Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Secret To Good Grooming

When shopping, always consider everything.

 I love how the women of old accessorized. Amazingly, they had far less money to spend but they spent what they did have wisely. Glamour was important to them. They shopped wisely and made sure everything worked to their advantage.
So, if you bargain shop, consider, everything. If it's a dress, consider the coat, hat, shoes, purse and coat you'd wear it with.

If it won't match much, it will become an eyesore. Always consider everything and how they will blend. Select hats, coats, shoes, handbags go with as much of your wardrobe as possible.

Because it will take a while to shop wisely, I don't recommend taking hubby unless he's really patient.
With hats, always consider what clothes you'll wear it with. There is nothing that makes an outfit like matching hats and gloves...experiment with also adding scarves, belts, accessories and handbags to coordinate a lovely ensemble.
Hats must suit your always try them on. Also, unless you have a lot of money, stick with what you're comfortable in everyday. An extravagant hat that you'd shy from daily is best suited for someone wealthy enough to take that risk. Rather, select daily hats you can accessorize on occassion.
A word on hats:
1. Buy one good hat every season...the best you can afford. You can fill in with an occassional inexpensive one but always one dependable standby.
2. Buy your hats on days you look your worst. If you buy a hat when you look your best, it will dissapoint on undone days.
3. Never buy your hat in a hurry. Study it from all angles. Impulsive hat purchases will prove disastrous.

There is a degree of simplicity to elegance. A dress plain in cut can take a dramatic necklace or colorful scarf.
A complicated dress simply won't do well with a necklace....perhaps a nice looking bracelet or earings. Balance is key:
A woman who looks fresh and clean, who wears becoming clothes that go together harmoniously, a woman who spends considerable time and thought on putting herself together and then forgets it when she's finished....this contributes to true poise.

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