Friday, August 9, 2013

A Way To Peace

I have heard it said that a woman is not at peace if her home is not in order. I believe this with everything in me and experienced this in my own life this week. God has truly been making some changes in our lives. At such times, keeping the home securely stable and secure can be a challenge as your rush from here to there in uncertainty. I honestly believe that is the fate of all families. We all face uncertainties...losses, changes. With every change comes a loss.... something you leave behind. With ever loss comes uncertainty and fear and since the world is always changing...such stresses are a part of our lives and of those we love. We are here to comfort and find peace in the comforting. Honestly, we have it best of all. We get to be in the cozy home providing love and security. It is those we love that often face the most stress and turmoil. It is we that they come home to. What kind of home do we provide when they do? I watched and as I was home sat eerily idle. Surely enough, the nerves of everyone grew tense and I finally said, enough I enough, made an evening at home, cooked a meal from scratch, whipped out some old recipes and within minutes there was peace again.
Everyone settled back into their comfortable state of spite of the struggles our family is facing. For that moment, around the table there was peace. There was consistency. There was love. There was the 'familiar.'  
     My dears, life is uncertain. It is a constant stress for you and those who love you. Learn to be the 'constant' they can depend on. Be the warm cozy meal in a violent storm. Be the soft clean blanket in a stressful week. Be the memory that gets them through tough times. Be the soft shoulder they can cry on. Be the peace in their scurried lives.
Creating that peace will bless you. You will find a  purpose no career could ever provide. When I finally settled down and made my lovely meal, did dishes and made a cozy home as if there was no stress around us, even I, for the moment was able to settle down and feel peace.
There is an enchantment in a loving home. Nothing else compares when you make it your goal to provide a loving, accepting environment of refuge.
Home is often the only source of peace. When it is a constant loving environment of familiar sights and smells...When it is full of warm embraces and gentle hugs, it becomes a refuge for you and those who depend on you.
I believe the job of the woman is the most important of all. Too many have abandoned the home in search of fulfillment in a world that truly never accepts them. I believe home should be a woman's priority. It is her greatest calling. Then, with extra time, pursue other interests. Just make home priority number one. There is nothing more important that you will ever do than provide a comfort and haven for those you love. Nothing. Too many spend far too much time trying to impress and prove themselves to a world that never truly accepts them... then they come home and there is no comfort....because there is no longer anyone home to provide it.
We are the peace in a hectic world. We are the cozy home where others can find refuge and I do believe that when you decide to spend more time at home, you will find peace.
I love this video because it somehow shows the atmosphere of 'home.' Even more.... it shows how much the men in our lives need it. We as women can create a home that men dream of.
It is all up to us.
We can also be the amazing peace that nothing else rivals...if we are willing to be the feminine creatures that God created us to be. The beginning of this video captures it perfectly.
The greatest cause of stress in woman, is the lack of time at home. When you truly begin to make a decorate, back and settle in.... you will begin to feel 'peace'.
It is your gift... your talent... you call. God created you to embody beauty and peace... in your actions, your mannerisms and your environment. You have the ability to be the peace no valium could ever replace. Most of the world is on some form of antidepressant now... I believe it is the lack of the natural soother that a home was meant to be. When there is no peace to return to. When home is no longer a haven, people are caught in an endless cycle of stress. Children are angry, husbands are bitter and wives feel incomplete. Our society is collapsing because our homes are collapsing. Everyone is in search of peace and no one is finding it. Oddly, the family is the environment that was created to provide that peace. The family that we have abandoned.
When a woman discovers her true gift... there is peace. It is not a minor gift to be ashamed of.
Men all over are eagerly filling the void. Why are we letting men be proud of their culinary skills while we shun them as if they are worthless. 5 Star resorts boast their accommodations and food over everything...
yet women have deserted that skill which they are more capable of providing than they realize.
    Make your home amazing. There should be no need to escape to a 'resort'. Your home should have an amazing peace of it's own.
Amaze your family and loved ones with peace, amazing foods, and an atmosphere that could rival any top resort. Especially since yours can provide what we all need 'love'
I want so much for all of you. I believe that we will one day restore 'home' to our families. I believe that one day women will again recognize their divine worth. Will you today?
Much love always,

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