Monday, August 12, 2013

The Importance of An Evening Routine

The best way to ensure a bad tomorrow, is to leave it with your mess today.
So often in life, we don't stop to consider what we leave behind.
We are caught in a world of trying to manage our own stress leaving what we can were we can to lessen our load.

One of the biggest mistakes we make to lessen our load, is to dump that load onto us tomorrow.

The temporary relief of not having to do now, causes so much pain then.

There is nothing so bad as waking up to a mess, a stress or a pest.
If you begin your day this way, it is very likely you will never get beyond the mess.
Waking up to that kind of stress will make you want to get away an avoid it before you even begin.
So I want you to think about those things tht drive you crazy...the things you never get done....the messes you aways leave for tomorrow.

If you were to take 20 min tonight, what could you do now?
For me, it was my nails.
I would go to bed each night not doing them...saying...'oh, I'll just do that tomorrow.'
Then, sure enough, I'd get up, fix breakfast, be running behind and decide to do it that night.. and so on.

I was always putting it off.
And all day long, I saw those nails looking up at me.
Do you know how long it took me to pretty them when I finally sat down to do so?
10 minutes.
Less time than I usually stop to "ponder" doing them.
There are many hours in our day at are doing nothing truly.
We stop to check our email (30 minutes)
We pass through a room and notice something on the tv perhaps(30 min)
We see a note lying on our child's desk and look closer (20 min)
We stop in the bathroom and notice something about our appearance that we focus on (20 min)

The day is full of such moments of nothingness.
Yet we spend that entire day carrying the stress of things we aren't doing.
Calling a certain creditor, writing a certain card, even putting on lipstick.

Start to keep a little notebook if you haven't already.
jot down the quickies that you need to do.
Every time you catch yourself in a 'time wasting' moment, do one of those things on your list.
Call that creditor, paint those nails, write that card, fold those clothes.
The sooner you begin to work through the undones, the more peace you will feel.
Then you can do the 'nothing's' without guilt.

Most importantly, make sure every night, you make your day start well the next day.
If your day starts feeling unorganized, it will set the pace and mood for your entire day. You will be less productive, less confident and more frazzled.
Simple things like making sure you have a nice clean outfit to wear, that you know where your keys are, that your bags are already packed, breakfast is already planned, lunch packed perhaps?, dishes are done, the house is decently picked up for company etc.
Such things will make your morning lovely to wake up to.

Once you get on top of things you can make the morning extra special by setting a lovely table with flowers and a cheerful note to wake up to, having cocoa already in mugs ready for hot milk, fresh baked pastries ready to warm, an eggcasserole in a dish ready to throw in the oven etc.
The more you make your morning lovely, the better your day will be.
I like to call my creditors and do the ickies at night when it's calm and peaceful.
I like to make sure there isn't stress left for the next morning. You can too.
Then you can fall asleep cozily and wake up cheerfully.
You really don't have to wait until vacation to have a lovely relaxing morning.
You can begin to have them tomorrow.
Start caring for yourself and making things lovely in your life.
Have roses in your bathroom and lovely fizz balls in the tub.
Set your favorite book and lovely scented candle in the bathroom.
Have fuzzy slippers and a cozy blanky by your bed to slip into at night.
Keep the clutter away so that your home is a peaceful haven.

And make sure every morning is lovely. It is the best way to start each day.
Make sure there is "time"
in the morning to take your time and do what you need to do.
Get to bed on time
and have time to do what you need the next day.
The less stress and rushing you have in your life, the better your health, the better your relationships, the better your effect on others.

I wish you the best in everything.
Do something tonight to make tomorrow wonderful.
Start today.
Much love,



  1. I definitely need to get better at this. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. You are so welcome ;) Thank you so much for reading :)

  3. You are so welcome ;) Thank you so much for reading :)


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