Monday, September 16, 2013

A Note To Those with Clutter

If you are or have been struggling with keeping house for a while, you likely have clutter.
Perhaps a LOT of clutter.
Some of my students struggle so much with clutter that they avoid home and what do they do? Go shopping and only bring home more!
If they can't find a clean rag, they buy a new one.
No clean clothes?
They go out and get something new.

Get into this avoidance habit and your home will literally become a place you won't want to be.

Taking on clutter is overwhelming if you do it all at once but it must be done.

It seems hard to believe but once you start getting rid of those things you think you need or have attached sentiment to, you will feel like your in a lavish resort.

It won't feel like you've given anything up, you will feel as though you've gained so much.
When I went though my uncles house and began organizing and throwing away bags of clutter at a time, he LOVED it! He FOUND so many things he forgot he had!!
That is typical with collectors. So often, they have NO idea what they have and the things they do know they have, they can NEVER find.

When I straightened his house so that he could find everything and knew exactly where it was, his life opened up for him.

So... here are the ground rules for clutter.

1. If you have a lot of clutter. You won't be able to do anything else until you start working though it.
2. Grab a pair of gloves, a big garbage bag, a smaller bag, a basket, a bottle of cleaner, and a role of paper towels.
3. Everything that is obviously garbage, throw away... use your cleaner if there are messy spills. Wipe off items with mess on them or that are unpleasant to touch from grime. Shine them up pretty. It will do so much for your self esteem to get rid of the dirt more than anything. Throw every spoiled food item, garbage item, junk mail, etc.. into that garbage bag as fast as you can... it's time to start tidying.
Grab those baskets and gloves and make your home lovely;)
For the rest of this article with Steps 4-9, tips on de-cluttering and beautifying a messy home... click here.


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