Sunday, October 6, 2013

When Chaos Knocks and the Mock-Move Room Cleanup

We have been in the process of moving. In the process there has been much chaos and tension. Last minute scares have defined the week as have unexpected let downs.
Sleep has been interrupted and short and we are all worn out to say the least in a home that is now full of boxes.

The home itself is lovely. Everything is exactly what we wanted yet there is always a bit of melancholy in spite. The person who was going to purchase our old place backed out at the last minute causing much stress on our end. At the same time, our phones and electronics experienced a storm during a power surge and all must be replaced.

Sometimes life just happens. The only true way to handle chaos is to be ready for anything.
Know that struggles 'will' happen and be ready to problem solve and brainstorm until you are able to work out a solution. The key to chaos is not to let it knock you down. Find a way to make things work.... try different options. When one option fails, try another... just DON'T GIVE UP.
In the end, the stress will be forgotten but the things you gave up will not.
Trials test our endurance. They test our resolve. They test our determination but that is all they are unless you give up. Just tests. 

Learn to be so committed to your goals that you won't give up. Keep moving forward and take the trials as they come.

Now for the Mock-Move cleanup.

Many of you have struggle cleaning and may not realize that it's due to clutter.
Sometimes we don't realize how much clutter is affecting us until it's gone.

When I went to clear out my home I just emptied it as fast as I could and then did the deep cleaning.
I re-discovered how lovely the home was underneath the clutter....and I'm a even a neat freak that keeps it all in line. Even so, it perhaps had a little more than I needed. Keeping up with clutter is so important so the Mock-Room Cleanup is my new suggestion for clutter.
Once a quarter or so for each room, empty it as if you were moving. Choose a day when you won't be busy so that you have the time. Move everything out of that room...except the big furnishings. Then when it's clear, clean it and notice how lovely it is. You may be amazed at how much better it looks. Clean it, make it shine, touch up decor, wash curtains etc..   Then, seeing the cleaned out result, you will have more motivation NOT to move some items back. As you gradually put items back one by one, throw the items you really don't need into a box/bag for charity. You may even touch up paint, reconsider color schemes etc... doing this each quarter or twice a year should keep your home looking great.
Great idea for those of you with more clutter than you can stand. Just cleaning the room out and cleaning it will be therapudic. ;)

More posts to come.
Much Love Always,

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