Friday, September 20, 2013

Two Are Better Than One

As we head into weekend, just a quick note that I heard on the air today. 'Two are better than one."

When life seems hard and your relationship feels like it is too much, think of how much you benefit from having someone there...

-in times of grief
-in times of illness
-in transitions
-when you feel alone
-during celebrations
-during financial crisis

With another you are warmer in the cold, with another you are stronger and more bold.
With another bites hurt less, with another there's less stress.

At times when life seems too much to bare
Never abandon the lover who cares.
Do something for the one you love today. Something that says you care. If you haven't been romantic for a while, it may catch him off guard... but honestly, wouldn't a romantic display from him perhaps shock you? but wouldn't you adore it all the same?
Dress like it's a date tonight.. but don't tell him why... let him wonder.
Light candles and sprinkle rose petals around the bathtub.. put on romantic music and bathe
Make a wholesome warm dinner on a lovely set table with dim lights and enchanting music dressed to the hilt - this made my man burst into tears once.
Leave a secret love note in his car or wallet
Whisper that you love him as you drift to sleep
Look at him flirtatiously when he least expects it then wink and look away playfully
Brag about him to someone while he's standing next to you.
Experiment with makeup colors and garments. Then wear them only for him.
Be mysterious but be in love.
Stand by him through thick and thin...even when your relatives are the ones who are picking on him. Let him know you are his and will stand by him through thick and thin... he just may return the favor.
I want you to have a love you can be proud of over the years. The best way to do this is to make it through those tough times. Having someone by your side through thick and thin is more romantic than anything in the world.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Much love and many romantic wishes

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