Monday, August 26, 2013

This Costly Error Will Destroy Your Image and Your Relations

In the 50's women were prepared for marriage. Not in the way we usually do now...but in ways that were meant to last. They were warned of the common mishaps of their elders. They were given strategies to make it through tough times. They were encouraged when times did get hard to hang in there and make it work. In my relationship, if I had followed the current advice of the world, I would have missed out on a relationship that is proving daily to be the greatest blessing in my life.
I had a birthday this weekend. My love has always been a bit distant on birthdays. Something changed this year, he sent the most romantic card ever. I adore star gazing and he happened to find one with stars and us dancing and as he looked my way and whispered, "we dance in this'll see." I eagerly put on my headphones to play.... as the two stars began to do their dance, tears formed in his eyes and I literally melted.
I don't want the shallowness of today's relationships for you ladies. There is a depth to a relationship that is long term that is incomparible. It is due to the trials we've stuck through and the close times that we've shared that our love grows stronger each and every day... the love that we have like a romantic movie... literally. Tears well just thinking of how much I love this man.
I want this for you too! If you jump from relationship to relationship, you may boost your ego but you will never find love and you will be empty.
So what is this costly error?
Here is my advice in a nutshell.
    NEVER speak of anyone to others at the time you are mad at them. ESPECIALLY your husband.
You will regret each and every word you say when you make up with them. Sometimes you can, without intending, destroy your greatest friendships doing the same.

There is a time between the initial hurt and the makeup at times. During this time, yes, it can seem to be the end of the will run to your friends and parents and cry and moan and may accidentally say terrible things of your love or friends in the process. The problem is....during this time, your love or friend is often considering amends. They will usually return without fail just after you said the most dreadful thing of them.
Then, you're the one that needs to do the apologizing...and...the gossip can cause trouble for you for ages.
Learn not to speak of others unless you are happy with them at the time. It will take much work but it is worth it, I promise. Especially with your spouse. Speak badly of your spouse to your relatives and you've just made your future family relations miserable when you do make up to the love that comes with flowers and kind apologies.

Your family will never forget anything bad you said, so learn to hold your tongue.
Our world is full broken families. I believe we destroy good relationships before we ever give them a chance. We rob ourselves of life's greatest joy in doing so... the very love we seek isn't in a new face, it's found in commitment, enduring through trials, learning to stand by the one who stands by you.
I wish you love and health. May you be blessed.

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