Friday, September 6, 2013

The Wandering Eye

I am positive that I am about receive much grief from men in our culture but I have something to say that you ladies need to hear.

You are valuable.
You are lovely.
You were created to be adored by one man.
You were not created to be mistreated.

Men in our culture are getting away with a great many sins but the one I see destroying the lovely ladies I work with is a lack of respect and a lack of fidelity.

This is not something you were created to have to endure. It is not the will of God at all.
One thing was VERY different in the 50s. Men were more like Ward Cleaver than the latest playboy rap star.

The women were cherished.
A family simply won't work if the man is off chasing other women and disrespecting you all of the time.

The worst thing is, every site I see that has a poor woman writing about this issue has millions of comments that say it's just how men are and to just accept it.

NO. It's how men in our culture are because we've LET them disrespect us so terribly.
It is not how men should be at all. If a man is not ready to put his playboy days behind him (honestly he shouldn't even have those) he has NO business being in a commited relationship or family.
I have seen too many women marry and end up with no love or respect from that day forward. They live long lonely lives never getting an once of love from their man but watching him flirt with every woman that walks by. It is so tragic and so sad and if your man has a wandering eye, this is likely to be him in the future. Eventually they stop showing you affection at all and their flirtations with others increases tenfold. Unless you learn to stop it now, it will only get worse.

One of the dearest things about women is their tenderness and softness.
Men used to watch their language around women.
They were tender with women.
They would throw their coat down over a puddle so a woman didn't have to get her feet wet.
This is how men should be treating you.
They should have a desire to protect and care for you.

Women in the old days would not have put up with what men do today!
 I believe firmly in teaching women to be ladies again...and it will be up to those ladies to teach the men to be gentlemen. You can do this by what you will and will not accept. Don't put up with mistreatment or disrespect.

No woman should. So many women are tolerating such rude behaviors that men are getting ruder and ruder by the day. It is becoming horrible for women and children. Men are becoming aggressive and rude to women at very young ages. An attitude of disrespect for women is becoming rampant and it is affecting our daughters.

Women are NOT the many crude names that men have developed for them.
Women were NOT created to be used and mistreated.
Women were NOT created to be disposed of and cheated on.

There is a reason infidelity is listed as a great sin. It is an abuse, a mistreatment and it damages familes as a whole.

There is nothing more offensive to me in a public position than the disrespect men show daily to my love.
I am flirted with in the crudest of ways by men with families and wives and children! They refuse to accept that I have a man I adore and am in love with. I am never acknowledged for my relationship but treated like someone that they can flirt relentlessly with.. in offensive ways at that!
When I am dining at resturants, I see the husbands of the most beautiful women trying to catch my eye.

Don't tolerate this ladies! A man will treat you as badly as you allow him to.

When will it stop?

When you quit allowing it!

If women didn't allow men TO look at other women, they would have to stop. If the women who they looked at didn't return their glances, even better if men were frowned on for such behaviors, they would cease!

Save yourself for the man who treats you well. Don't give yourself away for free or you will be treated as if you were worthless.
Do you know which women men treat with respect?
It's the women who are elegant, refined and not cheap.

Such women would not allow a man to cheat on them or treat them with disrespect.
They respect themselves and God's plan.
They don't believe God's plan means abuse or mistreatment.
A man who will look at others will mistreat you in many other ways as well. It is a sign of disrespect.
Your man wouldn't want you gawking at every man that walked them the eye and flirting with them outright...don't let him do that to you either!

You will not have a dream marriage with a man who is continually showing his lack of commitment to you. It just won't happen.
Date wisely. Don't marry a man who does this.
Do NOT move in with a man before marriage. If you want to be disrespected, mistreated, never loved like a bride and end up in tears with all means...this situation does not benefit nor does it respect a woman. It's a man asking you to give up the most important thing he could ever do for you! Marry you! and show that you are his dear love!
It is literally a man saying he doesn't think you're worth marrying but he wants to take advantage of you anyways...women end up waiting years for a proposal to never get one. IF they ever do marry the man, it's never romantic and they are crushed. If a man thinks you're worth marrying he won't make you move in first. This is the first sign OF disrespect. Please learn to recognize it.
Seeing women like Miley Cirus cheapen themselves makes my heart sink. She is going to be so mistreated and never adored yet she was so lovely before she began to cheapen herself. She could have been so much. Who could now adore a woman who has cheapened herself for the world.She won't be getting respect. She will be continually used and abused. Don't fall into this trap. Believe you are worth more. You are!
Make a man court your for a time before you marry him. If he engages in disrespectful behaviors and mistreats, makes fun of you, pressures you, mocks you, degrades you or looks at other women in ways that are disrespectful, pull away.
If you are married to a man.... pull away each and every time he is disrespectful period.
If he will listen to talk, tell him you can't tolerate such mistreatment anymore.
If he makes the talk a game in which he insults and abuses you even further, pull away.
Stay away from him when he is abusive. If he refuses to stop, separate.
When he is respectful, be around then and then only.
Life will be too long and hard if you tolerate mistreatment. When you are in public you should feel secure in your man's love. He should make YOU feel like the woman he adores. He should show the world that his is yours and yours only.He should also treat you tenderly and kindly. Don't let a man mistreat you anymore.
If he absolutely won't stop, separate until he does. If you continue to allow him to do this, YOUR love will evaporate. In order TO nurture your love, boundaries are necessary. Love CAN be amazing but if a man is making you feel replacable, it never will be. True love is love in which a man adores and respects the one he is with.
I am not against marriage. I am very much for it.
When a man abuses and ignores his wife, this is NOT marriage at all.
Marriage is love. True love. True love doesn't cheat or continue seeking others. It cares far too much about their love's feelings to ever do something so cruel.
Mistreatment and abuse of women is becoming commonplace in today's culture.
You can and should put a stop to it.
It will be impossible to feel lovely or enjoy this course if you are letting a man make you feel worthless. No matter what he says, you are lovely, you are dear and you were created to be enchanting.
A woman is a jewel of great value. She is not the many names that men have called her. She is lovely, delicate, and meant to be cherished.

Remember that.

You are a treasure and of the most beautiful of God's creation. Don't let any spirit make you feel otherwise.

You are blessed and created to be loved and cherished by a man. Any man who refuses to adore only you, doesn't love you. Find the one or save yourself for the one who does. The right man is the man you can see loving you in hard times, being there until the end and never making you feel like he desires another over you. Look for these qualities in a man. The thrill of having a man's affections quickly loses is flavor when he shares them with others as well. You deserve more. There is one who will love you. If not, it is honestly better to be alone than mistreated. I want the best for you. That best can't happen until you learn to stop mistreatment and know you are valued.

Please see me with any questions. I can help.

Much love,

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