Monday, July 29, 2013

What We Do With What We Have Is Everything

I have some very dear loved ones that are always unhappy.
They came from a home in which their mother, although a perfect housewife, lived her life always wanting something more.

She had a lovely home. She was an ideal housewife.
She had a miserable marriage.

I often say we all have our own formula. Some excel at housekeeping and struggle terribly at cooking. Others can cook and their homes are nightmares. Some have lovely homes, cook decently but they aren't physically keeping themselves up and it's hurting them. Sadly, many struggle with marriage and even more with finances.
I can guarantee that if you struggle in housekeeping, finances, fashion or cooking, you probably have some marital problems.
This woman surprisingly was on top of so much.
Yet, she had a sister who married rich.
Her entired life, she was envious of her sisters money. She never loved her husband. She spent so much time being unhappy with what she didn't have. They say she even mentioned an old lover her entire life to her own daughter. Continually she moaned about how much better life would have been if she had married this handsome man she had dated before their father.
One day many years later, her husband died and she met up again with this man she'd talked of for years.
He was no longer handsome. He was heavy sloppy and everything she didn't want.
She'd spend all that time longing for a man that in the end, wasn't even as lovely as her husband - a banker who had worked hard his entire life for her.
Her children have grown up with her curse.
One is one of the most striking women I have ever seen. She has a lovely home, lovely car, a husband by her side I don't know but he seems nice and I've heard her say the same, "Why do all my friends have the life I don't. They go on trips, they have nice homes and vacation times a year. Why don't I?"
Her son, the same. He has a wife that adores him completely. He has a cozy home. He seems to desire a rich life for reasons his wife can't understand. The other day he broke her heart when, after serving him homemade cobbler he started snapping at her and yelling that this wasn't the life he wanted. Her heart plummeted. She wanted to die. She loved him so dearly... why couldn't he see? They had love, good food a cozy home. Why did he long for something else? She grew up in a rich home and can't see what he's craving or why.
All three of these 'victims' miss out on so much in their life.
I believe the mother could have had such a lovely marriage... if only she could have appreciated what she had.
The strikingly beautiful woman had so much... if only she could see. And aren't vacations simply a matter of saving a few dollars here and there?
And the son....loved so dearly yet he just doesn't see. Hopefully he won't die realizing that what he longed for was nothing and the wife who loved him was everything.

Like I mentioned, we each have a formula.
We all struggle in some areas. There isn't a soul that doesn't have the opportunity to love and make the most of what they have. Even worse, the things you struggle with, you 'will' pass on to your children.
If you don't teach your children to love and care for others or keep their home, guess where you will be spending your last years? That's right. In a messy home with and unloving daughter.
What relationships are you neglecting in pursuit of 'things' that don't matter.
What did God give you that you aren't enjoying to the fullest?
All of us have the ability to love truly, and take sublime care of that which we do have.
And the saying does hold true.
"he who cares for what he has will be given more. he who neglects what he has will lose even that."
There is a law in nature that runs true.
When you begin to lovingly care for your belongings... for your loved ones and for everything in your care, live begins to blossom around you. It becomes breathtakingly beautiful.
Whether you are in a mud hut or an enchanting home, the true test of satisfaction in your home is how YOU decide to care for it.
It can be an empty mansion cold and icy or it can be warm and loving. You can nuture and feed your loved ones. You can treasure and love your husband. You can delicately care for your home and yard. You can take the food God gave you and create lovely meals. 
Your mud hut can be a source of misery or the cosiest most loving hut around. You can fill it with warmth and love. You can tenderly care for it and you can still choose to make your family the happiest there is.
We can all pick random fruit trees and create delightful meals. We can all pick wildflowers. We can all fall in love and even on the most stringent budget, we can all affort a few things to beautify our appearance.
What you have in your possesion can be beautiful. That choice, my dear, is yours.
I remember when I made the change in my own life.
I had let it get pretty bad for a while. I was depressed. I can't remember why. I believe it was due to love.
I didn't get messy because I was dirty. I got messy because I just quit feeling well enough to lift a finger.
My life became so dark and sad.
The cleaning wasn't easy. It didn't happen overnight. It took effort every day for a time. Each day I would make it my goal to clean up any messes that day along with cleaning up a little more.
I made sure I didn't create any new messes left uncleaned as I continued to work through the messes that had piled up so terribly.
When it's beauty began to emerge, I cried.

All along, it was lovely underneath.
I had missed out on such a lovely home for such a time.
You don't have to any longer.
Underneath your clutter is a lovely home.
Underneath that heartache is a lovely soul.
Begin today to pick up a little at a time. Care for what you have tenderly.
Love it dearly.
Let it's beauty emerge.
As you do, life will bring more beauty your way. The more you take care of what you have, the more ready you are for more.
I'll be brutal. If you aren't caring well for your small home, you definitely don't need anything bigger.
You likely have what you can handle at this time. Learn from it. Learn to care for it well.
Learn to master your ability to care for what you have and then, my dear, you will be ready for more.
You can do it.
I believe in you.
Much love,

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