Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Sunday Checklist

Alright ladies. Here it is... my famous Sunday Checklist.
Many of you probably take Sundays off and that's lovely. I take Saturdays. That is my rest and relax day. Arrange as you desire. Make it work for you.
Here is the list that I use on Sunday. Sunday's are in the kitchen ;)

And since I also plan my week and my Menu On Sundays... you may like these.
I definitely suggest purchasing a Binder of your choice. Make it something lovely that you adore. Make it something that inspires you to be your best. Take your time on your calendar and menu but plan. Planning saves so much stress. Planning makes life so much easier to handle.

Both Wal-Mart and the Dollar stores have affordable Kitchen D├ęcor. Make it a fun day to spice up and make your kitchen lovely. Enjoy making lovely smells, picking out your prettiest aprons and hanging them on a hook near the stove.

 Find a table cloth you love and throw it out, purchase or pick flowers for a lovely centerpiece.
 Have fun in the kitchen today and even if you must purchase a premade kit for desserts and premade cookie dough... do it.

I find that cookies tend to always turn out just about perfect at 350 for 10 minutes once the ovens been on for a bit... The first few batches may need longer but as you continue to bake, lessen the time. The oven does increase in heat over time and you need to gauge it accordingly. Let the cookies remain on the rack 10 additional minutes (set your timer) before trying to remove them to a cookie sheet. You will end up with goop... messed up goop otherwise ;)

I've been thinking about life today.
Often, our struggles are more due to confidence than anything. And I'm sad to say that our loved ones don't help. Why do our loved ones tear us down? Honestly? It's their own insecurities. Think about a time when you felt so ugly... you felt so ungroomed and a gorgeously coiffed woman walked in drawing all attention... you probably wanted to put her down  or find a fault, right?

It is the reason we all avoid being the above... yet secretly long to. We KNOW others will find us vain.. right?   And so we avoid being lovely. We avoid being feminine. We avoid being ourselves and instead... we become dreadful grouches.
I'd rather be vain and happy.. wearing clothes I adore ;)

Well expect it. As you start to get on top of things that many are NOT on top of, you will be called awful names. You will be 'encouraged' to relax and take it easy. Everyone will go out of their way to kindly or cruelly stop you from achieving the tasks you have set out to complete.

Don't stop being you for them. Don't stop. Show them how to do what you're doing if they ask but never stop. If we all tear each other down and no one succeeds, the world will be dreadful. Be an inspiration. Be lovely. Invite them over for tea. Go shopping with them.. but BE you.

Retro 1940s: Bettie Page Play Me Dress - 1940s Night Club Attire.

Remember that no matter how kind they are, they are not helping you by encouraging you to relax or not do what you know needs to be done. You will suffer from not doing it later. It will stress you out. You will be an emotional wreck and at the end of the week, you will be in tears rushing to my blog to figure out what went wrong.

It's Sunday. Start the week right. We are going to have LOVELY homes this week.
Part of being female is conquering emotions.. We feel sad, we feel hopeless. We feel discouraged. We feel disrespected. But IF you do these lists and get your life on track, you will feel better. They have this natural soothing ability. They give confidence and they make your life lovely.

Put on an old classic movie that inspires you. Surround yourself with vintage artwork.. it's lovely in the bathroom where you groom. Put on your prettiest apron. Imagine that your hubby is Cary Grant telling you how 'Dahling' you are instead of the perhaps insulting man you are with.

Escape and find peace. As you become more like Grace Kelly, your man will be come more like Cary Grant. It just takes time. Don't let it still your joy at the moment. There are movies. There are inspiring books. You can read this blog but do your list. Do it. And if you don't finish, pick yourself up and do more tomorrow. Just do it. Doing some is better than doing none. Do the tasks in order of what is most important to you then if you don't finish you will have done the most important and that is what matters. Eventually you will discipline yourself to do more... and more.

Make your life more easy and when you finally get that confidence built, you will be happier. I promise.

I highly suggest planning your menu based on calories. There are great calorie tracking websites. If you plan your menu ahead of time, you CAN eat the foods you like. You will just know how much you should truly eat. I find that a BALANCED diet is essential... if you don't get everything in, you will break down. Get your nutrients. Get a balanced diet. You need some fruit, some veggies, some whole grains, some protein dairy etc.. plan it. Then track the calories and manage portions. Get in some physical activity and make your life lovely. The women of the 50's did. and they were lovely. A balanced diet will not make you fat. Processed foods and improper portions will.

I love you and am here for you.

God bless

Veronique ;)


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