Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Glimpse of the Past

One of the hardest things we face in keeping house and taking on the old housewife mentality is a tremendous culture class.

Sadly, there are not many other housewives out there to draw encouragment from. Most women with kids, while they do get food onto the table, ....rarely are they fond of actively being a housewife.
All the same, I believe it is such a joy and a hobby that we can all learn and share with others. I do not believe that life is better serving pre-cooked foods and living empty lives.

We have become:

- less glamorous (in spite of spending far more on beauty services)
-less talented in homemaking (in spite of gadgets that were intended to enhance us in such areas)
-less fit and attractive(in spite of vast amounts of weight loss products - most actually make you gain!)

Our homes are falling apart, our meals are usually reheated dinners and our homes are anything but lovely

but what if?

What if your home was lovely and inviting.
What if you were amazingly groomed and lovely?
What if ? You fill in the blank.

I believe that exposing ourselves to the past will help us to learn. There are vast numbers of cookbooks and movies/tv shows from the past that you can watch to learn from.

Even shows like this simple sitcom show the clash in culture.
I remember watching bewitched one day and being amazed. She was a lovely housewife. She looked great. Her figure was lovely. Her kitchen is spotless, she plans her housekeeping and she is actually a great show to watch and learn from. There are many.
Exposure is the secret. Watch those who keep house on tv. Expose yourself to the glamorous women of old. Read old cookbooks, learn from even seniors now who have the lovely homes you desire.
Start housewife clubs. Share recipes and secrets.
You become like those you are most around. Constant exposure to those with good habits will result in your habits changing as well.
I believe we can re-awaken the past. Simple things like the lovely evening gown she wore and the brush she used at her dresser table. The fashion, the homemaking... all things we are letting go. And if you really watch this show, you will see that the romantic marriages of the past are going right along with it. Wouldn't you rather have a relationship like theirs than the ones you see now?
I would.
I'd rather the home the environment...everything and all it takes is exposure to re-awaken the past.
Stick around and we will continue to learn
Much love
Veronique ;)

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