Monday, July 15, 2013

Surviving the Steep Climb

If you want to hear something so beautiful click play. I adore this song in this video. So enchanting. :)

1st things first, I want to apologize for my brief absence in writing. I took on a bit of a challenge this week. I was helping an older man watch and try to sell his cattle. We haven't finished and it has been such a challenge. There were nights my feet were so sore I just collapsed. The days can fly so fast when you have much to do. I found that it wasn't leaving me as much free time as I like to have but I wouldn't give up the time I spent doing the work because the benefits were so worth it.

There is a lovely apricot tree in bloom and I found that picking apricots was a welcome relief. I can't wait to can them as soon as I get a spare moment.

I have an old canning book. In it are so many lovely recipes. Sweet pepper jam, dill green beans, marmalades, various recipes for canning veggies and fruits.

The other day I went into the canned food aisle and it was so empty in comparison.
Somehow we have let so many recipes go for the sake of convenience. We have given up so much. So many of us no longer have that cozy home with fresh baked goodies, a cozy fireplace, a loving family.

When I look at the pictures of families in the 50's I literally cry. The lovely pictures of the husband coming home from work to a happy wife and kids, the cozy couple sitting next to their fire in their lovely home, backyard picnics, home parties etc.

 Why it has all been replaced I can't say. Perhaps the TV has helped. So many sit in front of a tv and do nothing else. Families no longer know each other.

Husbands and wives never 'truly' fall in love.

We simply can't let it go. It would be such a shame. We would literally give up so much.
I hope that someday we all see this.

It is not lovely to be flirted with in a sexual way. It is not lovely to see so many husbands and wives being unfaithful and letting the children suffer. There is not greener grass in the next man or woman.
True love doesn't happen until you survive together and make a life together.
That journey of creating a home and life is where all the beauty is.
So many give up before they ever even get there. They miss out on so much.
This week did remind me of how much work it takes to initially get 'on top' of things.
There is a journey to getting there.
You aren't immediately in a place where you can get to daily routines.
Each person that begins has their own pile of rubble.

Unfortunately your daily task at that time is simply picking up each item, one by one, dusting it off, polishing it, finding a place that it can look neat or throwing it away.
I spent 8+ hours a day doing this- not just for myself but others as well. The first many days you don't even see the difference. You will spend long hours picking up item after item. Keep going.

Your husband may come home and sigh or look at your with frustration thinking you've done nothing. Mine did. I cried at him, stomped to my room and curled up in a ball sobbing that I'd worked so hard and he didn't see. I decided not to rely on his noticing to continue.
I just kept going. One item after another, cleaning off, polishing until it was pretty and setting in it's own place in a shelf a cupboard or a bag to goodwill. I took many loads. I gave away many things.
But after a few weeks, my home and the homes of others came into view. I began to design and decorate. I painted, I remodeled. But first came the clutter. I had to get rid of so much... but do you know what?

 It was so lovely, I didn't miss a single item. Like a storm cloud breaking or that amazing view when you finally reach the top of a mountain, once you get there, you won't be complaining about the climb. Trust me.

Keep working. Set time to work on it and keep ticking away. It will come together with time and patience. Once you finish, you will be so happy with what you've done. Then, it becomes fun and manageable. Then, it is exciting to pull out a sewing project or bake a fancy new cake.

Then, you will actually love having company and have cake to serve them as well. Just hang in there. As you work through your mess, remind yourself that this mess is exactly why you need to start doing what you've always avoided. The mess destroys you, your life, and your home. Don't let it.
When you do get on top of things, it will be so much easier to keep up. You will smile at your home that you've made your own. Having guests over for company will feel amazing. It is worth the work. My favorite thing in the world is the look on my mans face now as he sits cozily in my home and eats my meals. It is worth every ounce of work and as time goes on, it gets easier and easier and more fun as I am able to decorate, sew, entertain, play. You will too.

man on the street "wow. you look great! where do your work out"
Housewife "at home"
man "Oh so you have your own gym"
housewife "no. I'm a housewife ;)"
Real housewives sew, vacuum, scrub tubs, haul laundry, trim trees, plant flowers, cook meals, wash dishes, haul groceries, tend loved ones.

Gym and tanning salons..... unnecessary ;)

I am often complimented on my figure. It always makes me chuckle. I used to go to a gym. I would work out, feel tired and never lose the weight. I also spend much of the rest of my day sitting and munching.
I just don't need to work out at all anymore. One hour at the gym doesn't compare to a day of housework. My yard work has given me what my love likes to call a 'hot babe tan.' I can't even imagine having to go to a gym or tanning salon. I am so happy that at my age, I have a figure I can be proud of. Housework is wonderful. It makes you feel good, it blesses your home and it keeps you lovely and trim. It's all worth it. ;)

I worked today to put together this sheet for you. I can encourage you to sign up for my course so I can coach you one on one. Honestly, my worksheets may be a chore for you otherwise. This is meant to be used in tandem with my menu planning worksheet. If you'd like me to print and mail you each, I am happy to do so for $5. Otherwise, hear is the link for you to access it. Please consider signing up for my housewife course. One month is only $20. I think you will be amazed with what you can learn. You can also sign up for the full two year course. In it, we will work to design the program to work for you. We will get your house and routine going. You will learn to cook and sew and clean and design. You will host parties with appetizers. You will get on top of your figure and menu planning. Your budget will improve drastically as you learn to keep on top of it, manage your expenses and plan for your future.

Here is the link to the weekly schedule planning sheet.
 I hope everyone is well. Much love!

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