Thursday, August 29, 2013

Planning Your Wardrobe and Colors

No woman can look her best without carefully considering her colors. I know it's so much easier to just throw on whatever fits the loosest or is easiest to find etc...but learning color and applying what you learn will make all the difference in the world in how charming you will appear.
Are you the type that doesn't know which colors to wear or what to wear with what?
Think back to a time when you knew you looked fabulous....what colors were you wearing?
Think back to an outfit that no matter how you wore it looked dreadful or washed your features out or made you look sickly.....which color were you wearing then...?
Sometimes it's simply a matter of going to your wardrobe and pulling out everything. Throw your favorite tops in a pile, your tops you never wear etc.... you will see two things.
1) you will see the body rules that were succesful and unsucessful based on yesterdays post (i.e. too tight of clothing with bulges on a heavy set woman etc, fabrics that cling or aren't the right fabrics to compliment your body type, the wrong length skirt, showing the wrong parts of your body etc.)
2) choosing the wrong colors for your coloring.
Profit by your mistakes by never making them again....toss those clothes you didn't like while noting why... the fabric? the cut? the fit? the color?
Learn from your past successes. Now onto your good pile....make the same observations...fabrics that look great on you? necklines that flatter? colors that pop? NOTE THEM and remember them for future shopping.
Often we have color prejudices... we have our favorites and sometimes, they are NOT the best for our features.
I, for instance, used to avoid brown clothing like you wouldn't believe. I just never liked brown. I grew up in the 70's and developed a dislike of some of the brown fashion trends at the time.
Well....oddly, my best colors are browns, golds, rich oranges etc..
I would NEVER have purchased an orange red lipstick or a brown lipstick...but they look the best on my skin. When I do wear them, I have to admit, they look the best.
If I only wore what I loved... pinks, purples...I'd look ridiculous and often did.
Too many women look dull only because they never take the time to shape up their wardrobe. It takes thought and effort but the results are so worth it. Chic simply takes time, thought and creativity.
Money is not necessary.

Examine your wardrobe today. Plan out the direction you'd like to go. What colors would you prefer?
What can you do with clothes you may not be fond of? Which items do you need to purchase? Shop wisely and be picky. Your wardrobe is about to become fabulous.
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Much love always!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Dress For Your Shape

What do we mean when we say a woman looks chic?
Coifed with no hair out of place?
Ideally she should look as though her appearance just happened. Make it your goal to spend as much time as necessary to groom while looking as if you woke up that way.
Chic is a French word that we can't find a match for in the English language.
A woman who knows her type and intensifies it,
who wears clothes that dramatize her good points and conceals her faults,
a woman who looks amazing without looking self conscious or too eager to please,
a woman with spirit, mystery and charm.
Chic is the visual side of charm.
Learning to wear lines appropriately can drastically affect appearance.

Clothes can make you look taller or shorter, thinner or rounder... to your advantage or disadvantage.
Let's look at a few common shapes and how they can dress becomingly to accentuate the positive and conceal the negative.. ;)
Shorter women
Short women often feel inferior to taller women which is silly. Men adore petite women. The trick is to know how to dress for your size. Smaller women should not carry large handbags or overpowering pieces of jewelry. Do not wear large hats, they make a small girl look like an umbrella. Small petite hats are quite becoming.
Smaller women need to watch their weight more. A tall woman can add a few pounds, but a short woman can't. Keep slim. That helps to create an illusion of height. Watch carriage, head should always be erect, shoulders back... a slouch can steal inches.
Clothes? crosswise lines will cut you off so look for defite up and down lines. Choose long coats rather than flared, avoid large bulky fur collars or neckpieces. For fur collars, use flat fur. Or go collarless and wear a small silk scarf.
In prints, choose small prints (tiny dots or flowers). Avoid large splashy patterns or or too-vivid colors. Do not wear skirts too short.
An extra half inch (at least) on a skirt adds height.

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Tall Slender Women
Wide belts are perfect for you. Scarfs can be generous,
Always work to widen a part of your body...preferably your shoulders. Ideally seek a look with broad shoulders, a sinched in waist and a slender not too full skirt.

Jewelry should be large and important looking. Heavy chains, wide bracelets, large rings. Not to many at a time however.
Do NOT wear little jewels. Several strands of pearls will be more becoming on you than a single strand and you look great with a very large handbag.

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If you are thick around the middle or stoutly built
You have two options
1. you can lose weight ( I recommend our course lessons on weight loss if you need help in this area)
2. Make the most of the figure you have
Do you notice that many woman who are stout wear overly tight clothes? They look like they have been stuffed into a sausage skin. Nothing makes you look fatter than overly tight clothing. This is true in the fit of all parts of your dress...the sleeves, even your corset or bra! pouches around bra straps. This is not fashionable and definitely not slenderizing. A large woman MUST go to a reliable corsetiere.
Instead of trying to subtract inches by compressing yourself, use optical illusion. Try to make your lines go up and down, not out. Bulky clothes, horizontal lines etc will not flatter on you.
Study the lines of everything you buy. NEVER choose anything because it is pretty or a "sweet" color or just like your friend has. Be sure it is right for you before spending a single dollar.
Every vertical line will help your figure, every horizontal line will hurt it.
Keep to simple, flowing, vertical lines always. Your most becoming neckline is always a V.

This gives your neck a longer look. A slightly draped cowl neckline is good. Be careful of any necklace that you wear. Avoid chokers or any necklace that merely encircles the neck. They will make you look heavier. Your necklaces should be longer.
Be careful with belts. Either make sure they match or blend them into your frock. Contrasting belts especially wide or bright ones emphasize the width you want to hide. Never wear a contrasting belt that fastens in a little bow. Leave those X-marks the spot details to slender gals.

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I hope this was helpful. Review your wardrobe today! Write down the rules for your body type and keep them where you will have them to reference. I believe in you!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Never Choose A Garment Based On Cost

Bargains can be tempting. There is something about getting something for free that makes us jump for joy.....the problem? Often when we get that item home, it isn't what we wanted at all and we bemoan the fact that we spent what we did when for just a bit more, we could have had what we really loved.
There was an area that I suffered in miserably for a time.  I found that by buying cheaply, I could get a full wardrobe at a time when I really truly did have low funds. I adored having several handbags, belts, shoes, you name it.
As time passed I began to become perhaps to much of a bargain shopper. I became so obsessed with getting the bargain that I honestly never got much of anything high quality at all. This is a big mistake if you truly want to reflect the image of the 1950s housewife. These woman may not have had many outfits but those they did have refected class, elegance and refinement. They were meticulously cleaned and pressed and put together. They took their time to look high class. Bargains CAN be a good deal, however.
As with everything, balance is the key.
1. Do NOT buy anything when it first comes out...this goes for department stores or even thrift stores. All items DO get marked down. I once worked in a dressshop and would purchase items at full price to watch them get moved around the store and eventually marked down to $1! They mark down weekly. For my particular store, it was Tuesdays until they sell. The trick is to find the item and try it on when it's new. Then watch it weekly. When your size begins to dwindle, take it then. Know which day they mark down and get there in the morning that day each week. The day it's about to run out is the day you buy it. That is the lowest price you will get. If you are lucky, it will be marked significantly lower. As it approaches the $1 mark, it may be hard to find in the store. Just remember it and keep going back for it. It takes a bit of practice but you will become a pro. Take pictures when they are new. Then when you must purchase, the price you got it discounted to. You will know for sure that you got the lowest price possible on that item. Pick items that when new are what you dream of wearing. You don't need to be price conscious that point. Pick your favorite. One of the problems we tend to have in purchasing is that we go for items we do not like because they were cheaper originally. DO NOT CHOOSE ITEMS BASED ON THE PRICETAG. This goes for furniture, food, fashion, homes, you name it. The item you REALLY like may get marked down to less than the item you would have bought new at it's full price. And trust me, an item you LOVE will pay you back a thousand times over. Make it your goal to have a closet with nothing you don't adore in it. Buying clothes that don't fit right, don't flatter, are bland...etc.. is a waste of your valuable funds and a sacrifice to your style and confidence! FAR too costly ladies. Just become wise. You'll thank me for it when you do ;)
2. Thrift stores are not discusting but far too often people purchase even the cheaper items there.
I have found $500 handbags for $20, necklaces from estates that were worth hundreds for $10, designer dresses still listed online as $495 for $7.99, etc. There are AMAZING buys at thrift stores. Not only that, there is often true vintage. Nothing fits a lady like a true vintage gown constructed in the glamour days. My first visit to a vintage clothing store amazed wasn't my figure that didn't look right, it was today's clothing! The dresses were amazing! I felt divine! If you get the chance to shop vintage, you'll see what I mean. You can even google vintage...just be careful....some are cheaply constructed imitations...I strongly suggest trying on if possible. So here's the rundown on thrift store shopping.

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I hope this was helpful. Contact me with any questions at all!
Much love Always,

Monday, August 26, 2013

This Costly Error Will Destroy Your Image and Your Relations

In the 50's women were prepared for marriage. Not in the way we usually do now...but in ways that were meant to last. They were warned of the common mishaps of their elders. They were given strategies to make it through tough times. They were encouraged when times did get hard to hang in there and make it work. In my relationship, if I had followed the current advice of the world, I would have missed out on a relationship that is proving daily to be the greatest blessing in my life.
I had a birthday this weekend. My love has always been a bit distant on birthdays. Something changed this year, he sent the most romantic card ever. I adore star gazing and he happened to find one with stars and us dancing and as he looked my way and whispered, "we dance in this'll see." I eagerly put on my headphones to play.... as the two stars began to do their dance, tears formed in his eyes and I literally melted.
I don't want the shallowness of today's relationships for you ladies. There is a depth to a relationship that is long term that is incomparible. It is due to the trials we've stuck through and the close times that we've shared that our love grows stronger each and every day... the love that we have like a romantic movie... literally. Tears well just thinking of how much I love this man.
I want this for you too! If you jump from relationship to relationship, you may boost your ego but you will never find love and you will be empty.
So what is this costly error?
Here is my advice in a nutshell.
    NEVER speak of anyone to others at the time you are mad at them. ESPECIALLY your husband.
You will regret each and every word you say when you make up with them. Sometimes you can, without intending, destroy your greatest friendships doing the same.

There is a time between the initial hurt and the makeup at times. During this time, yes, it can seem to be the end of the will run to your friends and parents and cry and moan and may accidentally say terrible things of your love or friends in the process. The problem is....during this time, your love or friend is often considering amends. They will usually return without fail just after you said the most dreadful thing of them.
Then, you're the one that needs to do the apologizing...and...the gossip can cause trouble for you for ages.
Learn not to speak of others unless you are happy with them at the time. It will take much work but it is worth it, I promise. Especially with your spouse. Speak badly of your spouse to your relatives and you've just made your future family relations miserable when you do make up to the love that comes with flowers and kind apologies.

Your family will never forget anything bad you said, so learn to hold your tongue.
Our world is full broken families. I believe we destroy good relationships before we ever give them a chance. We rob ourselves of life's greatest joy in doing so... the very love we seek isn't in a new face, it's found in commitment, enduring through trials, learning to stand by the one who stands by you.
I wish you love and health. May you be blessed.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mastering Your Daily Schedule- The Ultimate Cure For Forgetful-itis

I've mentioned how not being prepared for the next day can make you a failure from the start. This goes for how you manage your morning as well.
There are many things women suffer from:
  • missing birthdays
  • unplanned meals with costly unhealthy substitutes
  • the many 'not getting tos' on your list
  • mismanaging weight and lethargy(often due to diet and exercise)
  • failing to maintain emotional balance(connected to diet and exercise)
  • self discipline
  • poor grooming
  • clutter
I've counseled many and seen it in my own life. Women will develop a routine for a few days, get on top of sloppy areas and then stop their routines only to have chaos develop around them once again- often worse than before)
Think of your scheduler as your fort...protecting you from the dangers of impulse.
Impulse will keep you sloppy, sick, behind, depressed, broke and outright miserable.
There is a cure for forgetful-itis and all of the above. Writing it down. Keeping track. Planning.
I don't care if you've failed a thousand times before I want you to begin to write down what you need to do each evening or morning and keep that list with you to add things you remember throughout the day. AVOIDING chaos is the key. You want to 1) plan ahead - anytime you have spare time, do something you might put off later. Don't sit and lounge around for long unless you have nothing that you are behind on....that includes having groomed for the day and planned your meals.
2) Find what works for you..... if planning appts through your phone will just make you very good at ignoring and snoozing reminders, that isn't what will work for you. Find what will. I LOVE to set a time each week to jot down everything for the week.
I review birthdays, appts, needs etc.
 I plan out my menus and schedule things that I need to schedule.
I put it in writing in a notebook or planner that stays 'permanently' in my purse with my favorite pen. Keep one in yours. Take it wherever you go! Use it!
 Review it throughout the day. As you remember something you need to do, jot it down and make sure to schedule it when you have a second.
3) Each day, plan out your day before it begins. I prefer to do this in the evening. If you get an early start, morning will be okay. It needs to be in time to plan any defrosting of dinner, and ensure that appts are not missed. This is why I definitely suggest night time for planning the following day. Set it up to be lovely. Plan a healthy menu when you have time to sit down and really plan it. Make your menu balanced, healthy and cost efficient(the more you make homemade the better in all areas). I love to review my cupboards...any perishibles I need to use, then pull out my old cookbooks and scroll through them in my bed. I place bookmarks in each recipe I see that I have the ingredients for. Then I decide which I want to make for the next day. I use my menu planner to jot it out making sure to get my food groups in and balance out calories/nutrition etc. Then I plan my day. I know at this point what I am making and approx how long it will take... I schedule that in. Can I make a salad or cake early or even the night before to have ready? What will the weather be like and where will I be going? What would I like to wear as a result?
What do I usually forget to it by the door. Who do I need to contact? Can I write a quick note with postage to drop in the mail now and then put it by the door to place in the mailbox first thing? Then look at your hours....when is the best time to allow yourself leisure...once that's set... stick to only that.... Set work hours to do housework or it will last all day... for example....8-11... is my housework time period. I need to do (this this and this) in that time. Do it as quickly as you can and don't get distracted.
Schedule it and stick to your schedule. Then you can plan the rest of your day for some leisure, hobbies etc. Watch time zappers....internet, facebook...honestly, I turn my phone off and charge it during housework and food prep.. it's too much temptation for me. Find what is for you. Set a specific time for pc time....perhaps 2 hours in the evening or an hour at lunch and an hour in the evening and then stick to ONLY that amount of time or the internet will eat your entire day and everything you wanted to do UP. You don't want to look like this.....
because you couldn't limit your addiction to the computer or tv or even worse food.
Scheduling food prevents overeating, scheduling time prevents boredom and overeating.
Routines balance stress levels. Keeping on top of things before they bury you... gives you youthful energy and joy. It will also leave you time for the ultimate essential....being well groomed. The way you groom (even with less attractive features) speaks volumes. It gives people an idea of your personality. It also reflects your tidyness. Make sure to look tidy, groomed and lovely.
Stress will pile up on you. Being a housewife doesn't allow you to sit idly. As with any occupation, a poorly planned housewife will look frazzled and a mess. She will be a failure at her profession.
Scheduling and discipline will allow you a life and freedom. Don't let yourself get sloppy. You will lose everything to neglect. Husbands adore a wife who keeps up on food and the house but also has fun...Are you as lovely as you were when you caught his eye in grooming, personality and your demeanor? Truly? There is no reason not to be! Stay appealing. Stay playful. Stay desirable.
 IF you aren't planning your time right, you won't ever have time for fun and you won't be appealing to him...especially if your meals are dreadful and your figure is sloppy. Tidyness is the ultimate in attractive qualities. Notice the tidyness of the above women in their attire and their posture. Simply taking time to groom, iron, clean, watch posture, watch weight will make you attractive immediatly...IF you devote the time to do them well. Plan it in.
Begin to review what you need to do each night. Plan out your day on paper.
Get into the habit of keeping that notebook/planner with you and using it as a habit. It will change your life. I promise.
If you would like to order a custom binder with my menu planner, scheduler, master food list etc... Contact me today. I am selling them for $30 with everything included.
For personal coaching, take my course. I will help you through.

Much love Always,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gossip and Soggy Bottoms Oh My

Because I am a lady, I try my best to be compassionate while firm about the lack of decorum in today's culture. If you are unfamiliar with that word.... look it up and make it your goal to practice this daily.

Women today are not only lacking in lovliness, they are often harsh, sloppy, offensive and outright unpleasant.

I honestly believe, at times, that women have quit caring whatsoever what people think of them... even their husbands!

A few observances in my outings today.... are any of these you? If so, you are NOT a 1950's housewife. Of all the charms of the women in that decade... their decorum was most lovely. They were warm, welcoming, accomodating, clean, groomed, pleasant etc. Sadly, our culture has not taught women these skills and even the older women who have learned them have abandoned them. The only group of women I still see even practice decorum are women of lineage...those with high class upbringing.. but even they are lacking in decorum when compared to the women of old. Still, their efforts to sit and walk in a lovely way and groom themselves becomingly makes a difference. So will your efforts! Do not be proud of your lack of concern with your appearance! As you can see above, there is simply NOTHING lovely about it. It is better to be perceived as vain, I assure you.
Below I will list some common errors and their fix. If you are failing in many of them, I strongly recomend my course in which we will spend two years getting you and your housekeeping on track. In the mean time, I would pick one of the errors below to begin correcting immediately. It will take daily practice... continually bringing your attention to your err until you have unconsciously begun to correct. Most habits take 21 days to change. Begin changing your bad habits today by being aware... notice how often you are doing these sloppy traits. Set an alarm on your phone to review yourself and your behaviors throughout the day... correct them as you do. Eventually it will become natural. Bad habits simply require effort to change. No one of lovely character, charm or mannerisms came by it naturally. It takes work but the work will affect every element of your life.
The flaws I have noticed today and their corrections:
  • two women who "seemed" pleasant in most respects sitting at a booth gossiping visciously. I do not believe women realize how venomous they sound when they engage in such behaviors. While the intent may be to make the one they are talking of look bad... they unfortunately only do that to themselves. We all cringe when we hear hushed voices with viscious words and the one who looks evil is the one speaking. Often the name they are speaking of is quite hushed but EVERYONE knows who the speaker is. The sad thing is... gossip is usually not even true! IT is usally a story told by someone angry or jealous of them. The real issue is usually never the one gossiped about. Gossip is a weapon used by one hurt to lash out at the one who hurt them. No gossip should be trust nor should they be believed.
  • CORRECTION: Yes, we all have struggles with others. We also often misinterpret them and get overemotional. Watch yourself at such times. Escape to a place where you can think through things. What is the hurt? What did the person do? Are you able to go to that person discreetly and kindly to resolve? If not, LET IT GO. It is tempting to go tell everyone how this person wronged you and it seems at the time to heal your wound but in the long run all it does is hurt you even worse. Getting to a place by yourself... taking a walk... crying it out.... then resolving to be lovely yourself in spite of what this person did is ALWAYS the best solution. Speak only constructive words... those that will build others up. They say Abraham Lincoln was well loved because he refused to speak a poor word of anyone. Those ladies most loved are those that everyone can come to. Those that accept all. Be that type of female. Be the one everyone loves. If someone decides NOT to love you. Love them anyways. Work out your frustrations in privacy but continue to love.
  • A woman who was actually rather lovely.... she was beautiful in features...however, her hair still looked as if she just slept on it. Her pants had soggy bottoms and her clothing needed serious ironing. A beautiful sloppy woman.
  • CORRECTION: You can stitch if you've ever stitched anything at all... simply up and down with a needle will do. Before you walk out into public... take the time to be pleasant in appearance. If you have some soggy areas.. often a washing will shrink that soggy bottom into place but if you have sleeves too long, buttons falling off, ankles becoming unhemmed, a simple sewing kit will improve your appearance immediately and it only takes a minute. For soggy bottoms, put your pants on inside out. find your seams and pin them until the bottom is nice and tight. Remove the pants and stich along the seam where you pinned. Do a nice thick stitch that is secure. Several times over is sufficient for those with less skills. Practice will perfect this. If you are terribly nervous, a seamstress will cost a bit but it is worth it. Soggy bottoms are simply unecessary.. so are dirty clothes, dirty shoes, unbrushed hair, buttons falling off, loose hems etc. There is no need when it usually just takes 20 min at most to correct. Before you go ANYWHERE...take at least 20 minutes to review and correct your appearance. Your lovliness will pay if you don't.
  • A masculine harshness of spirit and appearance. I am firmly against masculine hairdoes on women. Especially those of age. If you choose to cut your hair short, it will make your waistline expand and your face harsh. If you match said appearance with a masculine demeanor, you will be truly neglecting your husband and negating the whole charm of a woman. You are not a man! You are a lovely delicate woman.. Act like one! No accumulating extra poundage as if you just don't care... No talking to women in aggressive tones and glaring at everyone you meet. Harshness is NOT lovely on you and neither is masculinity!
  • CORRECTION: I want you to immediately begin to feel pride in your sex! Being a woman is a GOOD THING! Enjoy it. Take joy in it. Begin immediately to allow yourself to be what you were created TO be. You can be soft. You can be tender. You can be delicate. You CAN wear those lovely clothes and you don't have to be strong. Vulnerability is okay. Men can handle that stress. You don't need to. We as women were created with an emotional, vulnerable side. It allows us to be caretakers and consolers. It gives us a softness and a tenderness that men can appear to lack in their logical state. The world needs women. Those very traits you hold back, others need from you. By holding them back, you are coming accross as aggressive, angry, cold, bitter, and everything but lovely or feminine. Getting women past this has been the hardest issue I face in my course. Most of the anger I find in these women is due to feeing unallowed to BE feminine. They quit but they are angry.. they glare at and gossip about every feminine woman they see. They are angry, bitter and mad. The world senses this. We all avoid the angry bitter woman. Don't be this lovely! Be graceful and lovely. Be YOU! It is okay. I don't believe you intend to come off as you do, and you can change your ways today. The minute you allow yourself to be lovely and soft again, you will find a world of friends return to you. Being this way often causes you to be alone. We all love the soft kind woman. Everyone avoids the bitter angry manly one. Work on this. Work to soften your responses, greet others with a smile, show tenderness, show kindness. Think "soft". Vulnerable is OKAY.
  • Wearing clothes with no thought to your appearance and sitting that way as well.
  • CORRECTION - The womens lib movements hurt the image of women. Terribly. Most women dress with not thought of lovliness at all. Your lovliness is your crown. Wear it proudly. I don't care who you are, I could make you lovely. It often takes a bit of makeup, clothing changes, some weight loss perhaps and a lot of practice at posture, walking, sitting and moving elegantly. Begin today to walk with grace. Sit with grace, respond with grace. Learn to love your features and forget any hurts of the past that have caused you to abandon or hate them. You are lovely. I promise you. You are lovely. I have NEVER met a woman who wasn't. God didn't make any mistakes. You may have abanoned your lovliness because you weren't like someone else. How silly is that? How ridiculous would it be if Kim Kardashian felt insecure because she didn't look like Goldie Hawn...? Or If Marilyn Monroe felt ugly because she didn't look Arabian...? The world is FULL of differences. ALL OF THEM BEAUTIFUL. If ANYONE has ever made you feel like you needed to be different than you are, DON'T LISTEN. Your lovliness was created for YOU. You were created in the way most lovely on YOU. The sooner you quit trying to be like another, the sooner you will see your unique beauty. Trying to be like another will always leave you feeling down. Learning to discover your own beauty.. those traits only YOU have... that will lift you up. Enjoy you. Find your lovliness and begin to celebrate it today.
Much love my dears,