Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And We Shall Miss You Always

When I think over this last year... my mind feels so much pain.
I lost a dear uncle. I lost a home. I lost several animals. I went through a lot.
There were days, honestly, I didn't think I'd make it through.

But there were nights under the stars... there was love... there were dreams.

I started a new blog. I helped those in need. I learned about myself and I got to experience the wisdom that comes with age.

Life is in a state of constant flux. Before you know it, it has passed again. New things arriving, old things fading.

Somehow in the midst of it all, you have to find your mark. Imprint those memories. Love those moments. Savor every flavor.
As you go to sleep at night, reflect on your day. Cherish your loves and be grateful. The very things you love today may not exist tomorrow.

At any moment, war could strike, natural disasters can cave in, time as you know it, could end.
But there are those moments when life ignites. When you feel amazing. When love reigns.

I look at life and everything I've known and the greatest moments are always when I notice
that God is there.... when I see his sunset, when a flower blooms, when new birth arrives, when love that makes no sense exists in the midst of war.

There are miracles around your very day.
Don't' waste your life away planning for tomorrow.
Don't be so focused on what you want to achieve that you miss the joy of where you are now.
When life takes away, there is so much regret.
Yet, when life is there, we never have time for it.

I have seen deaths that made us all want to remember
but how much did we note when they were there.
We have a few greats approaching death now... are we calling them?
There is an older woman in your church or down the street, are you
talking to her?
That tree is in bloom, are you harvesting?
I want to suggest as you approach this year, that maybe you don't look at it in terms of prosperity.
I don't want you to think of what you will do tomorrow.
I want you to forget all of that.
I want you to think of right now.
Be completely where you are now.
Because tomorrow, now will be gone.
Instead of focusing on the weight you will be.
Enjoy the weight you are. There is a beauty, if you look deeper.
Instead of focusing on the love you will have.
Love what is there around you.
Instead of imagining a great job you desire.
Learn to work and love where you are.
Look at your kids and cherish their soft cheeks.
Photograph their bright eyes.
Hold them a little longer.
Take an extra bite of that cake.
Make time for the sunset.
Watch a shooting star.
Fluff your pillow
Soften that kiss and linger.
Now is what matters dear loves. Now.
Everything wonderful that life will create
happens NOW.
God bless you.

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