Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Men Think Of Grooming

Now, I do admit that this was in the old days but men do notice far more than we realize when it comes to grooming.
I have to admit there have even been days that I was groomed to the hilt... literally and my purse and it's messy contents would irritate my love.

Men notice cleanliness...sloppiness....untidyness...far more than they do the art of our facial make for that day. The secret to a lot of the charm in days of old.... was their meticulous attention to being neat in every way.... every hair in place, their posture erect, their jewelry spotless and well put together, perfect nails, an artful face. They didn't wear much makeup but they did it in such a neat and carefully thought out way that it went so well with their appearance as a whole. Neatness = charm. Literally.

Here it is.... from the Men:

When asked what they considered the worst offenses against grooming. Their list included everything from wavy seams in stockings to fussing with your curls. Three points seemed universal.

1) Runaway shoulder straps - You've probably gone digging for them countless times.... who hasn't. The strap of your bra slips off of your shoulder and you grope to retrieve it. Avoid this. Sew lingerie loops into every dress you wear.

They only take a moment to sew in. Then, when you dress, you slip your shoulder straps under the loop and snap. The straps are firmly anchored until you release them.

For those of you outright showing braw straps left and right.....don't! Men do not find this attractive. It looks sloppy. Find the right bra for the top or don't get the top. There is no charm in sloppy undergarment peaks.


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