Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Place of Love

How do you write of homemaking when your home is empty? That has been such a huge struggle for me this month.
But homemaking is in my blood. It is what I live for.
There is such a joy, such a calling and such a reward in being the one to love, nurture, care for those God calls to my home.
My heart is so full of love for every soul that I've had in my home. 
My heart aches for those I've lost.
I have been in so many roles.
I have had so much.
I can say with certainty, that there is no joy like the one God has called me to.
I remember being in manaagement and thinking I had it made. But when I got to the top, I thought... now what?

I was only 20 something. Was that it for me?
I ended up on the phone each night until 4am...alone.
Then I was in radio. I dated this musician or that.
But at the end of the night, I was just a pretty thing on their arm.They never loved me. I grew to depise the shallow flirtation. I grew to despise being surface deep. 
The men I dated had no interest in me. I was just their outfit that day.
One of many outfits.And this outfit was aging. And this outfit wanted to be loved. 
Then I fell deeply in love. I believed. This was the one I was sure.
I was engaged. This was it.
But it wasn't.
He never married me. We dated for ages.. it was never time.
I got to play housewife but my heart knew that marriage wasn't coming. I grew to hate seeing weddings. As love faded and his eyes wandered I cried so hard it hurt. I wanted his love so badly... but I was just a fling. He loved me sure. He was perfectly willing to show love. But I wasn't the one. He didn't want a one.
Now... even now... I get hoots. I get hollers. I get told how fascinating I am.
I feel the emptiness.
but one thing gives me joy. One thing gives me life. One things fulfills my soul.
It is making my home. It is offering love. It is creating peace and harmony in a world full of lonely people.
So many will never know what I took for granted growing up.
The love of a home.
Marriage isn't meant to be two strangers living in isolation. It isn't meant to be a man chasing everyone but his wife. It isn't meant to be a wife that forgot how to love or that she was beautiful.
Home isn't meant to be kids that despise their parents.
Or parents that are too busy for their kids.
Home is supposed to be your greatest love. Your strongest encouragment. The place where you are accepted. The place with an open ear.

Families are meant to hold each other up and guide each other's paths.
There should be love. There should be joy. There should be heartache.
It should be a place where you spirit grows.
Marriage... the greatest love there is.
In marriage you have the chance to love as God loves. You have the chance to consider another before yourself and love them through their struggle. It is a partnership to make life more bearable and push you through hard times. Marriage makes even the hardest days worth living. There is another soul surviving by your side to help you through it.
Don't settle for what isn't love
Don't settle for what isn't home.
Don't give up on yourself or what God has called you to.
There is so much more to life than this.
Most of all, NEVER give up on those you love. Even in your battles, if you truly look, you will see their love. Never let that go.
Never go to bed upset. Never part angry. Always let them know you love them.  There is no guarantee of tomorrow... but they are there today.
Too often we rush through life complaining of this or putting off this.
Don't ever let your selifish desires cause you to ignore what will in the end be the most precious parts of your life.
Yes, that job is great for the ego but in your last days it won't be the job you miss.
Yes, that car is shiny now... but when your love is gone. It won't mean much.
I have lived with much. I have lived little.
A home is a home. And a home is not defined by the furniture nor the price.
Home is defined by the love. The stronger the friendship, the deeper the love, the stronger the fight, the more valuable the home.
Make your home a wellspring of love.
Yes, tend to your duties. Make your home lovely
but remember that the home is made for love.
Love those you care for.
Make their days a memory they won't want to forget.
Love them with every part of your soul.
Care about their struggles.
Care about their needs.
Help them through their trials
Be there when they weep.
That is the greatest calling you will ever have
and you will never find a joy that compares.

I promise.
Much love,

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