Thursday, August 29, 2013

Planning Your Wardrobe and Colors

No woman can look her best without carefully considering her colors. I know it's so much easier to just throw on whatever fits the loosest or is easiest to find etc...but learning color and applying what you learn will make all the difference in the world in how charming you will appear.
Are you the type that doesn't know which colors to wear or what to wear with what?
Think back to a time when you knew you looked fabulous....what colors were you wearing?
Think back to an outfit that no matter how you wore it looked dreadful or washed your features out or made you look sickly.....which color were you wearing then...?
Sometimes it's simply a matter of going to your wardrobe and pulling out everything. Throw your favorite tops in a pile, your tops you never wear etc.... you will see two things.
1) you will see the body rules that were succesful and unsucessful based on yesterdays post (i.e. too tight of clothing with bulges on a heavy set woman etc, fabrics that cling or aren't the right fabrics to compliment your body type, the wrong length skirt, showing the wrong parts of your body etc.)
2) choosing the wrong colors for your coloring.
Profit by your mistakes by never making them again....toss those clothes you didn't like while noting why... the fabric? the cut? the fit? the color?
Learn from your past successes. Now onto your good pile....make the same observations...fabrics that look great on you? necklines that flatter? colors that pop? NOTE THEM and remember them for future shopping.
Often we have color prejudices... we have our favorites and sometimes, they are NOT the best for our features.
I, for instance, used to avoid brown clothing like you wouldn't believe. I just never liked brown. I grew up in the 70's and developed a dislike of some of the brown fashion trends at the time.
Well....oddly, my best colors are browns, golds, rich oranges etc..
I would NEVER have purchased an orange red lipstick or a brown lipstick...but they look the best on my skin. When I do wear them, I have to admit, they look the best.
If I only wore what I loved... pinks, purples...I'd look ridiculous and often did.
Too many women look dull only because they never take the time to shape up their wardrobe. It takes thought and effort but the results are so worth it. Chic simply takes time, thought and creativity.
Money is not necessary.

Examine your wardrobe today. Plan out the direction you'd like to go. What colors would you prefer?
What can you do with clothes you may not be fond of? Which items do you need to purchase? Shop wisely and be picky. Your wardrobe is about to become fabulous.
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