Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finding The Love You've Always Longed For

There is something I feel compelled to write about today.
"true" love.
One of the greatest tragedies of today is that we have let the most beautiful
gift slip away.
Marriage is meant to reflect God's love for us.
When you are mean, cold, cruel, selfish..His love is still there.When you see an actual
person you love have to suffer from your sins and still keep loving you, it
is so humbling and so beautiful. Truly an amazing glimpse into God
and His love.
When no one else is there, He is.
Marriage is to be that as well.
Not only do you see someone staying with you when times are hard.
YOur love is tested as well.
If you are only with someone for what they can provide you, you will
never be a great person to love.Love isn't about getting. It's about
discoving what it is to truly love expecting NOTHING.
If when they fail as we all do, you give up to find another, you're not a good mate
But when you learn to love. Truly love. Even when it isn't acknowledged or recognized,
that is when you heart will truly see.
The times my love life were the most beautiful-the times that made my
love the strongest, always followed those times I learned to love
EVEN when I didn't see it in return.
I can remember a time when I was so angry at my love. He seemed lazy.
He seemed not to love me.
He never paid attention to me.
I got self righteous. I got angry... and then something I never expected happened
He started to help someone who didn't pay him.
He went out to work in hot, hot days.
This man treated him terribly.
He'd come pick him up on days and I'd see the fear in his face as he went off to
do such a horrible job with no respect.
After he left, my heart broke. I've never cried so hard.
Here I was trying to call him lazy and ready to leave him
and now he was working so hard... for nothing.
I will NEVER call him lazy again.
Love is full of such things.
If you give up on your man based on your perception of him, you may never
see what he could be.
My man has been cold and indifferent, he has been so loving my heart lept.
He has been cruel and more loving than anyone I know.
Often at the times he was cruel... he was being unappreciated...by me.
If you take for granted the love God has given you, you may not have it any more.
Even all those times I tried to call him uncaring and unloving, when I AT THOSE VERY TIMES
showed love and acceptance of him, guess what? He was loving all along.
"I" was the one not appreciating him.
"I" was the one feeling sorry for myself and not seeing his love.
"I" was the one complaining about what he didn't do instead of appreciating what he did.

Every one of you have a man that loves you.
If he's with you, he loves you.
Even if you don't notice, he is doing something for you.
He is showing his love and maybe you just need to look a little closer.
Have you truly looked at him with admiration lately... like you did at first?
admired his pictures? swooned over his muscles?
Have you been thrilled you caught his eye and honored he chose you? Have you let chills
run down your spine when he held your hand or proudly walked with him in public? Have
you bragged about him to others?

Isn't it time you reminded him what that was like?
When you truly adore him again, his love will come back.
Try it.
Be excited when he looks in your eye. Fall in love with him again.
Enjoy his company and dress up for him one night. Quit noticing other options.
The love you crave is right there....waiting for you.
Learn to fall in love with him all over again.
It is silly to move from man to man.
YOu may be noticing how he notices you less not even realizing that you've changed towards
If you aren't excited to have the most handsome man in the world
YOU have changed and he may be hurt and bitter. IF he is, he has
closed off.

YOU may be cooking begrudgingly. YOu may have stopped grooming.
You may be ignoring him. He may be in great pain wondering if there is more.
LOVE takes two.
He needs your love and affection more than he needs anything.
He longs for you to adore him. To be attracted to him.
To desire his eye.
HE longs to walk with you and talk with you.
HE longs to sit down to your dinners and love you.
He is waiting on you.
If he thinks you don't love him, he will be indifferent to you.
Try loving him
Just try.
See what happens. Just don't give up.
Love is a beautiful gift. A gift who's beauty isn't revealed until you look at youself
You have to see your own shortcomings to be able to love someone else.
Love gives you the chance to improve your own ability to love
and prosper with a beauty uncomparible.
There is no love as great. But you must learn to love first yourself.
Thank you so much for all of your patience in my busy week. I will be back more
regularly very very soon.

I have a special treat for you.
My menu planner. :)
I designed it last week and had a few try it out.
I think you will be quite happy with how well it works.
Any questions, let me know. My course will walk you through how to use it in

Much love always,

Much love,

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