Monday, September 9, 2013

My daily Checklist for Today ;)

Today is my fun "out" day....
1. Budget - not fun but it needs to be done. Review where you overspent, remind yourself of your financial goals  - decorating? vacations? things you are longing for? bills you'd like to pay off? needs in the household? groceries? medical? etc etc.  balance those checkbooks and address those bills.
2. Quickly run through the house and grab items to donate to charity. It's declutter time. It's so important to keep up with your shopping... the amount of items you brought into the house this week?....that's how many you should be taking out ;)
3. Grab my menu that I planned yesterday along with my cards that I addressed, list of birthdays, bills, items for charity and head on out the door.
4. Charity drop off
5.  library? Shop for any birthday gifts. /dollar store fun?
6. Post office drop off
7. Groceries - stick to the list and use menu planner to make sure I don't overspend ;)
8. tan - if it's time to do hair coloring etc.. today's the day.
9. teeth whitening
10. microdermabrasion
11. Walk
That's all for my fun out day ;)

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