Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Never Choose A Garment Based On Cost

Bargains can be tempting. There is something about getting something for free that makes us jump for joy.....the problem? Often when we get that item home, it isn't what we wanted at all and we bemoan the fact that we spent what we did when for just a bit more, we could have had what we really loved.
There was an area that I suffered in miserably for a time.  I found that by buying cheaply, I could get a full wardrobe at a time when I really truly did have low funds. I adored having several handbags, belts, shoes, you name it.
As time passed I began to become perhaps to much of a bargain shopper. I became so obsessed with getting the bargain that I honestly never got much of anything high quality at all. This is a big mistake if you truly want to reflect the image of the 1950s housewife. These woman may not have had many outfits but those they did have refected class, elegance and refinement. They were meticulously cleaned and pressed and put together. They took their time to look high class. Bargains CAN be a good deal, however.
As with everything, balance is the key.
1. Do NOT buy anything when it first comes out...this goes for department stores or even thrift stores. All items DO get marked down. I once worked in a dressshop and would purchase items at full price to watch them get moved around the store and eventually marked down to $1! They mark down weekly. For my particular store, it was Tuesdays until they sell. The trick is to find the item and try it on when it's new. Then watch it weekly. When your size begins to dwindle, take it then. Know which day they mark down and get there in the morning that day each week. The day it's about to run out is the day you buy it. That is the lowest price you will get. If you are lucky, it will be marked significantly lower. As it approaches the $1 mark, it may be hard to find in the store. Just remember it and keep going back for it. It takes a bit of practice but you will become a pro. Take pictures when they are new. Then when you must purchase, the price you got it discounted to. You will know for sure that you got the lowest price possible on that item. Pick items that when new are what you dream of wearing. You don't need to be price conscious that point. Pick your favorite. One of the problems we tend to have in purchasing is that we go for items we do not like because they were cheaper originally. DO NOT CHOOSE ITEMS BASED ON THE PRICETAG. This goes for furniture, food, fashion, homes, you name it. The item you REALLY like may get marked down to less than the item you would have bought new at it's full price. And trust me, an item you LOVE will pay you back a thousand times over. Make it your goal to have a closet with nothing you don't adore in it. Buying clothes that don't fit right, don't flatter, are bland...etc.. is a waste of your valuable funds and a sacrifice to your style and confidence! FAR too costly ladies. Just become wise. You'll thank me for it when you do ;)
2. Thrift stores are not discusting but far too often people purchase even the cheaper items there.
I have found $500 handbags for $20, necklaces from estates that were worth hundreds for $10, designer dresses still listed online as $495 for $7.99, etc. There are AMAZING buys at thrift stores. Not only that, there is often true vintage. Nothing fits a lady like a true vintage gown constructed in the glamour days. My first visit to a vintage clothing store amazed me....it wasn't my figure that didn't look right, it was today's clothing! The dresses were amazing! I felt divine! If you get the chance to shop vintage, you'll see what I mean. You can even google vintage...just be careful....some are cheaply constructed imitations...I strongly suggest trying on if possible. So here's the rundown on thrift store shopping.

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