Saturday, November 30, 2013

Posts Will Return This Week

Thank you so much for your patience as I have been working through some issues in getting blogs posted. Blogs will be returning this week. I have missed blogging dearly and am eager to resume.

In hopes that everyone is having a wonderful holiday ;)

Much love

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Place of Love

How do you write of homemaking when your home is empty? That has been such a huge struggle for me this month.
But homemaking is in my blood. It is what I live for.
There is such a joy, such a calling and such a reward in being the one to love, nurture, care for those God calls to my home.
My heart is so full of love for every soul that I've had in my home. 
My heart aches for those I've lost.
I have been in so many roles.
I have had so much.
I can say with certainty, that there is no joy like the one God has called me to.
I remember being in manaagement and thinking I had it made. But when I got to the top, I thought... now what?

I was only 20 something. Was that it for me?
I ended up on the phone each night until 4am...alone.
Then I was in radio. I dated this musician or that.
But at the end of the night, I was just a pretty thing on their arm.They never loved me. I grew to depise the shallow flirtation. I grew to despise being surface deep. 
The men I dated had no interest in me. I was just their outfit that day.
One of many outfits.And this outfit was aging. And this outfit wanted to be loved. 
Then I fell deeply in love. I believed. This was the one I was sure.
I was engaged. This was it.
But it wasn't.
He never married me. We dated for ages.. it was never time.
I got to play housewife but my heart knew that marriage wasn't coming. I grew to hate seeing weddings. As love faded and his eyes wandered I cried so hard it hurt. I wanted his love so badly... but I was just a fling. He loved me sure. He was perfectly willing to show love. But I wasn't the one. He didn't want a one.
Now... even now... I get hoots. I get hollers. I get told how fascinating I am.
I feel the emptiness.
but one thing gives me joy. One thing gives me life. One things fulfills my soul.
It is making my home. It is offering love. It is creating peace and harmony in a world full of lonely people.
So many will never know what I took for granted growing up.
The love of a home.
Marriage isn't meant to be two strangers living in isolation. It isn't meant to be a man chasing everyone but his wife. It isn't meant to be a wife that forgot how to love or that she was beautiful.
Home isn't meant to be kids that despise their parents.
Or parents that are too busy for their kids.
Home is supposed to be your greatest love. Your strongest encouragment. The place where you are accepted. The place with an open ear.

Families are meant to hold each other up and guide each other's paths.
There should be love. There should be joy. There should be heartache.
It should be a place where you spirit grows.
Marriage... the greatest love there is.
In marriage you have the chance to love as God loves. You have the chance to consider another before yourself and love them through their struggle. It is a partnership to make life more bearable and push you through hard times. Marriage makes even the hardest days worth living. There is another soul surviving by your side to help you through it.
Don't settle for what isn't love
Don't settle for what isn't home.
Don't give up on yourself or what God has called you to.
There is so much more to life than this.
Most of all, NEVER give up on those you love. Even in your battles, if you truly look, you will see their love. Never let that go.
Never go to bed upset. Never part angry. Always let them know you love them.  There is no guarantee of tomorrow... but they are there today.
Too often we rush through life complaining of this or putting off this.
Don't ever let your selifish desires cause you to ignore what will in the end be the most precious parts of your life.
Yes, that job is great for the ego but in your last days it won't be the job you miss.
Yes, that car is shiny now... but when your love is gone. It won't mean much.
I have lived with much. I have lived little.
A home is a home. And a home is not defined by the furniture nor the price.
Home is defined by the love. The stronger the friendship, the deeper the love, the stronger the fight, the more valuable the home.
Make your home a wellspring of love.
Yes, tend to your duties. Make your home lovely
but remember that the home is made for love.
Love those you care for.
Make their days a memory they won't want to forget.
Love them with every part of your soul.
Care about their struggles.
Care about their needs.
Help them through their trials
Be there when they weep.
That is the greatest calling you will ever have
and you will never find a joy that compares.

I promise.
Much love,

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Internet Snare

I'm writing about affairs today.
Many have never had the temptation.
Most say I would never! But I do believe that Satan wants to interfere with anything of God. At some time, either you or your spouse will face temptation.
Facebook has caused the ultimate temptation.
It can be so tempting to 'correspond' with this guy when you're feeling down or your husband has ignored you for the 100th time.
It is a web of deceit crafted by the one who wants to hurt you!
And we don't often think logically when it happens.
When it happens and you're feeling that amazing feeling of being appreciated and adored, think!
Didn't your love do that as well in the beginning?

Then...I want you to think of all of the hard times you've gone through with your spouse... the ways he's seen you at your worst and still loved you and then, imaging this new man seeing you all the same ways.
Imagine those fights with this new person. Would their personality truly be any better.
No! Unless you are being cheated on or abused, I do not believe it is right to leave the man God gave you!!
This new man would in time turn cold as well. Then you will have the heartache of this new love turned dry as well as letting your old love go. Don't double the agony. Work on the love you have.
I believe you fell in love with or connected with your husband for a reason.
I also know for a FACT that the feelings you had at first and MORE are possible!!
Do you know how to get to them??
You have to close off the IDEA of anyone else in your mind and focus SOLELY on them as your love...They have to as well but here's a secret... even the most distant man will come around when he sees the love return in your eyes. I have seen it time and time again. That coldness is mistrust. That coldness is hurt. The most closed off man will melt when you look at him with deep love and show the attraction and feelings you once had for him again. He may mistrust it at first but he will come around.  Men want to be appreciated. When they aren't, they feel the same pains we do. Only they show it differently. Instead of crying and trying harder, they close off and pull away. They are not comfortable with that emotion. Literally they run from it. So when they are deep down aching for you, they may show it as anger, coldness, distance. etc.
 The deep ache for you is hidden behind cold lifeless eyes. Those cold eyes show a man's pain. Respond to it as such.
There are things that can cause deep trials in a man's life. I believe that God placed you into your love's life to help him through such times. Only the softness of a woman's love can comfort a man through his deepest storms. I believe that is why God created us as the perfect companion.
I promise you...
When you are both able to remember why you chose each other and return to seeing each other as the only one, voila, the love is back.
The secret to keeping the spark is that both sides have to consistently see the other as 'the only one' for them.
When that happens, love can grow so deep.
Don't neglect time with them.
Don't hurt them and close them off with affairs.

Love is something to never take for granted. They should be a part of you. Not something you would willingly hurt.
Love your spouse.
Care for them.
There is no gift as great as a love relationship.
God is able to love and care for you so dearly through the eyes and arms of your love.
Cherish it.

You will feel God's love in your marriage
You will only feel Satan's misery in an affair.
The deepest love comes through the experiences you share together. The man who stands by you through hard times and hurts is something to cherish. Don't let him go. Cherish him!
Choose love.
May God Bless you!

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's All About Love

Well my dearest readers, I apologize so truly for my absence. Along with some very stressful moving and equipment changes,  I have been in a bit of depression over some personal changes in my life. The biggest of which being that I haven't been with my love in over a month now. For some reason, blogging about homemaking and loving him has been very hard for me. I would start to sob uncontrollably as I did because I missed him so terribly. I do believe God calls us to things and we are to go where He leads but my lack of family and home has been heart wrenching this week. I can, however, say with absolute certainty that there is NOTHING that replaces the security and warmth of a home. Nothing. The lack of it this month has been debilitating.
Treasure your home ladies. Make it the ultimate resting place for you and  your loved ones. Celebrate  and treasure it with d├ęcor and warm meals. Each day that you have with your loved ones is a day to treasure... there is no guarantee of tomorrow. If you do nothing else with your life, love those you have near you and never take their presence for granted.
If you find yourself alone, whether your love is away on business or other reasons, don't let yourself or your home go. Keep in touch with him. Nurture and love your home and find a way to keep his presence there even in his absence.
I am going to get back to blogging about different aspects of housekeeping on assigned days throughout the week. I will incorporate our schedule and help you to learn to use it and personalize it to you. I will encourage you to overcome your emotional roadblocks. I believe that as women, you are the emotional security for your home. Those entrusted to you depend on you for their emotional security and support  as well as your love and your comfort. A mother's love is unmatched. A wife's love is the glue that holds the world together. 
The best part is, your heart is never happy unless it has them TO care for. There is nothing that you will ever do or find in life that will ever give you the peace that caring for your loved ones does... not money, not fame, not success. Nothing. God has a purpose for us. I believe our purpose is found in caring for those we love and creating an ideal home environment to care FOR them,
Rediscover your femininity
Rediscover your love
Reach out to those you care for
Lean on help from above
'cause when this life is over
and all things fade away
you'll wish you'd held them closer
as your slipped forever away
I can remember my last visit with my uncle.
Now those of you who don't know me, wouldn't know how dear he is to me.
I pretty much had no family for a very long time. But he was there.
I started to care for him when my grandma died. He had been living with her and was handicapped.
I cleaned and cooked for him. 

It was always fun in spite of hard times. He loved my cooking and I loved cooking for him. I loved changing his sheets and cleaning his home and tending his garden. I thought he'd be there forever.
He got married a short time later and I saw him less but found every reason to see him. His  driving started to be odd.
He started to swerve off the roads often. He'd suddenly be going 75 in a 35 out of nowhere. I felt nervous and wondered what was happening. A month later, he got signed up with Veterans' insurance. He came over and I'll never forget feeding him a cream cheese and chicken enchilada. Thinking he'd be there forever promising him snickers fudge on his next visit.
I was at a cooking demo at the mall a short time later and someone said they were so sorry about my uncle. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
That tumor killed fast. He was dead in less than 6 months.
The next few months were a blur. I didn't get to see him much. Family swarmed around and I was kind of left out.
I finally bought a bike one day and rode it many miles to see him without calling ahead. I will NEVER forget the way he grabbed my hand and held it so tight. My heart ached. I knew it was over. I wanted to leap into it with him and go WITH him to where he was going. That realization that I was losing my uncle killed me. I wasn't ready.
I promised to bring him lilacs the next week. He passed two days later.
His absence haunts me because I didn't see it coming. It was a diagnosis and it was over. Like so many. Car accidents, plain wrecks, natural disasters.
Life is never certain.
If you do nothing else, love your family first.
Have no regrets.
Much love always