Monday, February 10, 2014

A Love Like No Other

I am blessed to have the dearest love in the planet. I really am. I think women in our culture have forgotten just how wonderful men truly are. They are strength when we are weak. They are the constant source of comfort that we crave. As our emotions may swerve this way or that, a man's love is so steady.. so lovingly constant.

Don't be afraid to adore him. The more you do, the more he will treasure you..
Don't be afraid to look up to him. As you do, he will embrace and protect you.
There is magic that happens as you look up to him... he desires to give up everything for you.
When a man finds a woman who adores him and sees him as amazing, he doesn't want to let her go. He becomes captivated by her. Yet, oddly, culture has told us to hide such feelings... to pretend we don't feel them.. to never let ourselves feel weak.
It is when you learn to feel weak that he can sweep in to rescue and treasure you.
It is when you allow yourself to feel weak that you will see his strength.
Quit pressuring yourself to be stronger than you were meant to be... that's his job and he adores doing it.
It is our lack of need for men that has caused them to grow so bitter.
We don't need men anymore, and they feel rejected.. hurt.. angry.
They long for a woman to need them and adore them. They long to be your strength and honestly, we need that strength.
Relax, into his arms and learn to love him. Let him be that strength he so longs to be.
Let yourself be the delicate princess that you truly are.. and he will be your knight in shinning armor.
Gallant men will return when we return to being delicate ladies. When we begin to need them again, they will be there. Men won't have to prove their strength in so many outlandish ways when they have a woman who adores them.
 Need him. Adore him. Love him. Let him be your strength and you will be all he needs.

I have gone through times where I wouldn't have survived without my love. He is my encouragement when I want to give up. He is my smile when I can't remember how. He is that peace that is so present that nothing could ever be too much as long as his strong arms were around me.

There is a story that I used to adore.  It talked of how if a man treated a woman like she was a princess, she would gradually become one. If he treated her like she was a mess, she would fall apart.

Did you know that the same applies to your man?

When you first fell in love with him, you were probably thrilled when he noticed you. You may have gazed at him wondering what it would be like he held or noticed you?

That is when a man is able to most love us.... when we notice what we love about him.

No matter how often he has hurt you or how often he has let you down, your man is still that man.
Behind the mask is a man who aches to be your hero. He longs to be loved. He longs to love you and fall madly in love with you.

So how do you evoke this feeling in him?
By loving him.
Be lovable.
There are certain things a man craves. He craves a woman who is his peace... his comfort.
He longs for you to be his serenity.
He longs to see your eyes gaze at him with adoration.
He longs to know that you are fascinated by him.
Is it possible to get this back?

Start to see him as you did again. See his strength.
See his confidence.
Purposefully put yourself in situations where you need him.. it will remind you of how wonderful he is.
Start to want to catch his eye again.
What do you do when you want to catch a man's eye?
You play, you look your best. You act your best.
You look to see if he's watching.
You smile.
You speak softly.
You notice the things you find fascinating about him.
Do this, and you will not only see your man start to fall in love with you... you will fall in love with him.

My love grows stronger daily... sometimes so much it hurts. A lovely hurt.. not a bad hurt.  
We all have a fear of hurt.
It causes us to put up barriers... both you and he.
Deep down we ache to release our love to that person... but our fear makes us hold back.
As you start to love each other and be a constant for each other... that fear dissolves.
As that fear dissolves, love grows.
Sometimes so much it will amaze you.
Let it.

Toss fear aside and love the man next to you.
It will blow you away.
There is a reason you fell in love with him.
And there is a reason he fell in love with you.
Remember it.
Adore him again.
See him as strong.
Believe in him.

Wishing you the best of Valentines Days.
I will show you some prep you can begin tomorrow so that you can easily have the meal and appearance you crave that day.

Rest. ;)
Much love,

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Right Food Will Give You Energy

I have often preached this and am amazed by it's fruition in my life this week. Food should give you energy. It should not weigh you down. It shouldn't make you feel tired. It shouldn't deplete you of energy. It should give you energy and make you feel vibrant and alive. If your food is weighing you down, making you feel tired, making you irritable and emotional and making you feel so sick you can't move.... you're not eating food!

Back in the 50's women had the comfort of knowing that there were few chemicals in their food. Many made their own breads and most made meals from scratch. They ate well balanced and very appetizing meals... much like the TV dinners of the past... often with a starch, vegetables, meat, dairy and even bread. They ate butter... not margarine and they had a dessert often with fruit.

The women did watch portion sizes so as not to eat too much but the truth is, you didn't see fat kids... you didn't see fat often at all. And they were eating much more satisfying meals than we ever eat.

The reason?


When our body takes in a toxin... it shuts down. We get symptoms similar to illness. We feel ill, we feel tired. We want to sleep. We may ache. We may feel dizzy. We are irritable.

Most of the foods that you are buying packaged are FULL of chemicals. When you take this food in, you don't find yourself energized... you find yourself  ILL.

Your body struggles to digest it. You may come down with awful gastric reflex. Your body's defense systems may cause liquid to fill your abdomen in an attempt to flush it out.. thus, you will feel weak and bloated. Your body is in high drive trying to rid itself of unknown chemicals and you instinctively want to lay down.. so that your body can work on this process.

WORST OF ALL... since you are getting little if no nutrition... you are still hungry! So what do you do.. you sit down unable to move and eat more.

Your kids are fat because you are making them nothing and buying them EVERYTHING. That food you buy them. Is POISON. It is killing your kids at a very young age.

 Make them a meal. Something home cooked with fruits and veggies in it. Feed your family nutrition.
It's not about rationing the amounts. If you feed them the right things they won't gorge anymore. Feed them a healthy meal and they will love it more than any packaged food you can find.

That food is poison full of additives to keep you eating and it's shutting your bodies down!



We are no longer eating food.
We are eating chemicals and poisons.
'Sadly most of us are full of poisons and starved of nutrition- thus we are hungry for NUTRIENTS but keep feeding our bodies poison instead.... and our bodies show the overfill and also the lack of energy from lack of nutrition.

The way to take back your health and energy?  Cook more. Eat less boxed.
You will be able to eat food that tastes better than the frozen meals AND you will feel more satisfied.
Buy your ingredients in the most natural form possible. I buy a white flour but it's been unbleached and unrefined. I buy the most natural brown sugars that are pleasant to the taste that I can find.

I do NOT eat anything but REAL butter and REAL milk. Avoid margarines. Avoid processed oils and spreads. Use olive oil, flax oil, coconut oil. Avoid processed. You will save your family's life.

I ate a lovely LARGE dinner last night. It had meat, creamed broccoli, salad, mashed potatoes, and even cherry dessert... and I ate only what would fit on a small plate but I was more than happily satisfied. I felt full but not stuffed and this morning, I am bursting with energy.

It didn't honestly take too long to prepare. With our modern conveniences, there really is no excuse not to cook and once you start to eat right, you'll have the energy. It's not healthy to let yourself be so tired you can't move and want to sit in front of a TV screen all day. In fact that TV screen isn't healthy for you either. It's sending out rays that are not healthy to sit in front of for long and what do our bodies need? Fresh air! Get up, move, get outside and breathe fresh air daily and make your food from scratch. If you find yourself too tired TO stand up.. you need to change your diet and soon. You can make everything packaged and it's not that hard, I promise. Trust me.


It will save your life and it will give you energy and happiness back. I feel so good today and you can too.

A side note... sometimes you have to DO before you FEEL. We are sick. It will take getting up with that worn out poisoned body of yours and cooking a few meals before you will feel the results but you will feel them. I promise. Eat your nutrition. Get at least 2 fruits and 3 veggies a day in. Drink your water. Get in your milk and your protein and your whole grains(preferably home baked)  and you and your family will thank you.

Much love,

The Magic 3-4 Hour Magic To Do List

Alright ladies, this is my magic list. I fell in love with using the timer back when I used to follow flylady.

She is lovely. I was at the time, arranging a home for a hoarder. There were literally days I would get through a pile and that was it but I was determined to whip that house into shape and I created this list. I had a few set hours to work on his home and I used this list. Some days I would work three sometimes 4 but I worked hard and I loved this system. It kept me from getting tired or worn out. I found that when I focused on just one area for 15 minutes then jumped to another, I saw results and I didn't get as worn down or depressed by the endlessness of it all. I would do this list and at the end of the day feel so heavenly.

It would be 15 minutes in the kitchen, 15 minutes in the bathroom etc.. and when I finished that home, it was amazing. I would even watch classic movies or listen to old time radio programs for inspiration. It was so fun. I couldn't believe what I had done. It felt so heavenly. I am not too proud to say I've had to do the same in my own life at times...many times. We all fall down. We all have to pick ourselves up. We all feel our best when we find the strength to finally do so. No one is truly happy laying around all day doing nothing. Yes, we have mood swings. I too am female. BUT I know how to whip a mess into a haven and at times in life, that is what you have to do. It is when the mess becomes overwhelming that it is the hardest to pick yourself up and do something... Do this list for 3 days... and do it with all of your energy and I can guarantee you will blast out of your rut,  feel motivated and know you can do it.

You will not only feel motivated, you will be excited and with the beautiful home you have made you will love getting ready in your pretty bathroom and love cooking in your pretty kitchen. It just takes a few hours a day of really working... plus.. you'll burn a good 400 calories at least depending on your speed... so go at it and enjoy.

Much love and more blogs to come in a few. I think I'll be doing this list today myself ;)

and because  you may be excited and motivated and want to keep going there is an optional 4th hour... it's up to you.. enjoy ;)


Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Sunday Checklist

Alright ladies. Here it is... my famous Sunday Checklist.
Many of you probably take Sundays off and that's lovely. I take Saturdays. That is my rest and relax day. Arrange as you desire. Make it work for you.
Here is the list that I use on Sunday. Sunday's are in the kitchen ;)

And since I also plan my week and my Menu On Sundays... you may like these.
I definitely suggest purchasing a Binder of your choice. Make it something lovely that you adore. Make it something that inspires you to be your best. Take your time on your calendar and menu but plan. Planning saves so much stress. Planning makes life so much easier to handle.

Both Wal-Mart and the Dollar stores have affordable Kitchen D├ęcor. Make it a fun day to spice up and make your kitchen lovely. Enjoy making lovely smells, picking out your prettiest aprons and hanging them on a hook near the stove.

 Find a table cloth you love and throw it out, purchase or pick flowers for a lovely centerpiece.
 Have fun in the kitchen today and even if you must purchase a premade kit for desserts and premade cookie dough... do it.

I find that cookies tend to always turn out just about perfect at 350 for 10 minutes once the ovens been on for a bit... The first few batches may need longer but as you continue to bake, lessen the time. The oven does increase in heat over time and you need to gauge it accordingly. Let the cookies remain on the rack 10 additional minutes (set your timer) before trying to remove them to a cookie sheet. You will end up with goop... messed up goop otherwise ;)

I've been thinking about life today.
Often, our struggles are more due to confidence than anything. And I'm sad to say that our loved ones don't help. Why do our loved ones tear us down? Honestly? It's their own insecurities. Think about a time when you felt so ugly... you felt so ungroomed and a gorgeously coiffed woman walked in drawing all attention... you probably wanted to put her down  or find a fault, right?

It is the reason we all avoid being the above... yet secretly long to. We KNOW others will find us vain.. right?   And so we avoid being lovely. We avoid being feminine. We avoid being ourselves and instead... we become dreadful grouches.
I'd rather be vain and happy.. wearing clothes I adore ;)

Well expect it. As you start to get on top of things that many are NOT on top of, you will be called awful names. You will be 'encouraged' to relax and take it easy. Everyone will go out of their way to kindly or cruelly stop you from achieving the tasks you have set out to complete.

Don't stop being you for them. Don't stop. Show them how to do what you're doing if they ask but never stop. If we all tear each other down and no one succeeds, the world will be dreadful. Be an inspiration. Be lovely. Invite them over for tea. Go shopping with them.. but BE you.

Retro 1940s: Bettie Page Play Me Dress - 1940s Night Club Attire.

Remember that no matter how kind they are, they are not helping you by encouraging you to relax or not do what you know needs to be done. You will suffer from not doing it later. It will stress you out. You will be an emotional wreck and at the end of the week, you will be in tears rushing to my blog to figure out what went wrong.

It's Sunday. Start the week right. We are going to have LOVELY homes this week.
Part of being female is conquering emotions.. We feel sad, we feel hopeless. We feel discouraged. We feel disrespected. But IF you do these lists and get your life on track, you will feel better. They have this natural soothing ability. They give confidence and they make your life lovely.

Put on an old classic movie that inspires you. Surround yourself with vintage artwork.. it's lovely in the bathroom where you groom. Put on your prettiest apron. Imagine that your hubby is Cary Grant telling you how 'Dahling' you are instead of the perhaps insulting man you are with.

Escape and find peace. As you become more like Grace Kelly, your man will be come more like Cary Grant. It just takes time. Don't let it still your joy at the moment. There are movies. There are inspiring books. You can read this blog but do your list. Do it. And if you don't finish, pick yourself up and do more tomorrow. Just do it. Doing some is better than doing none. Do the tasks in order of what is most important to you then if you don't finish you will have done the most important and that is what matters. Eventually you will discipline yourself to do more... and more.

Make your life more easy and when you finally get that confidence built, you will be happier. I promise.

I highly suggest planning your menu based on calories. There are great calorie tracking websites. If you plan your menu ahead of time, you CAN eat the foods you like. You will just know how much you should truly eat. I find that a BALANCED diet is essential... if you don't get everything in, you will break down. Get your nutrients. Get a balanced diet. You need some fruit, some veggies, some whole grains, some protein dairy etc.. plan it. Then track the calories and manage portions. Get in some physical activity and make your life lovely. The women of the 50's did. and they were lovely. A balanced diet will not make you fat. Processed foods and improper portions will.

I love you and am here for you.

God bless

Veronique ;)

And She Had Meatloaf On Her Mind

I have been brainstorming ways that I can make this blog more maintainable. Taking on other work has been tiring and has kept me from having the time I used to, to indulge in blogging for you each day. I wish I had more time. I truly do but at the end of the day, I'm just so tired.

But... an idea occurred today.. What if? I blogged about what I did that day? Instead of encouraging you to cook, I can show you what I do. After all, what better way to learn than to see it in action. I can then focus on home as I desire while sharing it with you and teaching you in the process.
I have learned so much and I have so much to offer. I will share what I can. I didn't anticipate the length of time it would take to upload everything but here is my dinner tonight.
I hope you enjoy ;) Much love,
Veronique :)

New Polka Dot Cupcake Apron - Walmart - Baking Aisle... $7

Decided to start with a Beer Bread Mix from Tastefully Simple..

It was really rather simple You just add carbonated soda.. a clear form or beer... I opted for carbonated soda..

There was an option for Italian Garlic... I was on it:

A little Garlic Garlic ( you can use your favorite garlic seasoning) and 1/4 cup parmesan cheese

A little melted Butter on top (I used 3 tbsp.)

And it was in the oven.. ;)

I started to boil some broccoli for my broccoli gratin.... ;) my fav boil in plenty of salt for flavor

I found a lovely Meatloaf recipe in my vintage "Dinner For Two" Cookbook by Betty Crocker. Copyright 1964 1st Edition

These cookbooks are lovely because they plan the meal out for you, if you choose.. have lovely illustrations and the portions are perfect for two. :)

The meat..


an egg beaten

some dried onion

a little salt

a little pepper... people hate me because I don't use measuring spoons and I always add. I will do my best to show how I altered.. ;)

celery salt

dry mustard

Garlic Salt

Worcestershire Sauce... Do you know that even in my foodie events NO ONE can ever agree on how to say that word... Call it what you like..

What my mix looks like at this point...

and for the glaze...

a little ketchup

a little barbeque sauce

a little sugar

mix it up

Now paint your loaf.. .make it pretty...;)

A little germ duty... clean those meaty dishes and Clorox your counters now.. we don't need any sick relatives.. .;)

Now for the broccoli gratin..

A recipe from my plantation cookbook.. my fav... ;)

It starts with milk

some flour- be sure to VERY thoroughly blend this well without lumps.. slowly add your flour or you will be crying... I just added a tablespoon at a time and whisked until I saw no lumps.. turn your heat down a bit so as not to scorch.. a level medium is fine.

now you add your cream cheese

and some salt and pepper

I added extra salt and a little granulated sugar until it tasted so good I wanted to eat it from the spoon.

Drain the broccoli and put in 13x9 pan

add your sauce

and in the oven.

Now for the potatoes

I took two and sliced into cubes

boil in some salt water

and some dishes.. I like to have them done before I finish the meal.. so much less stressful...

and some salad.. some broccoli slaw, tortilla chips and spicy dressing and mix.

top with grated cheese

and I whipped up a chocolate cake mix from the store

Whipped my potatoes

just beat in a little cream.. some garlic.. some seasonings if you like, butter, salt.. etc.. a little cream at a time. to get the right texture.

meatloaf is done

pulled out the broccoli gratin and added some breadcrumbs and butter to top.. 10 more min and perfection

the potatoes were heavenly...

the bread was to die for

and well.. the cake....

Yes... I did ;) (mini chocolate chips mixed into the dressing with some added vanilla, butter, powdered sugar will make it heavenly.

I took some pictures of the meal plates but I guess being a blond, I misplaced them. It was heavenly. My sister said gourmet and the broccoli gratin so good I nibbled on it this am.

Apron off... time to relax, unwind and be happy for a meal well done ;)

Much love,

Blogger appears to be having picture difficulties. My apologize on not being able to decrease the size on any photos after the first few. I was going to cancel the blog but decided against it. Too many requests for a blog.

Much love always ;)