Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And She Was Lovely

I have an uncontrollable urge to bake today. I have been thinking today about our society and how we've rebelled against every single thing that brings us joy... truly... do you really hate wearing rhinestones and lovely dresses? truly?

I didn't think so. Why pretend that what we truly want is to throw on masculine pants and barely touch our faces with makeup? Why pretend that this doesn't bother us deep down?

and how many of us truly hate baking cookies?

But do it in a way that delights you. Being a lovely housewife isn't about being cheap or tainted. It's not about posing to please men. It is about finding YOUR true joy. Wear the lovely dresses that make you feel pretty. Delight in baking with candles lit and lovely music on. Find your smile. Being sultry is never it. Be feminine not cheap. lovely not easy. Let the little girl in you be a princess. Decorate your home. Love yourself. Men will start desiring what is pure when we start offering it.
Be a lady.

Embrace your femininity.. it is there that you will find yourself and the more true to yourself that you are, the more attractive you become.

It's okay if you don't get it right at first. It's a process of becoming. As you become true to yourself... you will shine through and then, you will be lovely.
Ugliness is often being what you are not.  You end up unhappy and your frown becomes contagious. But a truly happy girl is rarely ugly. Find yourself. Find your peace.  Let your smile radiate.
A genuine smile will be soft and gentle. A genuine smile will feel peace within. A genuine smile will not reflect hatred, envy, spite or jealousy. Be genuine. Be true to who you are. Love.
and you will always be lovely.

The greatest beauty secret of all is to love. To realize that life isn't about you alone. It's about all of us. When you need love and someone reaches out to you, how wonderful it feels. Be that comfort to another and you will feel truly lovely and truly feminine. Be the peace the world is hungry for. Be the gentle ray of sun in the storm. Be the tender lovely female in a world of hate.
Find that peace and bathe in it.

We were created to be female. We were created in a way that fascinates men. Embrace your femininity. Shine. Delight in your natural desires. You don't have to be manly. You don't' have to be tough. You don't have to pursue male dreams. You can love your home. You can love makeup. You can decorate. You can even fall in love and feel helpless sometimes. God's design isn't wrong. It's lovely.
embrace it.

Honestly, at first, it will feel uncomfortable. Being feminine when you may have rejected it for a while may be embarrassing.  You may be afraid but you will be happy. Pick out the dress you love. Don't fear it. You can be lovely. You don't have to conform. Be you.
And raise your price tag.

True femininity isn't about getting the most hollars it's about being true to the lovely female you are inside. The one that wants a man to fall in love with her. The one that wants to be cherished. Don't give in to the world. Don't let it steal your joy. You are worth so much more. Like a lily in the field, you were made to bloom. You are fragrant. You are lovely. You are delicate. Don't give it away for free.

Be the treasure you truly are.
Embrace it. You are lovely.


Much love always, ~V

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