Friday, February 7, 2014

The Magic 3-4 Hour Magic To Do List

Alright ladies, this is my magic list. I fell in love with using the timer back when I used to follow flylady.

She is lovely. I was at the time, arranging a home for a hoarder. There were literally days I would get through a pile and that was it but I was determined to whip that house into shape and I created this list. I had a few set hours to work on his home and I used this list. Some days I would work three sometimes 4 but I worked hard and I loved this system. It kept me from getting tired or worn out. I found that when I focused on just one area for 15 minutes then jumped to another, I saw results and I didn't get as worn down or depressed by the endlessness of it all. I would do this list and at the end of the day feel so heavenly.

It would be 15 minutes in the kitchen, 15 minutes in the bathroom etc.. and when I finished that home, it was amazing. I would even watch classic movies or listen to old time radio programs for inspiration. It was so fun. I couldn't believe what I had done. It felt so heavenly. I am not too proud to say I've had to do the same in my own life at times...many times. We all fall down. We all have to pick ourselves up. We all feel our best when we find the strength to finally do so. No one is truly happy laying around all day doing nothing. Yes, we have mood swings. I too am female. BUT I know how to whip a mess into a haven and at times in life, that is what you have to do. It is when the mess becomes overwhelming that it is the hardest to pick yourself up and do something... Do this list for 3 days... and do it with all of your energy and I can guarantee you will blast out of your rut,  feel motivated and know you can do it.

You will not only feel motivated, you will be excited and with the beautiful home you have made you will love getting ready in your pretty bathroom and love cooking in your pretty kitchen. It just takes a few hours a day of really working... plus.. you'll burn a good 400 calories at least depending on your speed... so go at it and enjoy.

Much love and more blogs to come in a few. I think I'll be doing this list today myself ;)

and because  you may be excited and motivated and want to keep going there is an optional 4th hour... it's up to you.. enjoy ;)


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