Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who's Holding Your Money

For years, money was my biggest struggle.
I tended to see it like we see tokens at an amusement park as a child.
I was so used to having a lack that when I got it, I wanted everything.
I would eagerly think of all of the things I'd been lacking.
My 'hunger' for things, food, fun got the best of me.
Sadly, I would not have what was necessary to survive on.
Responsibilities, necessities etc would take it all up so I would put them off until I got the 'fun' in.
The bad thing is, my health, my home, everything became a mess in the meantime.
Having money for a sandwich but not for healthcare only hurts you in the end.
For those of us like me, it just takes a little growing up. That little girl in us was never taught how to budget or save money. We just need a little training.
Begin today to write down the things that you 'need' to pay for to have a cozy safe life.
medical needs
necessary clothing
the needs of those you care for
Then as a treat, alot a small portion approx. 10% for something fun for you as a reward
Set aside another 10% for savings.
No matter what you do. Do not spend that savings. I want it to be your secret treasure.
Your only job is to keep it safe. You will thank me for this one day.
Now write this down on a card and keep it in your billfold. In front of your credit cards.
Do not spend most of your money for treasures... just make sure to make the 10% something you will love enough not to crave anything else.
I find that many people do one or the other:
-they over budget and never alot for fun
-they hate restrictions and try to ignore their existence spending ONLY on fun.
You are going to do neither.
I 'want' you to have fun.
I want you to enjoy life
I want you to have treats and rewards.
On that card write things you want to see, clothes you want to buy, food you want to eat.. any luxuries you crave.
Now when you set aside that 10% buy a little treat right away. But make sure you review that list each time you are paid. If you want to spend a little on a snack or treat. Save the rest for the larger items you desire. Keep that money paper clipped to your card. Don't steal from your fun bank and don't spend it early.
Definitely don't steal from your needs or savings.
Budgeting doesn't take a whole lot of skill.
It just takes an ability to understand 'why' you are saving/setting aside.
It also requires that you do a lot 'some' for fun. :)
No matter how past due you are. You can have that one treat. If you starve yourself, you'll start to rebel. So enjoy your treat. You worked hard. Then make sure to take care of your needs now and in the future. Pay your necessities and save for your future.
There is nothing worse than having nothing.
Money is scary.
I've seen too many go from having much, to nothing.
Not paying those necessities or your savings can hurt you.
I don't want to see you there.
If you are there, you can escape. Just begin today where you are.
You can do it.
I believe in you
Much love,

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