Monday, February 10, 2014

A Love Like No Other

I am blessed to have the dearest love in the planet. I really am. I think women in our culture have forgotten just how wonderful men truly are. They are strength when we are weak. They are the constant source of comfort that we crave. As our emotions may swerve this way or that, a man's love is so steady.. so lovingly constant.

Don't be afraid to adore him. The more you do, the more he will treasure you..
Don't be afraid to look up to him. As you do, he will embrace and protect you.
There is magic that happens as you look up to him... he desires to give up everything for you.
When a man finds a woman who adores him and sees him as amazing, he doesn't want to let her go. He becomes captivated by her. Yet, oddly, culture has told us to hide such feelings... to pretend we don't feel them.. to never let ourselves feel weak.
It is when you learn to feel weak that he can sweep in to rescue and treasure you.
It is when you allow yourself to feel weak that you will see his strength.
Quit pressuring yourself to be stronger than you were meant to be... that's his job and he adores doing it.
It is our lack of need for men that has caused them to grow so bitter.
We don't need men anymore, and they feel rejected.. hurt.. angry.
They long for a woman to need them and adore them. They long to be your strength and honestly, we need that strength.
Relax, into his arms and learn to love him. Let him be that strength he so longs to be.
Let yourself be the delicate princess that you truly are.. and he will be your knight in shinning armor.
Gallant men will return when we return to being delicate ladies. When we begin to need them again, they will be there. Men won't have to prove their strength in so many outlandish ways when they have a woman who adores them.
 Need him. Adore him. Love him. Let him be your strength and you will be all he needs.

I have gone through times where I wouldn't have survived without my love. He is my encouragement when I want to give up. He is my smile when I can't remember how. He is that peace that is so present that nothing could ever be too much as long as his strong arms were around me.

There is a story that I used to adore.  It talked of how if a man treated a woman like she was a princess, she would gradually become one. If he treated her like she was a mess, she would fall apart.

Did you know that the same applies to your man?

When you first fell in love with him, you were probably thrilled when he noticed you. You may have gazed at him wondering what it would be like he held or noticed you?

That is when a man is able to most love us.... when we notice what we love about him.

No matter how often he has hurt you or how often he has let you down, your man is still that man.
Behind the mask is a man who aches to be your hero. He longs to be loved. He longs to love you and fall madly in love with you.

So how do you evoke this feeling in him?
By loving him.
Be lovable.
There are certain things a man craves. He craves a woman who is his peace... his comfort.
He longs for you to be his serenity.
He longs to see your eyes gaze at him with adoration.
He longs to know that you are fascinated by him.
Is it possible to get this back?

Start to see him as you did again. See his strength.
See his confidence.
Purposefully put yourself in situations where you need him.. it will remind you of how wonderful he is.
Start to want to catch his eye again.
What do you do when you want to catch a man's eye?
You play, you look your best. You act your best.
You look to see if he's watching.
You smile.
You speak softly.
You notice the things you find fascinating about him.
Do this, and you will not only see your man start to fall in love with you... you will fall in love with him.

My love grows stronger daily... sometimes so much it hurts. A lovely hurt.. not a bad hurt.  
We all have a fear of hurt.
It causes us to put up barriers... both you and he.
Deep down we ache to release our love to that person... but our fear makes us hold back.
As you start to love each other and be a constant for each other... that fear dissolves.
As that fear dissolves, love grows.
Sometimes so much it will amaze you.
Let it.

Toss fear aside and love the man next to you.
It will blow you away.
There is a reason you fell in love with him.
And there is a reason he fell in love with you.
Remember it.
Adore him again.
See him as strong.
Believe in him.

Wishing you the best of Valentines Days.
I will show you some prep you can begin tomorrow so that you can easily have the meal and appearance you crave that day.

Rest. ;)
Much love,

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  1. Oh this is so, so lovely! There is no romance today because women are afraid to be women. Respect is the key to loving a man. I am really enjoying your blog - it is wonderful. I am a housewife with no children (it hasn't been God's time yet), mainly because I have lyme disease and can't hold down a job. But being home more has been the best thing possible for my marriage.


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