Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Lack of Self Esteem

There are times in our lives where we just drag.
At such times we may not accomplish much.
We may not do much of anything.
When even grooming doesn't matter, you're struggling with self esteem.

What causes such a lack of confidence?
It is not how you are naturally.
I believe we all see the good aspects as well a the bad in ourselves.
Often it is when we are trying to impress someone impossible TO impress.
I have seen far too many LOVELY thin women feel unlovely because the man they loved liked 'curves.'

I've seen those very same curvy women feel unlovely because their man liked a thin figure.

When you let your image be defined by another, you will always cut yourself short.. even if the person admires you.
A person can't think you're amazing forever... eventually they will hurt you... terribly.

but this doesn't mean that you've stopped being lovely at all.
I believe ALL women have a lovliness unique to them if they choose to discover it.
For the rest of this article with tips on discovering and enhancing your unique lovliness... click here.


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I believe in you in so many ways. It's time that you learn to believe in what you can be as well.
Have a lovely evening.
Much love always,
Veronique ;)

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