Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mastering Your Daily Schedule- The Ultimate Cure For Forgetful-itis

I've mentioned how not being prepared for the next day can make you a failure from the start. This goes for how you manage your morning as well.
There are many things women suffer from:
  • missing birthdays
  • unplanned meals with costly unhealthy substitutes
  • the many 'not getting tos' on your list
  • mismanaging weight and lethargy(often due to diet and exercise)
  • failing to maintain emotional balance(connected to diet and exercise)
  • self discipline
  • poor grooming
  • clutter
I've counseled many and seen it in my own life. Women will develop a routine for a few days, get on top of sloppy areas and then stop their routines only to have chaos develop around them once again- often worse than before)
Think of your scheduler as your fort...protecting you from the dangers of impulse.
Impulse will keep you sloppy, sick, behind, depressed, broke and outright miserable.
There is a cure for forgetful-itis and all of the above. Writing it down. Keeping track. Planning.
I don't care if you've failed a thousand times before I want you to begin to write down what you need to do each evening or morning and keep that list with you to add things you remember throughout the day. AVOIDING chaos is the key. You want to 1) plan ahead - anytime you have spare time, do something you might put off later. Don't sit and lounge around for long unless you have nothing that you are behind on....that includes having groomed for the day and planned your meals.
2) Find what works for you..... if planning appts through your phone will just make you very good at ignoring and snoozing reminders, that isn't what will work for you. Find what will. I LOVE to set a time each week to jot down everything for the week.
I review birthdays, appts, needs etc.
 I plan out my menus and schedule things that I need to schedule.
I put it in writing in a notebook or planner that stays 'permanently' in my purse with my favorite pen. Keep one in yours. Take it wherever you go! Use it!
 Review it throughout the day. As you remember something you need to do, jot it down and make sure to schedule it when you have a second.
3) Each day, plan out your day before it begins. I prefer to do this in the evening. If you get an early start, morning will be okay. It needs to be in time to plan any defrosting of dinner, and ensure that appts are not missed. This is why I definitely suggest night time for planning the following day. Set it up to be lovely. Plan a healthy menu when you have time to sit down and really plan it. Make your menu balanced, healthy and cost efficient(the more you make homemade the better in all areas). I love to review my cupboards...any perishibles I need to use, then pull out my old cookbooks and scroll through them in my bed. I place bookmarks in each recipe I see that I have the ingredients for. Then I decide which I want to make for the next day. I use my menu planner to jot it out making sure to get my food groups in and balance out calories/nutrition etc. Then I plan my day. I know at this point what I am making and approx how long it will take... I schedule that in. Can I make a salad or cake early or even the night before to have ready? What will the weather be like and where will I be going? What would I like to wear as a result?
What do I usually forget to it by the door. Who do I need to contact? Can I write a quick note with postage to drop in the mail now and then put it by the door to place in the mailbox first thing? Then look at your hours....when is the best time to allow yourself leisure...once that's set... stick to only that.... Set work hours to do housework or it will last all day... for example....8-11... is my housework time period. I need to do (this this and this) in that time. Do it as quickly as you can and don't get distracted.
Schedule it and stick to your schedule. Then you can plan the rest of your day for some leisure, hobbies etc. Watch time zappers....internet, facebook...honestly, I turn my phone off and charge it during housework and food prep.. it's too much temptation for me. Find what is for you. Set a specific time for pc time....perhaps 2 hours in the evening or an hour at lunch and an hour in the evening and then stick to ONLY that amount of time or the internet will eat your entire day and everything you wanted to do UP. You don't want to look like this.....
because you couldn't limit your addiction to the computer or tv or even worse food.
Scheduling food prevents overeating, scheduling time prevents boredom and overeating.
Routines balance stress levels. Keeping on top of things before they bury you... gives you youthful energy and joy. It will also leave you time for the ultimate essential....being well groomed. The way you groom (even with less attractive features) speaks volumes. It gives people an idea of your personality. It also reflects your tidyness. Make sure to look tidy, groomed and lovely.
Stress will pile up on you. Being a housewife doesn't allow you to sit idly. As with any occupation, a poorly planned housewife will look frazzled and a mess. She will be a failure at her profession.
Scheduling and discipline will allow you a life and freedom. Don't let yourself get sloppy. You will lose everything to neglect. Husbands adore a wife who keeps up on food and the house but also has fun...Are you as lovely as you were when you caught his eye in grooming, personality and your demeanor? Truly? There is no reason not to be! Stay appealing. Stay playful. Stay desirable.
 IF you aren't planning your time right, you won't ever have time for fun and you won't be appealing to him...especially if your meals are dreadful and your figure is sloppy. Tidyness is the ultimate in attractive qualities. Notice the tidyness of the above women in their attire and their posture. Simply taking time to groom, iron, clean, watch posture, watch weight will make you attractive immediatly...IF you devote the time to do them well. Plan it in.
Begin to review what you need to do each night. Plan out your day on paper.
Get into the habit of keeping that notebook/planner with you and using it as a habit. It will change your life. I promise.
If you would like to order a custom binder with my menu planner, scheduler, master food list etc... Contact me today. I am selling them for $30 with everything included.
For personal coaching, take my course. I will help you through.

Much love Always,

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