Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If You Don't Plan It, It Won't Happen

There is a trend to life that most of us follow. We tend to put all of our energy into the unexpected emergencies that flare up day to day. When peaceful moments come, we think of lots of little things we'd like to do....that scrapbook project, mending that blanket,  organizing the cupboards, taking a cake decorating class etc.etc.
The problem is, because we are running on emergency only mode, those other tasks.....those adorable things we long to do?    Sit on counters or in closets undone.....sometimes indefinitely.
In fact, if I were to come to meet with you personally....I believe that what I would find is a lack of doing the (less important) tasks. The majority of women now will clean just what is necessary to keep the house looking in order....They clutter their closets, they never vacuum under their furniture that is now home to a small insect colony...sometimes sheets aren't washed for ages and those clothes that shouldn't be in your closet?....wouldn't be if you actually went through it on occasion.
The diet that you never take on because you'll do it later...
the friend you meant to call and never do until you find she's terminally ill or has moved out of state.
The less important tasks of our lives remain undone.
I once took a management course that dealt with the same lack of efficiency in the workplace. Managers were doing just what was required at the last minute and neglected a lot of necessary daily activities. They were living in "emergency only" mode. They spent every day working so hard to put out fires that once they did, they would just relax and forget they had anything else to do at all.
Is this you?
I'll tell you a secret. It has worked wonders for many.
Write it down.
Then, I want you to take it a step further.
Don't lose that to do list, set a time each day to work on such tasks, and plan it in.
Yes, you must continue to keep the emergencies at bay.
The best way to do this is to keep your messes managed "AS" you make them. If you mess up one room, clean it as you leave.
When you sleep in a bed, make it as you get out.
Then you need to schedule in the others....the sheets needs washing, your body needs grooming, your floors need vacuuming and sometimes spot treating, your nails need tending, birthday cards need to be sent, friends need to be called, menus need to be planned, and it might be nice to set a time to work on that scrapbook project.
They say the number one reason the 'to do' list fails is people not planning their activities in.
A list is just a list until you set a time to do said activities.
When you make a list, look at your day plan. What hours are open? When is the best time to do said task? Write it down and plan to do it then.
If emergencies arise, clear the emergencies ASAP then reschedule your remaining hours as needed.
Watch your idle moments...Imagine that you have no computer if you must at such times and then proceed to those tasks...clear the piles from those counters and the piles in your closets. Begin to actually 'do' those things you put aside TO do.
It actually becomes quite fun to work through it. I love it when I set aside an evening to scrapbook. I plan it in with hot cocoa, a few friends, some popcorn.. make it fun.
Cupboard day or paint the walls day? Have a few girlfriends over... put in a sappy movie, pick out adorable paper to line the cupboards with, make delicate pastries, offer them the items that you decide to give away... have them return the favor...make the tasks fun.
 Don't just do them, enjoy them.
Don't just live in emergency mode...PLAN your life.
It will make all the difference in the world when you do.
Much love always,
Veronique ;)

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