Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Listening to Your Thoughts

I do believe that one of the greatest gifts we have is our mind. Often, I will notice that we are stuck. We have the time. We have the ability. We even have the things we need to get to. Yet, somehow we are stuck. We can't move. We sit and our mind is working feverishly through circumstances as we just sit. Now the average person may get down on themselves at such times. They may get upset and think why am I not doing what I need to be doing? But darling, you are. Your mind is working through something. The times when I have been in such a stand still, my mind was working. It was evaluating my life. It was trying to make sense of things. It was deciding what needed to be done... all while I sat. I noticed how the mind works in particular this last month. When my love was kicked in the head by that horse, it was very terrifying to watch. I would ask the doctor about his sitting staring into space or his sleeping for hours on end and he said,
'the mind is like any organ. When it is injured, let it rest.' If you are in a state where you are 'stuck' it may be time to think about the possibility that you have an injured mind. Are you facing overwhelm? Deep sadness? Deep confusion? Lack of decision? At such times, it your injured mind saying, 'stop.' It is telling you, it has as much as it can bear and it is asking you to stop. To stop thinking, to stop working to stop everything and let it rest. When he was dealing with his concussion, he wasn't to work to hard on mind games or watch tv... he needed to let his mind rest. I believe we all, at times, overwork our minds. We send them into overwhelm. We exhaust them and until we fix the thing that causing such stress... we will continue to be stuck on pause. There is often a cure. It is fixing the source. If something has you overwhelmed... eliminate the overwhelm. If something has you tremendously sad, you must find a way to get away from the pain. I had  a relationship that caused me great pain. I kept trying to fix it... and I was overwhelmed. I wasted many a day just sitting from the pain that that relationship had caused. I remember conversations that sent me into the most awful tears... such exhaustion and then I would just sit.. while my mind rested. When I let go, my mind healed. I don't believe in letting go of people but I do believe in letting go of bad situations. If a person and you are going to cause each other grief, it is best to find a new way of relating. If a job is causing stress, it is time to either adjust the job, adjust or life or find a new one. It may be lack of sleep, it may be an addiction but somehow, if you desire to overcome your lack of activity, you must give your mind an environment where it can flourish. You have to let it heal. Go sit in nature and stare at the sunset for a few hours. Allow yourself that time to just sit. Let it heal. Get away from the stress each day. Ideally, set aside time each day to do this. Time to sit and reflect and make note of what causes you grief. Then set a plan to each your struggles. Be kind to yourself. As you are kind to yourself, you will come out of your rut. I wish you joy. I wish you peace. I wish you serenity. Nature is always around you. Nature is meant to soothe you. Break away from your stress and find peace.

Much love,

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