven't talked to? Call them. Have lunch with them. Take them cookies.
Is there a place you used to adore that you never visit anymore? Go there. Gather some lovely roses and tie them with a string. Put on a lovely dress or a frilly had. Grab a book and a blanket and go somewhere lovely.
Live can be so rushed. We can miss the beauty in nature, in the gentle breeze. In life.
One of my first assignments in my course and my assignment to you?
Find your peace.
Until you make time to sit peacefully, you won't "want" to clean.
Your soul will be crying for peace and you won't. Find your peace this weekend. Find a lovely place. Take a walk. Smell a flower. Love someone dear. Write your thoughts out. Sing a melody. Wear a lovely dress. Do you know that how you dress affects how you feel? If you are stressed, dress in something soothing... a flowing fabric. soothing colors. make your image harmonious. And do the same with your environment. Light a candle. Play soothing music. Make it fragrant.
Find your peace.
My course is up again and I am so happy.
Classes will begin on Monday the 15th. You can sign up on the sidebar as usually and receive a link with access to the course or you can sign up directly at the course at this site:
Now, even if I am ill or away, you can access our course as long as you so desire.
I wish you love. I wish you peace. I wish you harmony.
a tip on clutter? break your home into small sections that take 10 minutes to clean. Work on one at a time. perhaps write them on an index card and keep them in your billfold. Once you finish one, move it to the back. and take the next. Every time you find yourself with 10 minutes. Complete a card. Top it with a candle or a lovely flower. make each section of your house truly lovely and peaceful. 10 minutes at a time.
I believe in you.

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