Friday, September 13, 2013

Re-Awakening Old Time Glam

It is almost weekend so I will be signing off until Sunday but I feel a need to plea with you lovely ladies once again.
Somehow in the process of becoming liberated, we have let so much go. I am, at present in a restuarant. I have noticed this at grocery stores, out in public and literally everywhere as of late. Women are overweight...oven with unbrushed hair, messy clothes and terrible posture. Often they have to use the wheel chairs to get around the store because they have let their figures go so terribly. Their carts are full of horribly bad selections and often they do not include any vegetables, fruits, milk eggs etc..(the necessities to lovely hair and skin) whatsoever.
I DO believe you deserve love and affection. I am your biggest cheerleader in this department.
I also believe you deserve to 'be' lovely. So many of you are foregoing that right completely.
As I sit I see a lovely woman. She is absolutely breathtaking in complexion, features and natural beauty. She has let her weight slide tremendously and even that can't cover the lovliness of her form.
She has the ability to be amazing. So many women do.
If women today learned charm, etiquette and grooming, it would be amazing. I am not quite sure why women stopped teaching the younger generation such necessities but I see an epidemic of obesity, bad grooming and divorce.
Children aren't being raised well either. I hear screaming and see ungroomed children as often as I see women who decided not to groom or watch their figure.
I rarely see anyone eating a balanced diet or thinking about the diet they are feeding those they raise and love.
Homes are far from lovely places to raise children and most women haven't the slightest idea how to cook or care for their homes anymore. There is so much more to life than this.
I want you to have romance, a lovely home, delightful meals and a budget well tended to.
I want you to have the things you need and comfort. I want your figure to be light and healthy so that you can feel healthy and lovely.
There is so much lovliness in everything you are giving up.
Young girls are still so full of life and so dainty. It seems to be right at the time when girls need to most mentoring that they begin to fall apart.
Once you become ladies (approx 12-13), if someone doesn't step in to guide you, your weight, figure, grooming and posture fall apart.
I encourage you to watch movies that inspire you. I encourage you to sign up for my course if you are lacking training. The training that was taught is out there. I can teach you.
If you need my help, use me. I will get you there.
I have also had a few ask and yes, I will provide a printed out and bound copy of the entire course to those who graduate/complete it. It will be something you can refer to and teach those you raise.
The mannerisms of some public figures that have become literally indecent are not the ones you should desire to emulate. Neither should you give up like so many of your elders do today and let yourself go. There is so much more to being feminine. You can be elegant, refined, glamorous and sophisticated. Stick with me and I will show you how. You don't have to become a victim of our culture. You can become so much more.
Much love and have a wonderful weekend!

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