Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Do You Come Off To Others?

Now you should have the knowledge that you need to start grooming and looking fabulous... if you don't, review, review, review the past lessons until you get it. Practice will make perfect. It's just a matter of diving in and beginning to use what you've learned.

There are some women who look amazing but....they are never perceived as such.

It is the struggles of these women that we are going to study next. Often, if you aren't getting a postive reaction from others, it has more to do with your mannerisms than anything. Although, I do take that back after a recent trip to walmart. The previous lessons are essential. Far too many are rudely ungroomed now. It is a simple fault to fix and one of the greatest importance.

Now.... on to manners.
I remember a kindness from others in the past that we all too often lack in today's culture. People are walking around irritable, unhappy and bent out of shape. They may snap at you or kill you with their expression before you even meet them. You find you dislike another before even saying a word. That wasn't the case back then. Work on manners. It will have more of an effect on our culture than anything. Much of the lack of pleasantness now is due to a lack of manners.

Something that we can ALL work to fix. Enjoy the following lessons. I adored them.


First impressions are surface impressions. You can have the biggest heart out there, however, it may not be noticed in first meeting. I have run into many who have dear hearts but are perceived in a negative way in first meetings. Often it is expression, posture, voice tone, and sadly how they are put together. Work on these things. Make your appearance friendly, your grooming lovely and your expression soft. Once you get a favorable first impression, let your intelligence and good heart get in their good work as well. Unless you master these skills of first meeting, you may never get the chance to show your good nature at all.

For the rest of this article with lessons in manners and first impressions from the women who knew grace and charm... click here.


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There is much much more to come in the area of first impressions. Remember that so many things factor into how you affect others. Often the one being the coldest of all has no idea she is at all. Are you closed off from others? Do you tend to be zoned out and not notice them? Are too busy with your own needs to even regard them? How cold are you when someone doesn't immediately tend to you? Think of those who are coldest to you... how might you be doing the same?

Be aware of this. There are many many others like you in the world that need help and attention. I see so much indifference to the struggles of others. Even worse, I see those in the hardest times being coldly treated and picked on because others want them to just go away.

Think about the above traits. How can you incorporate them into your life? Practice them today. Before any lady can be a lovely hostess, she surely must learn manners.

Much love always,

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