Monday, August 5, 2013

Tackling the Big Issue You Avoid

There have been a few things I have avoided looking into. One involved the estate of my grandmother. She had passed away a few years back in January of 2010. I was sure she had left funds to me but had some issues with relatives... one being an attorney, with getting any clear answers. I once, at the advice of my love, asked for a copy of the will and was sent my grandfather's will instead. My family turned cold to me not long after. I wasn't being invited to any new parties. My birthday cards were getting no response. I let the issue go.
How many of you have similar issues?
Those issues that cause conflict or seem like they'd be too much work to tackle just yet.
Another of mine was an unpaid check from a company I worked for. I received all but my very last paycheck and an unclaimed funds form that I needed to look up a little bit of paperwork to complete.
Tasks like these can be intimidating. Thus, we leave them untended....unwisely.
I watched my uncle struggle with relations with his trustee regarding 'his' inheritance. He had inherited over $750,000 yet due to the fact that his brother, my father was the trustee....he never claimed his money. My father limited him to $500/month due to a wife that had married him for the money. The sad thing is, my uncle died this last year and literally EVERYTHING is going to HER.
He enjoyed none of it.
I would so much rather he been bold and taken whatever steps necessary to get the money before his death. It was painful to watch. My uncle was the dearest, most loving, gentle conflict avoiding man you could ever meet. My tendencies to be conflict avoiding as well, cause me to let things go in the same manner.
I want to challenge each of you to think of your non-tended issues.
Did you know that while you continue not to attend to such items, they will continue to cause stress in your daily life.
Deep within they are causing you tension....anxiety...stress...and sadly a little crankiness.
They affect your confidence, your happiness and your sense of well being.
I want you to get out a piece of paper and jot them down.
I want you to do one action item a day on these items until you can cross them all off.
If it's a little research, do that one day. If it's getting a copy made of your license, do that the next.
Daily make a little job to do. As you do each, it will be less and less intimidating.
Working in sales, I will save the most challenging for last.
Get that conflict provoking situation out of the way. Set a time, confront, then schedule something relaxing right after. Perhaps bring a gift for said loved one if you really fear the consequences of the interaction. Attach a cute card saying, I was nervous about today and want you to know I love you.
That gift will give you the courage to carry on.
Some of us need to confront loved ones.
Some of us need to get help for ourselves because of the actions of loved ones.
I want your life to be happy and better.
I want you to sweep your souls of the dirt and clutter within so that you can blossom and grow.
Unfortunately, the only way to get there at times, is to face the dirt head on and sweep it away.
Make it your goal to clear your clutter from your life.
If you have a loved one making dangerous choices, get yourself some comfort and consolation.
Don't let the stress eat you up.
Do what you can for 'you'
You're life and your to dos will improve tenfold but making this step
RIP today 1962
Much love,
Veronique ;)

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