Monday, August 19, 2013

I Mean It Ladies... Balance Those diets... Your Health May Depend on It!

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I had posted a post last week that mysteriously dissapeared. Despite my efforts, it is lost in cyberspace. The topic became urgent in my own life this week.

I have been preaching on the importance of a balanced diet for a while. Along with many of you, my dear love rebelled against the idea. He, in fact, no matter how much I stressed the importance of fruits and veggies, is a fan of the popular Atkins diet. So.... although I would feed him a balanced diet and read him the loads and loads of articles on the importance of each fruit and vegetables... he would nibble at his fruit dessert and take extra helpings of meat. When he'd come down with fevers, I'd rush the store returning with Vitamin C foods like oranges, vegetables...yogurts, citrus etc.. he'd say he didn't feel up to it and nibble on his pringles and oysters.
boys will be boys

Well, fate hit him this week. Hard. Although it was his decision to eat the way he did, my goodness did it do a number on me. He has been down with awful fevers and a foot swollen so large it's painful too look at. It is bright red and hot to the touch. He can't bear the pain of anything touching it and he can't get out of bed. He has gout. Watching him go into fevers with panic in his eyes has KILLED me.
I can't even begin to explain how helpless I feel having the man I look to to care for me, look at me needing help. Gout is serious. It is scary and I don't wish this on any of you or your hubbies.
Diet matters ladies.
Fad diets kill.

There is a reason for each food found in nature.... they are all necessary in small amounts... NONE of them need to be overindulged on. The foods that nature didn't make... well, if you must, make it very small.. they are usually quite toxic.They say that too much or little of anything in life is bad for you. MODERATION is key.
The best way to be healthy?

His prescription for healing? To eat less meat and more fruits like cherries an citrus.

His diet of eating all meats and avoiding fruits is paying him back in a horrible way.
The cherries will heal him. IF he decides not to clean up his diet, he could have kidney failure.
It is scary and not to be messed with.
If you are young, yes, diets like the cereal diet or the cookie diet or the atkins diet can look lovely.
But they aren't healthy ladies and overeating certain foods while avoiding others will kill you long term.
There is simply no way around the fact that you MUST balance your diet.
Get your fruits(idealy one raw and one citrus), your grains(whole grains are essential for elimination... don't avoid them!), your protein(in appropriate portions! More than 5 oz a meal is going to lead to illness period try to get an egg in a day), your dairy( weak bones and lacking calcium is definitely not pretty for us ladies approaching middle age... you know that hunch women get in their back? It's Osteoporsis! Take your milk, get your calcium and be careful as you approach your 40s and 50s.. you are nearing menopause and this is a real threat. Brittle bones aren't pretty), your vegetables(green leafy vegetables are essential fuel for our bodies... get them in DAILY period. Also get in a variety of colors and try to make some raw)
ALL of the above are essential DAILY!! Do not eat like a child and try to just eat sweets. I don't want you to be looking into the eyes of the one you love with a disease that disables or kills him because you didn't ever learn nutrition. His health is in your hands... loading up on boxed meals will kill those you love most... I don't want you to have to face this.

You don't even need vitamins if you balance your diet and my figure has never looked better than when I started it.
These waistlines don't lie...

Balance your diet. Put reminders where you need to and just trust me.
IF I get through this gout attack with my baby, I will be happy. I have never ever had to see him so ill and I hope he doesn't put me through this again. ATKINS isn't worth it!! It is a major cause of gout.
He needs to load up on fruits to get better and healthy greens like spinach. Diet isn't just about being skinny past 30 or anytime honestly. Diet is about health.
What you eat, will affect how your body runs just like poor fuel will affect a car's health.
It does matter.
I want the best for you and your families.
I want you to enjoy many healthy years.
Balanced diets are the best tasting, the most rewarding and the healthiest so whip out those fruit salad and creamed spinach recipes. Enjoy making fruit desserts... load those eggs with veggies and quit eating fad diets period.

Much love Always,

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