Wednesday, July 3, 2013

To Truly Be Lovely

I hope everyone is well. My heart has been on those in the heat this week. I witnessed a situation this week that was painful to watch. Someone was harassed for being in a restaurant just wanting to get out of the heat. This person did pay. This person had every right to be there, but they "smelled funny"

One of the most crucial elements to beauty/charm/grace is being lovely.
If you don't love, you will not be a good housewife.
You will not be a good wife.
You will not be a good friend.
Makeup won't make you lovely.
Clothing will do nothing to cover your harshness.

There is a beauty that lies within.
One that is more powerful than any physical beauty in the world.
I can teach you makeup.
I can teach you grace
But if your heart is stern, you will only look icy and cold.

Learning to love others, will give you an angelic beauty like no other.
It will soften your expression. It will make you lovely.
It will prompt you to reach out to others and be that person that was there for them when no one else was.

It will cause you to pause when you see the homeless person on the street.

It will make you someone people see God through.  'like the child'

Think of a time when no one was there for you. How did it feel?
Remember a time when you were rejected, looked down on, ignored, neglected, hurt.

Now imagine a woman who lets God use her being there for you at that time.
A woman with love, tenderness, soft eyes, a caring heart.
Imagine a woman who cares and doesn't see anything wrong with you at all.
Who sees you as God sees you.
The woman God can use to dust others up when they fall, will always be the fairest of all.

Ask Him. How can you use me today? How can you help this fallen world? How can I make it better?

Do you know that just making the difference in ONE life is huge.
What if it had been yours when you were down? If a woman had been there for you? truly?

There is one thing that will make housework easier.... it's caring about those you keep it for.
There is one thing that makes cooking a delight....the joy of being the one to feed.
There is one thing that makes a woman lovely, her love.
It takes looking beyond yourself. It takes seeing the others experience. It takes letting hurtful comments fade into thin air. We are not here to hold grudges. We are not here to hurt others.
The surest way to end evil in this world is to love.

My heart loves each one of you. Dearly. This world may pass away but I am here for you always.
And when I fail, He won't. Don't give up. Hang in there. Enjoy the journey.
You are never alone.



  1. Did you write that? It is just beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!

  2. I did. Thank you so much for your comment! I'm so glad! :)


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