Sunday, February 2, 2014

And She Had Meatloaf On Her Mind

I have been brainstorming ways that I can make this blog more maintainable. Taking on other work has been tiring and has kept me from having the time I used to, to indulge in blogging for you each day. I wish I had more time. I truly do but at the end of the day, I'm just so tired.

But... an idea occurred today.. What if? I blogged about what I did that day? Instead of encouraging you to cook, I can show you what I do. After all, what better way to learn than to see it in action. I can then focus on home as I desire while sharing it with you and teaching you in the process.
I have learned so much and I have so much to offer. I will share what I can. I didn't anticipate the length of time it would take to upload everything but here is my dinner tonight.
I hope you enjoy ;) Much love,
Veronique :)

New Polka Dot Cupcake Apron - Walmart - Baking Aisle... $7

Decided to start with a Beer Bread Mix from Tastefully Simple..

It was really rather simple You just add carbonated soda.. a clear form or beer... I opted for carbonated soda..

There was an option for Italian Garlic... I was on it:

A little Garlic Garlic ( you can use your favorite garlic seasoning) and 1/4 cup parmesan cheese

A little melted Butter on top (I used 3 tbsp.)

And it was in the oven.. ;)

I started to boil some broccoli for my broccoli gratin.... ;) my fav boil in plenty of salt for flavor

I found a lovely Meatloaf recipe in my vintage "Dinner For Two" Cookbook by Betty Crocker. Copyright 1964 1st Edition

These cookbooks are lovely because they plan the meal out for you, if you choose.. have lovely illustrations and the portions are perfect for two. :)

The meat..


an egg beaten

some dried onion

a little salt

a little pepper... people hate me because I don't use measuring spoons and I always add. I will do my best to show how I altered.. ;)

celery salt

dry mustard

Garlic Salt

Worcestershire Sauce... Do you know that even in my foodie events NO ONE can ever agree on how to say that word... Call it what you like..

What my mix looks like at this point...

and for the glaze...

a little ketchup

a little barbeque sauce

a little sugar

mix it up

Now paint your loaf.. .make it pretty...;)

A little germ duty... clean those meaty dishes and Clorox your counters now.. we don't need any sick relatives.. .;)

Now for the broccoli gratin..

A recipe from my plantation cookbook.. my fav... ;)

It starts with milk

some flour- be sure to VERY thoroughly blend this well without lumps.. slowly add your flour or you will be crying... I just added a tablespoon at a time and whisked until I saw no lumps.. turn your heat down a bit so as not to scorch.. a level medium is fine.

now you add your cream cheese

and some salt and pepper

I added extra salt and a little granulated sugar until it tasted so good I wanted to eat it from the spoon.

Drain the broccoli and put in 13x9 pan

add your sauce

and in the oven.

Now for the potatoes

I took two and sliced into cubes

boil in some salt water

and some dishes.. I like to have them done before I finish the meal.. so much less stressful...

and some salad.. some broccoli slaw, tortilla chips and spicy dressing and mix.

top with grated cheese

and I whipped up a chocolate cake mix from the store

Whipped my potatoes

just beat in a little cream.. some garlic.. some seasonings if you like, butter, salt.. etc.. a little cream at a time. to get the right texture.

meatloaf is done

pulled out the broccoli gratin and added some breadcrumbs and butter to top.. 10 more min and perfection

the potatoes were heavenly...

the bread was to die for

and well.. the cake....

Yes... I did ;) (mini chocolate chips mixed into the dressing with some added vanilla, butter, powdered sugar will make it heavenly.

I took some pictures of the meal plates but I guess being a blond, I misplaced them. It was heavenly. My sister said gourmet and the broccoli gratin so good I nibbled on it this am.

Apron off... time to relax, unwind and be happy for a meal well done ;)

Much love,

Blogger appears to be having picture difficulties. My apologize on not being able to decrease the size on any photos after the first few. I was going to cancel the blog but decided against it. Too many requests for a blog.

Much love always ;)

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  1. First of all-you are gorgeous! Second, the food looks delicious. I love putting chocolate chips in my cakes & brownies as well. Thank you for sharing :)


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