Monday, September 23, 2013

Clutter Control

We are on a trip today in our home on wheels....
we brought two cats along for the ride. I was
noticing this morning the anxiousness of one
in particular as he nervously glanced around
gripping my shoulders tightly as if he was on a
steep cliff about to fall off. Every truck
that drove by...even though there were less than
in his usual abode, made him jump and hide.
It made me smile when my love
said he couldn't sleep and I, had to admit
I hadn't either.
Although the surroundings were peaceful, my
mind started to miss my usual morning spot for
blogging, familiar faces, familiar sounds.
I have always been a dreadful mover.
I don't do well with change.
 The habits in this
course were incredibly difficult for me...not
because it's any harder now that I've taken them
on...but because I had sentiment attached to my
old routines. With each routine a memory.
Each item, a sentiment.
I have found that most who struggle
with organization and homemaking...those that have
been taught and know better, the struggle is
for the same reason.
They can't give items away because there's
sentiment attached to them. Memories or
perhaps dreams from the time of purchase
that didn't pan out. To give such items
away is to give up. Or so it seems.
To change routines is to give up those
old times doing the old routines. I was
in the habit of waking up and wasting hours
in the morning snuggling.
  I did have to give that up to an extent
to get things clean around the house. My stomach
still pings when I walk away from him to go
into my kitchen, which oddly I love... it was
just the being away from him that made me sad
and sentimental.
For you, maybe its a friend online...or multiple
friends online. Those you struggle to pull
yourself away from each day to tend to your home.
New routines don't have less sentiment.. but it
may be at different times.
Now that the kitchen is so lovely, he often comes
in while I am cleaning to read to me or just be
near....(or to see if there are fresh baked cookies
on the horizon)
and NOW... evenings... I have evenings with him.
Not just evenings but lovely meals, enchanting
decor, amazing desserts and an atmosphere
that makes it all worthwhile.
Yes, it was more immediate to have him there first
thing. But to say, okay hubby, I'm putting you
on hold to go do my chores... and we call
loving messages to each other across the room
to keep in touch. (I know. We are very attached)
I am able to keep everything lovely and focus on my
kitchen etc. Honestly, I LOVE housework when
I really cut off everything outside and focus on
my task, it's fun. I love making my kitchen cozy.
I love decorating and lighting candles.
It's all worthwhile. I may have my silly
attachment things and my man at times.
But they are are still there. My morning time was no
longer than my evening time is now.
I now keep my house so well that I often can sneak in a
morning time. As long as I fit in housework
somewhere. You can set it up as you like.
As for clutter,
For each item you give away, there are new items
that you will bond to.
I definitely am not a shop a holic. ;) It takes
me sometimes a month to even be willing to wear a new
outfit I buy.
I'm just a routine gal. I know a lot of you
struggle with this as well. Don't let it
break your heart to give away that bear you adore.
Focus on what you are keeping not losing.
Do a little at a time. Give the things to someone
who you know really needs it. I have found it
very therapudic to donate old bears for instance to a lonely
senior. Then, when I give it to her and see the expression
on her face when she gets it, I am not sad when
it's memory comes to mind. Each time I start
to miss it, I see that old lady's precious
face and it's so much easier to accept it's absence.
We live in a world where we often have access
to far more than we need. The stores are full of
things that are delightful to the eye.
We bring home bags of bargains that honestly,
before we left the house, we didn't think we even
Train your eyes not to be drawn in to such treasures.
Perhaps keep a list of what you truly need
when not influeced by ads on tv.. ads in a paper
shelves at a store or what neighbors have.
Think about what you truly need as you are
making your home....things that truly affect you.
The easiest way to not have to go through separation to not over clutter in the first place.
It is far easier to keep a house than clean a house.
The same can be said here.
It is far easier to refrain from impulse shopping
than to give away something you've attached to.
1) Keep your home clear by limiting what you bring in.
2) Keep a list of the items you truly need. Keep it with you
If you are making a purchase ask the following:
    a)is it truly on your list of needs?
    b) Will it over clutter your home?
    c) Will it make you have to give away something you love to make room (have you even enjoyed that item enough yet?
    d) Are you willing to make that decision?
    e) Is it really within the budget?
    f) Are you just being fooled by tricky advertising?
    g) Is the object really as wonderful as the ad warrants?
Be a good returner. Keep your receipt for a week.
If you are not in LOVE with the item 2 days after
you get it home, RETURN IT THEN! Before you get attached.
Limit your purchases and return those that
fooled you.
Always keep a running list of what
you truly need and your budget alots.
You'll find you have so much less to declutter when you do.
In the meantime, find creative ways to remove
clutter that aren't quite so hard on the heart.
Much love my dears,

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