Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Ultimate Housewife Fall Checklist (fashion and decor guide)

This is a perfect time of year to rearrange your closet, your decor, etc.
Pull out some stylish boots and stockings or purchase new ones.
Pull out your favorite sweaters, scarves, hats, and gloves.

Rearrange your home to be cozy and warm with fresh scents of autumn. Candles are lovely this time of year.
Pull out a few favorite pie recipes.
Bake some fresh squash
Can your favorite veggies and fruits for the winter.
Purchase some fall flowers.
Go visit a pumpkin patch
Take a train ride to view fall scenery.

Change your pc background images and wallpaper themes to fall accents
Take photos of fall color changes, if you are really creative, paint them or sit outside and paint on a relaxing afternoon.
Give yourself a mani-pedi with golden hues and sparkles.
Put away the bright colorful makeup colors and pull out the golden and enchanting shades.
Start to plan comfort food meals with warm cozy delights - casseroles, mashed potoatoes, home made rolls, squash, baked warm veggies, hot cocoa, hot coffees.

Decorate the fireplace and begin to use in the evenings.
Pull out romantic enchanting peaceful music to play by the fireplace
Put romantic lights around it and at nights, turn off everything but the fireplace and lights.

Enhance your fall decor

Cozily read in a chair with your hot drink and fuzzy blanket

Pick out some soft cozy fuzzy socks and slippers and a new pj outfit that you feel heavenly, soft and warm in.
Decorate your bathtub with flowers and candles for warm retreats from the cold. Put your favorite music, favorite books, favorite polishes and a fuzzy warm robe and slippers in the bathroom ready to go.
Bake warm cozy pastries for breakfast and fresh bread often.
Is today a good day for the season changeover? Perhaps this weekend. Schedule a day and make it fun.
Much love and Happy Fall!!
Veronique ;)

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