Friday, February 7, 2014

The Right Food Will Give You Energy

I have often preached this and am amazed by it's fruition in my life this week. Food should give you energy. It should not weigh you down. It shouldn't make you feel tired. It shouldn't deplete you of energy. It should give you energy and make you feel vibrant and alive. If your food is weighing you down, making you feel tired, making you irritable and emotional and making you feel so sick you can't move.... you're not eating food!

Back in the 50's women had the comfort of knowing that there were few chemicals in their food. Many made their own breads and most made meals from scratch. They ate well balanced and very appetizing meals... much like the TV dinners of the past... often with a starch, vegetables, meat, dairy and even bread. They ate butter... not margarine and they had a dessert often with fruit.

The women did watch portion sizes so as not to eat too much but the truth is, you didn't see fat kids... you didn't see fat often at all. And they were eating much more satisfying meals than we ever eat.

The reason?


When our body takes in a toxin... it shuts down. We get symptoms similar to illness. We feel ill, we feel tired. We want to sleep. We may ache. We may feel dizzy. We are irritable.

Most of the foods that you are buying packaged are FULL of chemicals. When you take this food in, you don't find yourself energized... you find yourself  ILL.

Your body struggles to digest it. You may come down with awful gastric reflex. Your body's defense systems may cause liquid to fill your abdomen in an attempt to flush it out.. thus, you will feel weak and bloated. Your body is in high drive trying to rid itself of unknown chemicals and you instinctively want to lay down.. so that your body can work on this process.

WORST OF ALL... since you are getting little if no nutrition... you are still hungry! So what do you do.. you sit down unable to move and eat more.

Your kids are fat because you are making them nothing and buying them EVERYTHING. That food you buy them. Is POISON. It is killing your kids at a very young age.

 Make them a meal. Something home cooked with fruits and veggies in it. Feed your family nutrition.
It's not about rationing the amounts. If you feed them the right things they won't gorge anymore. Feed them a healthy meal and they will love it more than any packaged food you can find.

That food is poison full of additives to keep you eating and it's shutting your bodies down!



We are no longer eating food.
We are eating chemicals and poisons.
'Sadly most of us are full of poisons and starved of nutrition- thus we are hungry for NUTRIENTS but keep feeding our bodies poison instead.... and our bodies show the overfill and also the lack of energy from lack of nutrition.

The way to take back your health and energy?  Cook more. Eat less boxed.
You will be able to eat food that tastes better than the frozen meals AND you will feel more satisfied.
Buy your ingredients in the most natural form possible. I buy a white flour but it's been unbleached and unrefined. I buy the most natural brown sugars that are pleasant to the taste that I can find.

I do NOT eat anything but REAL butter and REAL milk. Avoid margarines. Avoid processed oils and spreads. Use olive oil, flax oil, coconut oil. Avoid processed. You will save your family's life.

I ate a lovely LARGE dinner last night. It had meat, creamed broccoli, salad, mashed potatoes, and even cherry dessert... and I ate only what would fit on a small plate but I was more than happily satisfied. I felt full but not stuffed and this morning, I am bursting with energy.

It didn't honestly take too long to prepare. With our modern conveniences, there really is no excuse not to cook and once you start to eat right, you'll have the energy. It's not healthy to let yourself be so tired you can't move and want to sit in front of a TV screen all day. In fact that TV screen isn't healthy for you either. It's sending out rays that are not healthy to sit in front of for long and what do our bodies need? Fresh air! Get up, move, get outside and breathe fresh air daily and make your food from scratch. If you find yourself too tired TO stand up.. you need to change your diet and soon. You can make everything packaged and it's not that hard, I promise. Trust me.


It will save your life and it will give you energy and happiness back. I feel so good today and you can too.

A side note... sometimes you have to DO before you FEEL. We are sick. It will take getting up with that worn out poisoned body of yours and cooking a few meals before you will feel the results but you will feel them. I promise. Eat your nutrition. Get at least 2 fruits and 3 veggies a day in. Drink your water. Get in your milk and your protein and your whole grains(preferably home baked)  and you and your family will thank you.

Much love,

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  1. Well said! My family & I have gone completely organic for over a year now & our health has improved in amazing ways! We no longer buy anything processed or anything such as that. Everything FRESH!


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