Friday, March 28, 2014

Sometimes The Only Consistency Is Change

It has become a belief of mine that some supernatural force is apparently out to prevent me from posting to my lovely and loyal readers. I truly find it humorous although discouraging at times to see how many obstacles have come into my path since writing this blog. They truly began to occur upon the success of this content and it appears that if I am to reach you, my dear readers, I will have to fight through the thorns and successfully conquer all obstacles.
Since my agreement to begin posting again:

I became severely ill for 3+ weeks.
I was bitten by a brown recluse spider with a wound that spread over an area about the size of an orange that luckily didn't end up being near as severe as some that you've seen but severe enough to be terrifying. It's been approximately 3 weeks and I had a new area start to blister and break apart just two days ago.
I was head butted in the chin by a cow and it caused quite the injury. The first day I was seeing blurry, falling over and suffering the worst headache I've ever known. I wasn't hurting on the chin but rather the back of my head. The next several days, I kept going in and out of weird balancing and vision spells followed by severe headaches.
I lost all internet contact due to several issues.. internet provider, connection cords and then the final blow.. my laptop monitor completely shattered.
And last night, I had to do a system restore on my desktop due to an internet explorer error.
I've moved to a new location with issues that it entails.. once again.

So yes, I am here.
A little bewildered by the opposition to my writing this blog.. but I am here.
I find it funny that when you choose not to pursue something, nothing seems to go wrong. Earth seems content to let you sit and become a mess of laziness but when you truly apply yourself, everything fights you.
The more that fights me, the more certain that I am that this blog is making an impact, thus I will put on my battle gear and push forward. I want the same for each of you. Never let an obstacle be the reason you give up on something. Only let your decision that you no longer want to pursue the act stop you If you let obstacles stop you, you will be defeated at every turn and you will eternally be miserable. Fight through the obstacles, re-strategize and return. Persistence will move mountains. I promise.
I hope you are all doing well. I miss you dearly.

I have had quite the challenges myself in housekeeping with the move. I am now in a location where there is much to mess up my little home. It takes continual cleaning and upkeep.

My secrets if you, like I, struggle at times with keeping on top of it all.

1. You're going to have to set aside an hour or two (at least) a day that is devoted completely to housekeeping. You may find that you need more. Adjust as necessary but make sure that certain hours are for that purpose and nothing else.

2. Pick up as you mess up. You save so much time in cleaning if you just pick up as you make messes. Do dishes as you are waiting for  that pot to boil. Wash each dish as you use it during prep and clear and clean the remaining dishes after dinner. Then you can truly relax for the evening without a mess to stress you. When you leave a room, grab a basket and make a loop of the house returning everything you just got out. Check in hourly to see how much you've pulled out and put it all back away. Hourly is lovely.
3. Groom daily. There is something about grooming. Not just getting cleaned but truly doing something to make yourself look your best that will put bounce in your step and energy in your soul. When you look good, it affects your confidence, your self image, how sure you will be of yourself etc. It will brighten your day, make you more confident with your husband, make you more confident with company etc.. and depression is FAR less likely if you groom your loveliest each day.  I have been enjoying playing with colors in my attire of late. Find a role model and imitate it. Find a feminine role model preferably. I truly feel that women are their best when they are feminine. You don't need an event to doll up, being female is quite enough. Do it. You will feel amazing. Conduct yourself in a more feminine manner. Never apologize for being feminine and notice how much more eager you are to do the things that come naturally as a lady. I truly believe it is hard to be proud of your home if you look in you reflection to see sweats and frumpy hair. Doll up. Enjoy being of the female gender and then make your home a reflection of that. Make it a refuge. Something lovely to relax in. Light your candles, Set the mood with lights and d├ęcor. Plant some flowers and then pick fresh bouquets and dress to match your surroundings. A true lady looks her best and keeps her home lovely. Make it a haven. Enjoy you calling. Enjoy being you.

I will write more as I have time. Much love always


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