Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gossip and Soggy Bottoms Oh My

Because I am a lady, I try my best to be compassionate while firm about the lack of decorum in today's culture. If you are unfamiliar with that word.... look it up and make it your goal to practice this daily.

Women today are not only lacking in lovliness, they are often harsh, sloppy, offensive and outright unpleasant.

I honestly believe, at times, that women have quit caring whatsoever what people think of them... even their husbands!

A few observances in my outings today.... are any of these you? If so, you are NOT a 1950's housewife. Of all the charms of the women in that decade... their decorum was most lovely. They were warm, welcoming, accomodating, clean, groomed, pleasant etc. Sadly, our culture has not taught women these skills and even the older women who have learned them have abandoned them. The only group of women I still see even practice decorum are women of lineage...those with high class upbringing.. but even they are lacking in decorum when compared to the women of old. Still, their efforts to sit and walk in a lovely way and groom themselves becomingly makes a difference. So will your efforts! Do not be proud of your lack of concern with your appearance! As you can see above, there is simply NOTHING lovely about it. It is better to be perceived as vain, I assure you.
Below I will list some common errors and their fix. If you are failing in many of them, I strongly recomend my course in which we will spend two years getting you and your housekeeping on track. In the mean time, I would pick one of the errors below to begin correcting immediately. It will take daily practice... continually bringing your attention to your err until you have unconsciously begun to correct. Most habits take 21 days to change. Begin changing your bad habits today by being aware... notice how often you are doing these sloppy traits. Set an alarm on your phone to review yourself and your behaviors throughout the day... correct them as you do. Eventually it will become natural. Bad habits simply require effort to change. No one of lovely character, charm or mannerisms came by it naturally. It takes work but the work will affect every element of your life.
The flaws I have noticed today and their corrections:
  • two women who "seemed" pleasant in most respects sitting at a booth gossiping visciously. I do not believe women realize how venomous they sound when they engage in such behaviors. While the intent may be to make the one they are talking of look bad... they unfortunately only do that to themselves. We all cringe when we hear hushed voices with viscious words and the one who looks evil is the one speaking. Often the name they are speaking of is quite hushed but EVERYONE knows who the speaker is. The sad thing is... gossip is usually not even true! IT is usally a story told by someone angry or jealous of them. The real issue is usually never the one gossiped about. Gossip is a weapon used by one hurt to lash out at the one who hurt them. No gossip should be trust nor should they be believed.
  • CORRECTION: Yes, we all have struggles with others. We also often misinterpret them and get overemotional. Watch yourself at such times. Escape to a place where you can think through things. What is the hurt? What did the person do? Are you able to go to that person discreetly and kindly to resolve? If not, LET IT GO. It is tempting to go tell everyone how this person wronged you and it seems at the time to heal your wound but in the long run all it does is hurt you even worse. Getting to a place by yourself... taking a walk... crying it out.... then resolving to be lovely yourself in spite of what this person did is ALWAYS the best solution. Speak only constructive words... those that will build others up. They say Abraham Lincoln was well loved because he refused to speak a poor word of anyone. Those ladies most loved are those that everyone can come to. Those that accept all. Be that type of female. Be the one everyone loves. If someone decides NOT to love you. Love them anyways. Work out your frustrations in privacy but continue to love.
  • A woman who was actually rather lovely.... she was beautiful in features...however, her hair still looked as if she just slept on it. Her pants had soggy bottoms and her clothing needed serious ironing. A beautiful sloppy woman.
  • CORRECTION: You can stitch if you've ever stitched anything at all... simply up and down with a needle will do. Before you walk out into public... take the time to be pleasant in appearance. If you have some soggy areas.. often a washing will shrink that soggy bottom into place but if you have sleeves too long, buttons falling off, ankles becoming unhemmed, a simple sewing kit will improve your appearance immediately and it only takes a minute. For soggy bottoms, put your pants on inside out. find your seams and pin them until the bottom is nice and tight. Remove the pants and stich along the seam where you pinned. Do a nice thick stitch that is secure. Several times over is sufficient for those with less skills. Practice will perfect this. If you are terribly nervous, a seamstress will cost a bit but it is worth it. Soggy bottoms are simply unecessary.. so are dirty clothes, dirty shoes, unbrushed hair, buttons falling off, loose hems etc. There is no need when it usually just takes 20 min at most to correct. Before you go ANYWHERE...take at least 20 minutes to review and correct your appearance. Your lovliness will pay if you don't.
  • A masculine harshness of spirit and appearance. I am firmly against masculine hairdoes on women. Especially those of age. If you choose to cut your hair short, it will make your waistline expand and your face harsh. If you match said appearance with a masculine demeanor, you will be truly neglecting your husband and negating the whole charm of a woman. You are not a man! You are a lovely delicate woman.. Act like one! No accumulating extra poundage as if you just don't care... No talking to women in aggressive tones and glaring at everyone you meet. Harshness is NOT lovely on you and neither is masculinity!
  • CORRECTION: I want you to immediately begin to feel pride in your sex! Being a woman is a GOOD THING! Enjoy it. Take joy in it. Begin immediately to allow yourself to be what you were created TO be. You can be soft. You can be tender. You can be delicate. You CAN wear those lovely clothes and you don't have to be strong. Vulnerability is okay. Men can handle that stress. You don't need to. We as women were created with an emotional, vulnerable side. It allows us to be caretakers and consolers. It gives us a softness and a tenderness that men can appear to lack in their logical state. The world needs women. Those very traits you hold back, others need from you. By holding them back, you are coming accross as aggressive, angry, cold, bitter, and everything but lovely or feminine. Getting women past this has been the hardest issue I face in my course. Most of the anger I find in these women is due to feeing unallowed to BE feminine. They quit but they are angry.. they glare at and gossip about every feminine woman they see. They are angry, bitter and mad. The world senses this. We all avoid the angry bitter woman. Don't be this lovely! Be graceful and lovely. Be YOU! It is okay. I don't believe you intend to come off as you do, and you can change your ways today. The minute you allow yourself to be lovely and soft again, you will find a world of friends return to you. Being this way often causes you to be alone. We all love the soft kind woman. Everyone avoids the bitter angry manly one. Work on this. Work to soften your responses, greet others with a smile, show tenderness, show kindness. Think "soft". Vulnerable is OKAY.
  • Wearing clothes with no thought to your appearance and sitting that way as well.
  • CORRECTION - The womens lib movements hurt the image of women. Terribly. Most women dress with not thought of lovliness at all. Your lovliness is your crown. Wear it proudly. I don't care who you are, I could make you lovely. It often takes a bit of makeup, clothing changes, some weight loss perhaps and a lot of practice at posture, walking, sitting and moving elegantly. Begin today to walk with grace. Sit with grace, respond with grace. Learn to love your features and forget any hurts of the past that have caused you to abandon or hate them. You are lovely. I promise you. You are lovely. I have NEVER met a woman who wasn't. God didn't make any mistakes. You may have abanoned your lovliness because you weren't like someone else. How silly is that? How ridiculous would it be if Kim Kardashian felt insecure because she didn't look like Goldie Hawn...? Or If Marilyn Monroe felt ugly because she didn't look Arabian...? The world is FULL of differences. ALL OF THEM BEAUTIFUL. If ANYONE has ever made you feel like you needed to be different than you are, DON'T LISTEN. Your lovliness was created for YOU. You were created in the way most lovely on YOU. The sooner you quit trying to be like another, the sooner you will see your unique beauty. Trying to be like another will always leave you feeling down. Learning to discover your own beauty.. those traits only YOU have... that will lift you up. Enjoy you. Find your lovliness and begin to celebrate it today.
Much love my dears,

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