Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How To Begin to Pick Yourself Back Up Again

I was recently introduced to the series the biggest loser. I had been researching diet plans that incorporate the food groups for my dear readers that struggle so much with weight and the winner of this years season caught my attention. I watched the season and I have to say it was amazing. With each and every person on the episode, there was an issue that had shut them down... an emotional breakdown of sorts. They had once been thriving individuals and then, something happened. Something broke their spirit. They shut down. They quit trying. They gave up.

 I do believe that all of us at one point or another will pursue something with everything inside of us. When we choose to do so, we will come under attack. We may fight for a time. We may give up immediately. It usually depends on what the attack is. Some attacks are just harder to make it through than others. Some involve loss. Some involve self esteem damage. Some involve fear. Whatever the attack, it not only shuts that area down, it may often shut down so many areas of your life. You will focus on those areas and work and work and not understand why you are stuck. You have quit believing that you can anymore. You no longer see yourself in a lovely way. You are completely defeated as you sit and do very little each day but as you focus on those tasks, you freeze. You can't move on. So you do what has become natural to you... you quit trying again...and again... and again.
It is absolutely amazing to watch that show and see each individual face their inner struggles with so much passion. It shows that overcoming the odds is NOT easy. It is literally, almost impossible but I watched.. and with each, a trigger would make them fight. Something would make it that important to them. Once that happened, they were on fire and nothing could stop them. The average overweight individuals became athletes, competitive fighters and it was amazing.

 Don't ever tell yourself you can't. Watch that show if you must and watch how they change. click on show and scroll to full episodes.  Although the winner, Rachel, was amazing throughout the season. Her spirit was so lovely. I do think she may have overdone it about 20 pounds but she was inspirational in the show to watch. She truly was. However, they ALL could do it. I saw some of them kick in at the last minute and absolutely amaze me.

  EVERY SINGLE one could win... if they desired. Their struggle wasn't physical. It was mental. I don't know what you have faced that  may have shut you down but if you are reading my page, there is a chance that something has. Keeping a home lovely, is like anything... difficult at first.. but over time, with practice.. it WILL become natural. None of these contestants adapted easily at first. Some of my first meals were exhausting.. but do you know that now I can whip up a meal effortlessly? The meals I make now are amazing. It took practice. Over and over and over, I practiced and I became amazing. Just like these contestants. They practiced daily and they truly became athletes... in 7 months.

There are skills that require technique and instruction but the biggest struggle to being organized is in your soul. You have to take that broken spirit and face the damage done. You have to face one by one all of the hurt and polish it.

Nurture your soul, remember your dreams, remember your proudest days, remember your strengths... you must tenderly stroke and comfort the pain. Then you need to stand up and start. Start to do the things you stopped doing. Get up and ger ready today.. even if you don't feel like it. Notice how many LONG hard weeks the contestants had to work before you could even see results. That may be the case with you as well. You may very well have to groom and diet for months before it looks lovely. Weight loss takes time. Technique takes time. That is exactly why I prefer to spend two years with you. In the course of that two years, I do believe that your spirit will begin to see that it can and it will. Once results start to show, you come alive, you realize you CAN do the impossible. You CAN improve your figure. You CAN become glamorous. But at first, you have to try and keep trying, knowing you won't get the results you crave the first attempt or perhaps the 50th.. but you will.. with time.. get there. But only if you 'start' now. So begin.

 Do it. Make yourself. Just like those on the biggest loser didn't want to, they did it anyways and the results came. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have wanted to skip grooming and done it anyways, I felt so glad I did. Hang inspirational photos of how you'd like to dress and look IN your grooming area so you have it as inspiration. Hang photos of the kind of food you'd like to make IN your kitchen to remind you. Hang photos of lovely homes in living areas to remind you and inspire you. Hang pictures of lovely yards in the garage or shed to inspire and work off of. The more inspiration you have around you, the more likely you are to succeed. Expose yourself TO the 50s. Watch a Doris Day movie once or twice a week or perhaps watch a few episodes of a 50's classic. Expose yourself to it. You become what you take in and surround yourself with. Surround yourself with your goals. Expose yourself to THEM.

When I made myself groom, It was usually the spark that lit the fire. You will find that once you start to do what you put off and continue to do what is painful to do, you will break past a barrier that unleashes the greatest of joys.

You will find freedom. You will achieve what your heart aches so desperatlely for. You CAN be lovely. You CAN be beautiful. You CAN be the greatest of housekeepers. You CAN cook amazing meals and together we CAN all learn to keep house, be elegant, be stylish and well mannered again. It only takes doing darling.

It just takes a step... and then another.. and then another. So start to walk. Get up and groom as lovely as you can. If you mess up, study and try again tomorrow. Get up and make breakfast, if you mess up, study and start again tomorrow. Over time, you will master it. Decide to be elegant, stand up straight and practice walking with a book on your head. Control your tone of voice, be aware of how 'pleasant' you are and begin to slowly refine it. With constant polishing, you will soon gleam but it won't happen in one attempt. It is a consistent process of falling down and getting back up and then progressing farther and farther but it won't happen until you get up and do what you don't want to do.

Then you get into the habit of doing what you don't want to do...and believe it or not, you are soon doing exactly what you want to do and becoming exactly what you want to be. Those little 'I don't want to do' tasks are keeping you from being exactly what you want to be. I can promise that once you do, you will look back and go, "it was that easy?" I could have done this all along! You truly can. But you will have to heal you spirit from whatever made you shut down. If you hadn't shut down spiritually, you would be actively enjoying the very things you can't seem to get to. Heal your soul. Put on the bandaids necessary and heal. Then get up, smile, notice the sunset and make your day lovely.

My course can help you. "I" can help you and I will. I will be starting the course up again on Monday. If you would like my personal help, please contact me. I am more than happy to help you achieve your goals. I truly do believe in you. Have a lovely evening.
Much love,

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